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In recent years the labor field has undergone important changes due to the crisis in the world economy, the COVID-19 pandemic, among others. Thinking about the concern of the great majority about the demand for jobs at the national or foreign level, the following article is proposed, which provides a slightly more open vision about the professional offers better positioned for the near future.

The report carried out by the World Economic Forum indicates that the fields related to technology have achieved remarkable growth. In the following list, we will mention twenty (20) professions that in the next five (5) years will have a significant increase in global statistics with an increase of more than 100 million new jobs.

What professions will grow?

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

  • Data Analyst:

The professional in this area manages knowledge and skills to transform data into reports that allow decision-making in companies of any branch. It should be noted that the information collected without a respective analysis does not represent a valuable element for the industries, for this reason, the role of a Data Analyst is fundamental since it is in charge of deciphering and detecting behavior patterns in a group of data with the sole purpose of implementing the necessary measures.

  • Specialists in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

He is a software expert with a strong background in math and coding knowledge, whose main responsibilities are:

  1. Design and development of machine learning and deep learning systems.
  2. Execution of tests and learning experiments.
  3. Algorithm implementation.

He participates most of the time in the development of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence devices. As an engineer, he deals with the invention and implementation of innovative technologies, useful in almost all sectors and industries. It is almost impossible to limit the description of this profession to a single text because it involves working with many different departments and institutions, using countless code bases.

  • Big Data Analyst:

The Big Data Analyst develops a similar skill set to the Data Analysts, but they specialize in studying even greater data.

These professionals use manual techniques and automated software to evaluate large amounts of raw and unstructured data with the intention of finding business information, intelligence, or any other useful information in it. Has knowledge and skills in the use of programming languages ​​and data mining and extraction techniques.

Job offers in greatest demand

  • Strategy and Digital Marketing Specialist:

A Digital Marketing specialist is someone who works together with the team of a company or organization to identify a specific market, create a brand image and maintain a market campaign.

They can choose to specialize in certain areas, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Display Media, Social Media, and others. Also, they may have experience in that more general area and may still be referred to as a specialist.

  • Automation Process Specialist:

This professional’s profile develops web-based programs that are used to automate the collection, transformation, and delivery of a company’s operational data. Helps improve an organization’s operating systems by reviewing, testing, repairing, and maintaining. The operating mechanisms include computer networks and systems, as well as manufacturing processes.

It also tests the performance of operating systems, installs electrical or electronic parts, and inspects equipment for possible defects.

  • Business Development Specialist:

He is an expert in determining opportunities for marketing strategy optimization and business growth. They perform business process and financial analyses, create effective networks, and implement business plans. The skillset for the position includes a strong command of English, information technology, attention to detail, and verbal and written communication.

  • Digital Transformation Specialist:

This professional is capable of transforming activities, processes, competencies, and business models and organizations to take full advantage of the changes and opportunities of a combination of digital technologies and their accelerated impact on society in a strategic and prioritized way, innovating the present and projecting the future.

  • Information Security Analyst:

It plays a vital role in keeping an organization’s proprietary and confidential information secure. It works in conjunction with various departments to identify and correct system failures and fixes while recommending specific actions that can improve security posture.

Security analysts are ultimately responsible for ensuring that company digital assets are protected from unauthorized access. This includes securing online and on-premises infrastructures, removing metrics and data to filter suspicious activity to find and mitigate risks before breaches occur. If it occurs, security analysts are often on the front line, leading efforts to counter the attack.

  • Software or Application Developer:

As business organizations feel the need to deploy applications faster and more frequently, it is no wonder that the demand for Application Developers is reaching an unprecedented level.

This professional creates and tests applications designed for computing devices. It will specialize in an area of development, such as the App of mobile phones.

He is part of the technical and project management team, responsible for ensuring user satisfaction through implementation and software updates. Application Developers can be found in almost every industry sector, in any interested company.

Technology as a working tool

  • Internet of Things Specialist:

The technologist creates a global network of machines and devices capable of communicating and exchanging data with each other through the internet. It differentiates a characteristic between the Internet that we all know and the so-called Internet of Things, the latter being more intelligent.

An example of its use can be found in devices such as Security cameras, sensors, vehicles, buildings, and software.

  • Project manager:

He is in charge of planning and supervising all aspects of a project and meeting the proposed objectives on time and within budget. It will require you to organize people, tasks, and resources to achieve a successful conclusion.

These take many forms, from building a school to setting up a computer network or running an advertising campaign. Traditionally the Project Manager role has been associated with industries such as construction and engineering, but now you will find employees in a wide range of sectors and organizations around the world.

  • Administration and Commercial Services Managers:

A productive organization should run smoothly if it has an Administrative Services Manager, coordinates support services. In a small organization, you can do everything, on the contrary, in a large organization, there can be several professionals in the field in different tasks.

  • Database and Network Professionals:

Specialists design, install, update, modify, maintain and repair computer database systems to meet the needs of their employers. To do this job, they need strong math skills, the ability to work with many variables at once, and a strong understanding of the organization’s goals. They consult with other management officials on the purchase of computer equipment, determine requirements for various software programs, and assign access to the system.

They can also lead the training of staff who use this company resource on a regular basis. Some specialize in physical and technical systems; others focus on software that is designed for an application.

  • Robotic Engineers:

A Robotics Engineer creates autonomous applications or machines, also known as robots for industries such as mining, manufacturing, automotive, services, and more. Often the goal is to schedule them to do repetitive, dangerous, or unhealthy jobs.

It designs prototypes, builds, and tests systems, and maintains the software that controls them. He also conducts research to find the safest and most cost-effective process to manufacture his robotic projects.

  • Strategic Advisors:

A Strategic Advisor guides the work instead of executing it, thinks about the position of another, and tells him what to do as if he were the one to do it. Strategy is setting goals and how to get there, while tactics are the tools you use to get the job done. The career has a consulting character that requires specialized skills and knowledge to advise companies on what and how to do it.

Professional growth

  • Management and Organization Analyst:

A Management Analyst is a consultant who works with a company to improve its overall efficiency and solve operational problems. Management Consultants help organizations solve complex situations, create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance. They use their talents in the commercial area to provide advice and expertise, their main objective is to develop specialized skills that may be lacking in an organization.

They often work for consulting agencies or are freelancers, so they can bring objective suggestions from an outsider to the company they serve circumstantially, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). They interview their clients’ managers and staff, look at processes and procedures, and analyze data to understand the full scope of the business and any issues they may be facing. They offer timely recommendations for improvement, and will often stay in contact with previous customers to make sure these new systems are producing the results the company expected.

  • FinTech Engineers:

You will be responsible for designing, building, improving, or maintaining products and systems, you will manage a team or teams of engineers, you will grow and train to achieve great things and ensure that best practices, standards adhere to processes.

This professional must be up to date with trends and innovation in engineering, including containers and orchestration, server, DevOps, NoOps, other programming paradigms, etc., and shape the company’s technology strategy in alignment with the business strategy.

  • Mechanics – Machinists and Repairers:

Industrial Mechanics repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems. They also repair and verify operating conditions, industrial production or processing equipment.

  • Organizational Development Specialists:

It focuses on the continuous improvement of a company or organization. Their function can vary significantly according to the needs of the company. Once you evaluate operations and identify areas for improvement, it helps create a plan to overcome difficulties and optimize the workplace. You can do this by suggesting changes to your business organization, operating practices, or management methods. Some specialists apply organizational psychology to a company and then recommend changes based on these principles. Your responsibilities may include coordinating employee development, implementing new IT systems, or leading team-building exercises.

  • Risk Management Specialist:

They perform various tasks, all with the purpose of minimizing possible risks or losses to the company they serve. These losses include property, personnel, or cash flow. They are responsible for identifying and addressing any insurance or security-related issues that may arise.

To achieve the goal of risk reduction, these specialists must constantly think about the inner workings of the business, analyze the areas that could pose a hazard, and then take steps to reduce or eliminate them.

Risk Management Specialists may be called in to do a variety of functions, such as filing workers’ compensation claims, inspecting working conditions, reading code and legal requirements, surveying clients, looking for any conditions where you can occur liability, and negotiate with unions over workers.

Official report:

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the careers with the highest growth for the next five (5) years were presented. All this information can be found on the official website of the World Economic Forum.

If you want to know much more about the data provided, you can visit the following link of the Economic Forum.

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