University of Oxford: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Courses, Tuition Fees, Scholarships

Written by Michael Nz. on January 2, 2022

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Are you looking for a university that gives you full financial support for your studies? So Oxford University is where you should be. That is why in this article, we are going to provide you with complete information about Oxford University Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 for UK Developing Countries.

Oxford University is an internationally-renowned institution with a distinctive collegiate structure. The University is famous for the outstanding teaching, research, and learning opportunities it offers and its long history of excellence.

The University has 38 colleges and four academic divisions. The University has more than 23,000 students, including 11,728 undergraduate students and 10,941 graduate students, as well as 9,900 international students.

It can sometimes be difficult to study at Oxford, as only one student in five applications is selected for admission. Therefore, to be admitted to Oxford, you have to be at the top of your class, and there are fully-funded Oxford University Scholarships for Developing Countries in the UK hand-selected.

About Oxford University

The University of Oxford (unofficially the University of Oxford or Oxford) is a research university in Oxford, England. The founding date is not known, but there is evidence of teaching from 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second-oldest university in the world, which is constantly active.

It grew rapidly from 1167 when Henry II prohibited English students from visiting the University of Paris. After conflicts between Oxford students and citizens in 1209, some scholars fled northeast to Cambridge, where they founded the later Cambridge University. The two “old colleges” are often referred to together by “Oxbridge”.

The University consists of a variety of institutions, including 38 constituent colleges and various university departments, organized into four departments. Basically, all universities are autonomous institutions within the university, each of which controls its own members and has its own structures and activities.

The University of Oxford has more than 30 universities and classrooms that offer each student a safe and supportive environment from day one.

Oxford is renowned for offering one of the best courses in the world and competition for undergraduate institutions here is intense. On average, they receive more than 20,000 applications for approximately 3,250 seats each year.

What is the Oxford University Acceptance Rate?

A very general search on Google shows that Oxford has an acceptance rate of 17.5% and Cambridge of 21%.

But remember, unlike American universities, Oxbridge has the minimum requirements that allow you to apply even to read your application; otherwise, your application will be returned. Also, unlike the USA, you can only apply to Oxford or Cambridge, not both. US universities actively advertise and recruit students to apply, many of whom are nowhere near qualified.

In general, you are limited to applying to just five universities in the UK, as in the United States there is no limit to the number of schools you can apply to.

Fully Funded Oxford University Scholarships 2022 Available for Developing Countries in the UK

The admission requirement to the University of Oxford

  • Entrance Requirement: Applicants should have their previous degrees.
  • English Language Requirement: Applicants whose first language is not English or who have not studied at an English-speaking university will be required to present either the TOEFL or IELTS tests.

Oxford University Undergraduate Admission Guide

You must apply via University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and follow the same process as UK applicants. In the application process, you will be asked to provide additional documents such as English language requirements, visa, and immigration information. Also, note that interview arrangements and test arrangements can also be slightly different for international candidates.

Oxford University Graduate Admission Guide

  • Starting your application
  • Your details
  • References
  • Choose and register your referees
  • Track your referrals
  • Add or change an arbitrator
  • Qualifications, English language proficiency, and funding
  • Other supporting documents: official transcript, statement of purpose / research proposal, written assignment
  • Additional documents: Declaration and payment
  • Submitting your application

List of courses offered at Oxford University 2022

  • Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL)
  • MPhil in International Relations
  • MPhil in Latin American Studies
  • MPhil in Environmental Change and Management
  • MPhil in Development Studies
  • MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies
  • MPHIL in Politics (Comparative Government)
  • MPhil in Politics (Political Theory)
  • MPhil in nature
  • MPhil in Economics
  • MPhil in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management
  • MPhil in Comparative Social Policy
  • MPhil in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies
  • MPhil in Traditional East Asia
  • MPhil in Policy Evaluation and Evidence-Based Social Intervention
  • Master of African Studies
  • Master in Biodiversity
  • Master in Comparative Social Policy,
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master in Contemporary Chinese Studies
  • Master in Economics for Development
  • Master in Environmental Management and Change.
  • Master of Evidence-Based Social Intervention Policy Evaluation
  • Master in Financial Economics
  • Master in Global Governance and Diplomacy
  • Master of Science in Global Health
  • Master in International Health and Tropical Medicine.
  • Master in Latin American Studies
  • Master of Law and Finance
  • Magister Juris (MJur)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Mathematical and Computational Finance
  • Master in Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing.
  • Master of Fundamentals of Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Master of Modern South Asian Studies
  • MSc in Nature
  • Master of Policy Research
  • Master of Public Policy (MPP)
  • Master in Studies on Forced Migration and Refugees.
  • Master of Internet Social Sciences
  • Master of Statistical Sciences
  • Politics and Management and Master in Water Sciences
  • Policy and management.

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Program

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Program is part of the University of Oxford Fully Funded Scholarships for Developing Countries, which was established through an innovative funding initiative to enable the creation of fully-funded scholarships for exceptional graduate students from everyone. 

The institution provides 40% of the funding for this scholarship, with 60% coming from generous donations from supporters of the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust, including the Hoffmann Foundation.

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Leadership and Scholarship Program are administered by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition for the full duration of your payment obligation for the agreed course at the university and a contribution towards living costs (of at least £ 14,553).

Eligibility criteria

Eligible candidates for this scholarship must be:

  • Apply for a new postgraduate course at Oxford.
  • Willing to return to your country after completing the course.
  • Ability to demonstrate a connection between your long-term career goals and the subject of study.

The eligibility criteria listed above will be evaluated during the selection process, including using your Graduate Application Form, your Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship Questionnaire, and your interview.

Click here for details

Achieve Oxford Scholarship

Reach Oxford is one of the University of Oxford’s fully funded scholarships for developing countries for undergraduate study towards a bachelor’s degree in any course offered at the institution – all subjects are offered at the University of Oxford except Medicine.

Reach Oxford scholarships are awarded to students from developing countries who, for any political or financial reasons, or lack standard educational facilities and as a result cannot study for a degree in their own countries. Selected scholars will study at Oxford University, the UK under any undergraduate course of study, except Medicine.

The scholarship covers tuition fees and university fees for the entire duration of your course, depending on the duration of the course, a grant for living expenses, and a round-trip airfare per year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must come from developing countries and you must have applied to study for undergraduate courses at Oxford University.
  • You must have the highest academic ability and outstanding test results.
  • You must demonstrate financial need and social commitment to be selected.
  • You must be willing to return to your country once you have completed the course.

Click here for details

Clarendon scholarship

This scholarship is available for all domestic and international students wishing to study for any graduate degree at Oxford University. You must demonstrate high academic ability and outstanding examination results. The scholarship covers Tuition, fees, and a living stipend.

Click here for details

Ertegun Scholarship

This scholarship is available for all domestic and international students wishing to study a subject in Humanities at Oxford University. You must demonstrate high academic ability and outstanding examination results. The scholarship covers Tuition, fees, and a living stipend.

Click here for more details

Las becas Pershing Square

The Pershing Square Foundation awards up to five full scholarships to support outstanding students who want to study for an MBA at Saïd Business School (SBS). The program funds one year of MBA, plus one year of another master’s program.

What does the scholarship cover?

As a Pershing Square Scholar, you will receive full payment of the Master and MBA program fees. The scholarship also provides at least £ 15,000 for living expenses for both years of study.

When to apply for the scholarship?

You must apply for the scholarship before January, to then start your studies in October.

How are students selected?

Saïd Business School looks for candidates who have good academic achievements, but also demonstrate leadership potential, demonstrated through professional experience or personal motivation. It can be shown in the motivation letter that you have a personal character, and you demonstrate integrity and commitment.

Among the various topics, requests are prioritized from individuals who intend to focus on addressing social challenges on a global scale in their career, whether in an existing organization or through the development of a new company.

The motivation letter should be an essay – included in the application form – of no more than 500 words addressing this question ‘How do you intend to change the world? What does this tell us about you as a person?

In what areas can you study?

It is a 1 + 1 MBA program, covering both the master’s degree and the MBA year.

Oxford University’s full-time one-year MBA program combined with one of the one-year master’s programs offered by other University departments.

What are the requirements for the Pershing Square scholarship?

Each of the associated master’s programs has its own application form, deadlines, and requirements. To be considered for the Pershing Square Scholarship you must apply for the 1 + 1 MBA before the January deadline.

When you submit the application form you must indicate if you want to be considered for the Pershing Square Scholarship.

You can find more information about this scholarship on the  SBS official website to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Clarendon scholarships

The Clarendon Fund is one of the leading scholarship programs at the University of Oxford. The Fund offers around 140 new scholarships each year. Clarendon Scholarships are awarded based on the academic excellence and potential of candidates. The scholarship can be requested for all types of subjects at the postgraduate level at the University of Oxford. This encompasses all part-time and full-time master’s degrees.

What does the scholarship cover?

All Clarendon Scholarships cover college tuition and fees in full. In addition, the scholarship recipients receive an annual subsidy for living expenses (of about 15 thousand pounds).

Scholarships are normally offered for the full period of the duration of the course.

When to apply for the scholarship?

If you apply for admission to a full-time or part-time master’s course, you are automatically considered for a Clarendon scholarship. You do not need to submit any additional documents specifically for Clarendon scholarships. The deadline depends on each course, but it is usually at the beginning of January.

In what areas can you study?

The scholarship is valid for all areas. All part-time and full-time master’s programs are included. Only Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship.

The official Clarendon website has more detailed information on the procedure to apply for this scholarship.

  • Las becas Reach Oxford

The Reach Scholarships want to help students from developing countries study for their undergraduate degrees at Oxford University. The scholarships are awarded to students who, for political or financial reasons, or because there are no equivalent study programs, are unable to study for a degree in their country. The scholarships are valid for any type of study, with the exception of medicine.

What does the scholarship cover?

There aren’t many scholarships, just 3-4 a year. The scholarship funds college tuition and fees and also includes living expenses and a round-trip airline ticket.

The duration of the scholarship is 3 or 4 years, depending on the duration of the chosen course.

When to apply for the scholarship?

Applications for admission close in February. However, to be considered for the scholarship Reach Oxford, you submitted an application to the University through UCAS – the study records system in the UK –  before the 15 October of the previous year. Only after you have been admitted can you fill out an application form for the scholarship.

How are students selected?

This program is only for candidates who have received an offer of admission and who have the excellent academic ability. Financial need and social commitment are also important criteria for selection.

The scholarship is returned: applicants must intend to return to their country of habitual residence after their studies.

What are the requirements for the Reach scholarship?

All information can be found on the Oxford University admissions website.

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Fellowships

The Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffman Scholarship and Leadership Program supports 20 outstanding students from countries in South America to pursue a postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford. It is managed by the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust whose objective is to spread knowledge in areas such as agriculture, health, environmental and water management, the economy, and public and foreign policy.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship will cover 100% of the expenses of the university (and in Oxford, of the college where you will study). In addition, there is a subsidy for living expenses (of at least 15 thousand pounds).

The scholarships are awarded for the total duration of the course, which can be 1 or 2 years.

When to apply for the scholarship?

It is applied in mid-January to start studies in September of the same year.

How are students selected?

It is important to consider the objectives of the Trust. Successful candidates are wanted to demonstrate an interest in serving the community through their chosen field of work. Therefore, it is not enough to say that you want to study at Oxford just because, you must build a connection between your subject of study and your longer-term professional goals, and explain how your professional career will contribute to the improvement of life in your country. or region. These objectives are demonstrated in the motivation letter.

In what areas can you study?

A study program must be chosen from the list. All programs are related to agriculture, health, environmental and water management, economics, and public and foreign policy. The full list of eligible programs can be found on the website.

What are the requirements for the scholarship?

Only if you are a regular resident of one of the eligible countries, and intend to return to your country once you have completed the course.

Do not forget that for this application you must select the Weidenfeld-Hoffman scholarship in the funding section of the University application form before the deadline.

All the information on this scholarship can be found on the Oxford University Graduate Studies page.

The Latin American Center scholarships

The American Center of the University of Oxford offers several scholarships to study for a  master’s degree in Latin American studies. The LAC has established strong ties between Europe and Latin America and therefore offers various scholarships to Latino students.

Candidates must apply to the  Master in Latin American Studies offered by the  Latin American Center. This master’s degree aims to provide interdisciplinary knowledge about the main events in  Latin America from 1900 to the present.

The specialists who have developed the program emphasize the specific characteristics of each country and carry out comparisons of the most important trends, such as the economic cycle, the evolution of the left and the right, authoritarianism and democracy, and revolutionary movements, among others.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarships will cover tuition fees to study at Oxford University.

When to apply for the scholarship?

The deadline is the end of January. Winning candidates are contacted individually.

How are students selected?

In each selection, it is important to send official documents such as the resume and diplomas. For this scholarship there are three very important documents:

1 / You must submit three academic references (written in English).

2 / Two academic essays, of approximately 2000 words each, must be submitted; in the area of ​​the studies, you want to carry out.

3 / Letter of motivation,  where you clearly present why you want to study at the  Latin American Center and what you hope to achieve through the master’s studies.

What are the requirements for the LAC scholarship?

The Master in Latin American Studies is taught in English and therefore requires a certified level of English with the usual tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL.

The scholarship is of academic excellence, and therefore you will have to present the record of the university degree.

3 letters of reference are required to support your candidacy, and they must be letters from academics.

If you want more information about these scholarships, consult the LAC website.

If you have been working for the development of  Latin America and you want to continue studying and researching on this subject, through this scholarship you can achieve it; Gather your documents and start this great adventure of studying, traveling, and living abroad.

What to expect international students

For most international students, it is difficult to know what is expected of them in order to have a chance at admission to the University of Oxford. To accept the offer of a place to study here, all applicants must meet the qualification requirements of their course.

Many students applying to Oxford are taking A levels, but we also accept a wide range of other equivalent UK and international qualifications. If you are an international student who wishes to apply to Oxford, you must have achieved, or are expected to achieve, one of the qualifications listed below. 

Students who are interested in admission to the University of Oxford must meet specific subject requirements for some courses, particularly in science, so please refer to your course requirements.

However, if your degree is not listed as accepted, you will need to do more studies if you want to apply. You can take any of the qualifications listed as acceptable on this page as well as our accepted  UK Qualifications

If you cannot see your country in this list, it means that your country’s end of study grades do not currently meet Oxford’s admission requirements. Oxford continually reviews the qualifications it accepts, so contact them and they will be able to advise you on the process.

You should be aware that this process can take up to a year. We are aware that students, particularly mature students, may have grades that are no longer available or where grading systems have changed. If this is the case for your rating, please contact them at and they will be able to advise you further. 


The University of Oxford is one of the highest-ranked universities in England and the world. This article gives you top-notch information on the 2022 Oxford University Fully Funded Scholarships for Developing Countries, a list of courses, and the admission requirement for undergraduate and graduate programs.

This is excellent news for international students as Oxford offers fully-funded scholarships for many students around the world.

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