Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q) Do we offer scholarships?

A) We do not actually offer scholarships directly. What we offer is a large database of scholarships information that is updated daily. Each scholarship on our website contains a link to the Real Institution (University) that is offering the actual scholarship. It is with them that you need to apply to the real scholarship. We only intermediate the process and offer accessible information to pursue your scholarship search.

Q) What if you don’t qualify for any scholarship?

A) It means you have to prepare better to qualify for one of the scholarships. Also, click the link to the real scholarship website that we offer for each scholarship. From there the direct scholarship link from the private sponsor, government, or university will be able to connect you with the appropriate information.

Q) Do we offer financial assistance?

A) We do not. You can only acquire financial assistance from the private sponsor, university or government that is in control of the grant or scholarship.

Q) Can I send an email or a message about applying for a scholarship?

A) We do not have an authority for applying or helping anyone financially with the scholarship. We are solely a scholarship information database. We do not have any affiliation with the universities, private sponsors, or government. The only way you should email or send a message about applying for a scholarship would be the actual credited site where the application is being funded by the universities, private sponsors, or government

Q) Any comments or messages to www.pickascholarship.com asking for scholarship funding, asking to be picked for the scholarship, will not be picked. Why?

A) This database does not have the authority to pick individuals who ask to be funded or apply through the comments or messages. Please go to the real institutions website and apply there on their application page portal directly.

Q) Scholarship application windows, does this website update each scholarship about the application reopening window?

A) No, we do not. We expect all participants that view the website to click on the provided and dedicated credit link to the actual real website. We do not update the deadline time, you as a viewer should contact that actual institution to ask about the application window. Contact the individual who works with the admissions desk.

Q) What if I graduated years before, can I look for a scholarship?

A) Instead of a scholarship look to apply for a grant on a government website dedicated to adults returning to higher learning education.

Q) Can you help me find a scholarship to apply to?

A) We can only help you in matters of giving you advices and help to use our site to search for scholarships, but more than that this is a collective scholarship database, it is the viewer’s responsibility to find what fits their field of study.

Q) Does www.pickascholarship.com pick individuals for scholarships?

A) No. We have no authority to do such a thing. We do not have any authority in any country to pick someone from a scholarship. You have to directly apply to an admissions office or application admissions office website portal.

Q) Can you fill out my scholarship application?

A) No. Absolutely not, that is actually a type of plagiarism and fraud that can get anyone in trouble is they do such a thing.

Q) Should I comment with my private phone or information?

A)  We highly suggest you do not since information can be stolen. That is your private information and leaving a phone number or private contact information should not be publicly posted.

Q) Can I request a scholarship by commenting on posts?

A) No. Nothing will happen if you request because this is solely an information database with no affiliation with any college and grant institution. You must actually fill out an application form on a college, private sponsor, or government website. We are none of those above and therefore can not pick or suggest scholarships to anyone.

Q) If I comment on a post and someone replies with “I can offer you a scholarship.” Should I take it?

A) Absolutely not. It’s most likely someone looking to steal your identity and your public information can be used against you by scammers.

Q) What if you have no money for a scholarship?

A) Go to the grants section and look at financial assistance. From there, click on the blog and look for the actual credible link to the institution mentioned. By clicking that link to the real institutions website you can then message them (not us) to require more information.

Q) Do you answer requests for scholarships or funding?

A) No. The comment will go either unanswered or you will receive this link to our FAQ section to understand that we have no authority in providing that type of information.