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What computer science scholarships are available to apply to? Now, every student searching for scholarships should understand what specifics they need to look for, and that involves working on admission to a single university first. Because any university scholarship will ask as an eligible and requirement component that they student be enrolled to a university.

Computer science scholarships:

  • Betty Stevens Frecknall Scholarship
  • Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship
  • IEEE Presidents’ Scholarship
  • Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship
  • National Society of High School Scholars STEM Scholarships
  • Palantir Future Scholarship
  • Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Scholarship Award
  • UPE/Association for Computing Machinery Scholarship Award
  • (ISC)² Graduate Scholarship Program
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellowship
  • DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
  • ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships
  • The National Gem Consortium Ph.D. Engineering and Science Fellowship
  • Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship
  • Generation Google Scholarship for Women in Gaming
  • Buildium Women in Technology Scholarship
  • Honeywell Scholarship
  • Accenture Native American Scholarship Fund
  • AFCEA Undergraduate Diversity Scholarship
  • Generation Google Scholarship (North America)
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship
  • The National Science Foundation Grant

With well over thousands of possibilities available from universities and online program courses when it comes to computer science (understandably a fact is that computer science is one of the easier online certificate programs available). Also, a degree in computer science can lead to different options such as Information Technology work to working with Cyber security for a major investment company.

The core classes needed to be lead on the right path for a degree in computer science would need to include the following:

  • theory of computation
  • fundamentals of computer science
  • compilers and operating systems
  • information theory
  • basic programming
  • systems and architecture
  • software development and testing
  • web applications and databases
  • algorithms and data structures

What are the top universities to search for this specific and calculated degree?

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Harvard University
  • EPFL
  • ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • University of Toronto
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Imperial College London
  • Tsinghua University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • The Hong Kong University of Science
  • The University of Tokyo

A major statistic to note for all students who enter this field, will notice that as each year they are in college, the population class size for computer science grows by 5%. Yes, that is 5% each year where students decide to dedicate their higher education to searching for computer science scholarships. This makes it one of the most competitive scholarship searches in the world.

But what does computer science involve as a whole subject and career stance? Computer Science becomes the involvedstudy of computers and computational systems. Ideologies like the entire history of computers, computer information theory, design, development, and application.

Essentially any student that chooses to focus their career path on computer science will find themselves learning the ins and outs of being able to build a computer from scratch.

Latest Active Computer Science Scholarships

Scholarship Name: 25% Tuition-fee Reduction La Trobe International Scholarship at La Trobe University 2023

4 min read

Country: Australia

Description: To Help International Students Lessen Their Financial Burdens On Their Educational Expenses, La Trobe University Offers The La Trobe International Scholarship Awards Which Will Cover Up To 25% Of The International Student's Tuition Fee For The Academic Year 2023-224. The Scholarship Is Intended For International...

Date Published: 23 September 2022

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Scholarship Name: $20,000 University of Queensland (UQ) Australia 2022 Liveris Academy Undergraduate Scholarship

4 min read

Country: Australia

Description: The Andrew And Paula Liveris Scholarship Was Founded In 2019 And Is Supported By The Earnings That Are Generated From An Endowed Fund.   About The Scholarship Sponsor: UQ Is Often Considered Australia's Best University For Many Good Reasons. Among Australian Institutions Of Higher Learning,...

Date Published: 22 September 2022

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Scholarship Name: Fully-funded Qatar Airways National Scholarships Program in Qatar 2023

4 min read

Country: Qatar

Description: To Support The Local Students In Qatar, Qatar Airways Offers A Scholarship For Young And Outstanding Students Who Wants To Pursue Their Undergraduate Degree In An Eligible University For The Academic Year Of 2022-2023. The National Scholarship Program Offered By Qatar Airways Is A Fully-funded...

Date Published: 15 September 2022

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artificial intelligence

Scholarship Name: $31,000 University of Queensland 2022 PhD International Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Making, Australia

4 min read

Country: Australia

Description: With Support From The Australian Research Council, The Australian Centre Of Excellence For Automated Decision Making And Society (CoE ADM+S) Was Founded In The Year 2020. (ARC). The Centre Is Located Among Nine Different Universities In Australia, And It Collaborates With Some Of The Most...

Date Published: 02 September 2022

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Sweden scholarships

Scholarship Name: $65,000 SI Scholarship for Global Professionals - Sweden 2023

4 min read

Country: Sweden

Description: This Swedish Institute Scholarship Option Was Created Based On The Idea That The Institute Was Looking For The Next Global Professionals This World Has To Offer. This Is An International Scholarship Where Students From Any Country May Apply To See If They Will Become A...

Date Published: 30 August 2022

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Pexels - Beige and white concrete buildings photography

Scholarship Name: $16,000 Wallin Education Partners Scholarship Program in USA 2023

3 min read

Country: United States

Description: Are You A High School Student At A Partner High School? Do You Have At Least A 3.0 GPA And ACT 19? Then Apply To Be A Scholar! As Wallin Socios Foundation Is Pleased To Offer Wallin Scholarship 2022 For Seniors In A Partner High School. The Scholarship Creates A Diverse And...

Date Published: 24 August 2022

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Scholarship Name: Tuition-fee Perfromance-based Scholarship for International Students at the University of Innsbruck 2023

4 min read

Country: Austria

Description: The University Of Innsbruck In Austria Offers A Scholarship For International Students That Will Help Them With Their Financial Barriers Through Tuition-fee Awards For The Academic Year Of 2022-2023 In Specific Programs Offered By The University. The Performance-based Scholarship Is Intended For International Students Who...

Date Published: 23 August 2022

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Scholarship Name: $10,000 Tuition-fee Fund Stem Scholarship for Latin American Students at RMIT University in Australia 2023

4 min read

Country: Australia

Description: RMIT University Wants To Promote The Idea Of Leadership, And Higher Education Achievements, And Provide Educational Services To Both Local And International Students To Fulfill Their Education And Reach Their Potential And Career Growth. RMIT University Understands That So Many International Students Are Motivated And...

Date Published: 22 August 2022

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Pexels - Green trees between white concrete buildings

Scholarship Name: Fully Funded MIT D-Lab Innovation Ecosystem Development Scholarship in USA 2023

4 min read

Country: United States

Description: Applications Are Currently Being Accepted For The Fully Funded MIT D Lab Innovation Ecosystem Builders Fellowship In USA 2023, Eligible Individuals Are Invited To Apply For This Program. Calling Emerging Local Leaders From The Global South! Applications Are Open For The 2022 MIT D-Lab Innovation...

Date Published: 18 August 2022

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Pexels - building under the blue sky

Scholarship Name: $5,000 OEI Scholarships – USA 2022-2023

7 min read

Country: United States

Description: Scholarships To Carry Out Master's Studies In Online Mode Aimed At Latin American Students. Who Awards The Scholarship? OEI - Organization Of Ibero-American States - Proeduca Educational Group. Who Is This Student Grant Addressed To? The OEI - Proeduca Scholarships For Latin Americans Are Offered...

Date Published: 15 August 2022

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international scholarships

Scholarship Name: $1,000 The Brick Program Endowed Scholarship I & II - United States 2023

4 min read

Country: United States

Description: The Brick Program Endowed Scholarship I & II Scholarship Is A Specific Opportunity For Transfer Students Who Wish To Attend The College Of Engineering & Computer Science - University Of Michigan-Dearborn. With The College Of Engineering & Computer Science - University Of Michigan-Dearborn Being One...

Date Published: 07 August 2022

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Scholarship Name: $5,000 Amazon Student Scholarship Program 2023

3 min read

Country: United States

Description: If You Plan To Enter University In 2023 Or Continue With A Course, You May Like The Amazon Student Scholarship Program 2023. This Scholarship Helps Students Reduce The Financial Burden As Each Recipient Receives $5,000 For Tuition And $500 To Spend On Textbooks. Incredible True?...

Date Published: 05 August 2022

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pexels-a University in the United States

Scholarship Name: $5,000 ISSFAM Scholarships, 2022

14 min read

Country: United States

Description: Scholarships For Children Of Military Personnel Of The Army, Air Force, And Navy Of Mexico In Active Service And In Retirement. Who Awards The Scholarship? Social Security Institute For The Armed Forces Of Mexico - ISSFAM Who Is This Call Addressed To? ISSFAM Scholarships Invite...

Date Published: 25 July 2022

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Scholarship Name: £28,000 Engineering the Future Scholarships for South and South East Asia and Africa at University of Manchester's School of Engineering 2023

4 min read

Country: United Kingdom

Description: The School Of Engineering At The University Of Manchester In The United Kingdom Is Proud To Offer The Engineering The Future Scholarships To The Outstanding Academically Excellent Students In South Asia, South East Asia, And Africa For The Academic Year Of 2022-2023. The Scholarship Will...

Date Published: 13 June 2022

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A mathematical solution on a board

Scholarship Name: €1,000 Heidelberg University, Germany 2022 Hans-Peter Wild Talent International Scholarships

6 min read

Country: Germany

Description: The Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships Are Given Out Once A Year, At The Beginning Of Each Winter Semester, To Exceptionally Talented And Up-and-coming Students From Germany And Other Countries Who Have Their Sights Set On Earning A Bachelor's Or Master's Degree In The Field Of...

Date Published: 10 June 2022

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Scholarship Name: Fully-funded International PhD Position in Economics, Analytics and Decision Science at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy 2023

4 min read

Country: Italy

Description: A Fully-funded Ph.D. Position In Economics, Analytics, And Decision Science Is Now Open For Application To All Local And International Outstanding Ph.D. Students For The Academic Year Of 2022-2023. The Ph.D. Position Is Offered By The IMT School For Advanced Studies Lucca And For The...

Date Published: 09 June 2022

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Netherlands national flag

Scholarship Name:  €2,249 University of Groningen 2022 PhD Scholarships in Human-robot Interactions in Regional Language, Netherlands

6 min read

Country: Netherlands

Description: Recent Developments In Artificial Intelligence And Voice Technology Have Enabled Significant Progress To Be Made In The Field Of (social) Robot Development. The Most Recent Iteration Of Robots Has The Capacity To Strike Up Conversation With Their Human Operators And Form Social Bonds With Them...

Date Published: 31 May 2022

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Pixabay - Microsoft building

Scholarship Name: Full Microsoft International Scholarship - USA 2022

4 min read

Country: United States

Description: Microsoft Is A Pyramid Organization Where The Basic Unit Is The Team. A Team Is Usually Made Up Of 6 Programmers, 6 Testers, And 1-2 Program Managers, Plus A Leader For Each Of The Three Disciplines. One Step Higher There Is A Section Chief (Manager)...

Date Published: 30 May 2022

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A study environment

Scholarship Name: £16,062 University of Sussex 2022 EPSRC DTP PhD Studentships in Building Interpretable Generative Models of Images in UK

7 min read

Country: United Kingdom

Description: In Recent Years, There Has Been Remarkable Development In The Field Of Computer Vision Regarding The Utilization Of Deep Learning To Generate Descriptive Representations Of Image Data. Because The Learned Representations Are Optimized Particularly For The Tasks At Hand, These Methods Have Made It Possible...

Date Published: 29 May 2022

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Scholarship Name: $5,000 Stem Avanade Women Scholarship at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia 2023

4 min read

Country: Australia

Description: The Swinburne University Of Technology Offers A Range Of Scholarship Opportunities To Promote Equity And Recognize The Student's Excellence And Academic Achievements. They Want The Students To Reach Their Potential And Achieve Their Goals For Their Career And Their Life. For The Academic Year Of...

Date Published: 10 May 2022

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