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What top biology scholarships will be highly beneficial for students to apply to? And why should they in the first place? It goes to say that applying for a biology scholarship can greatly improve a students financial ability to continue with their higher education towards a higher and higher degree level.

Biology scholarships to look and research about:

  • Lincoln Community Foundation Medical Research Scholarships
  • National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Gladys Carol Scholarship
  • Environmental Professionals Organization of Connecticut Scholarship
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship Program
  • RTK Scholars Program
  • R&D Systems Scholarship
  • Boster Scholarship
  • ABC Humane Wildlife Women in STEM Academic Scholarship
  • Novus Biologicals Scholarship
  • Thai-Swedish Trilateral Fellowship Program
  • Science & SciLifeLab Prize for International Young Scientists in Africa
  • Biosciences International Masters Scholarship at University of Kent in UK
  • Ph.D. Scholarship for International and Australian Candidates at University of Newcastle in Australia
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Structural Biology and Chromatin at University of Oslo in Norway
  • Macquarie University UAC International Scholarships in Australia
  • International Medical University Scholarships for Overseas Students in Malaysia
  • Cifar Azrieli Global Scholars Research Program for International Students in Canada
  • Doctoral Positions and Fellowships for International Applicants at IMPRS Evolbio in Germany
  • Ghent University Top-Up Grants for International Students in Belgium
  • Three-year Full-time International PhD Fellowships at Sapienza University of Rome in Italy
  • Ph.D. Student Position in Marine Ecology to Stockholm University in Sweden

Just to name a handy few of scholarships both based in the United States, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Norway, Australia, Canada, Africa, and the United Kingdom.

But what type of core classes are needed when it comes to working towards a Biology degree, no matter the high level acquired (Bachelor, Master’s, Ph.D.):

  • Ecology courses
  • Evolution courses
  • Genetics
  • Biostatistics
  • Cell structure and function
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Human anatomy
  • Human physiology
  • Marine biology
  • Immunology
  • Plant and algal physiology
  • Biology and behavior of social insects
  • Biotechnology

Students that will take biology seriously enough to work towards a biology major need to take several foundational biology and chemistry programs. The type of classes or programs that will need to be taken would involve the listed above programs.

All biology core students will be required to take additional math and science courses. This means math and science core programs that work with biophysics and calculus.Individuals will need to work towards any laboratory and research core components. Some students also participate in study abroad work and field programs or internships.

With any introductory-level classes, this will help to prepare students for all of the advanced coursework that comes along with advancing intp biology. Depending on the coursework involved, there is an amount of concentration where studies may opt towards more of the research laboratory element of biology instead of working towards a more hands-on in the field course work such as biotechnology.

All individuals who are looking for any biology connections in higher education would be best fit to research any and all universities that work with biology labs around the world.

Universities like John Hopkins would be excellent for all biotechnology students, this may actually be the best option possible. Also, other biology universities would include Stanford University, Brown University, University of California San Diego, University of Florida, University of Iowa, and Harvard University.

Latest Active Biology Scholarships

Unplash-Postdoctoral Research Laboratory

Scholarship Name: €2,200 Monthly Stipend Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (BI-PD) for Portuguese Cell Biology at The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Portugal 2024

4 min read

Country: Portugal

Description: The Instituto Gulbenkian De Ciência (IGC) Is Pleased To Announce The Availability Of A Prestigious Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (BI-PD) Within An Exciting Project Titled "A Systems-biology Approach To Identify Toxoplasma Effectors That Co-opt Host Cell Transcription And Their Function In Immune System Suppression." This Project...

Date Published: 24 May 2023

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Unplash-Students Engineering technological training

Scholarship Name: Fully-funded Vingroup Science & Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study for Master and PhD at VinUniversity, Vietnam 2024

4 min read

Country: Vietnam

Description: Vingroup Invites All Outstanding Master's And Ph.D. Degree Students In Vietnam To Pursue Their Higher Education In Any Of The Listed Targeted Universities Abroad For The Academic Year Of 2024-2025. The Vingroup Science And Technology Scholarship Program For Overseas Study  For Eleven Years Beginning In...

Date Published: 25 April 2023

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unplash-asian student reading at the library

Scholarship Name: £4,000 South Asia Scholarship for Postgraduate Students at University of Dundee 2024

4 min read

Country: United Kingdom

Description: The University Of Dundee Offers The Vice Chancellor's South Asia Scholarships Intended For Postgraduate Students In South Asia For The January 2024 Intake. The Scholarship Will Begin On January 8, 2024, And They Are Now Accepting Applicants Who Can Demonstrate Their Academic Excellence And Further...

Date Published: 20 February 2023

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Scholarship Name: Fully-funded International Doctoral Position Research Project at University of Freiburg in Germany 2024

4 min read

Country: Germany

Description: The University Of Freiburg In Germany Offers An International Doctoral Position Research Project For The Academic Year 2023-2024. The University And Max  Planck Institute Of Immunobiology And Epigenetics Freiburg Training Research Group MeInBio Recruits Brilliant Ph.D. Students For Their Research Project Which Will Commence In...

Date Published: 14 February 2023

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Scholarship Name: Financial Awards for International Masters Degree Students Excellence Master Fellowships at the University Of Geneva, Switzerland 2023

4 min read

Country: Switzerland

Description: The University Of Geneva Offers Scholarships For International Students Who Are Currently Looking For An Opportunity To Further Their Master's Degree In Switzerland For The Academic Year Of 2023-2024. The Excellence Master Fellowship Program Aims To Help International Students In Assisting Their Financial Burdens. Annually,...

Date Published: 31 January 2023

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Unsplash - A laptop on a desk

Scholarship Name: Fully Funded IMPRS International PhD Scholarship 2023, Germany

3 min read

Country: Germany

Description: Studying In Germany Can Be A Great Opportunity For Students From Around The World. German Universities Are Known For Their High-quality Education And Research Opportunities. Additionally, Many Programs Are Taught In English, Making It Easier For International Students To Participate. However, International Students Should Be...

Date Published: 29 January 2023

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Scholarship Name: Fully-funded Argelander Academy Grants for International Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of Bonn, Germany 2023

4 min read

Country: Germany

Description: The University Of Bonn Encourages The Eligible International Postdoctoral Researcher To Work On The Research Questions Related To The Six Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) Of The University For The Academic Year 2023-2024. Four International Scientists Will Be Invited To Do Postdoctoral Research In A Similar...

Date Published: 20 January 2023

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education scholarships

Scholarship Name: £9,000 JEP MSc Progression Scholarship - United Kingdom 2023

5 min read

Country: United Kingdom

Description: JEP MSc Progression Scholarship were Created To Ensure That The Rights Of Students Per Academic Year Were Chosen To Be Awarded An Academic Scholarship, Especially Under The Energy, Petroleum, And Mineral Law Courses. The University Of Dundee Is Looking For International Citizens And Students To Apply...

Date Published: 16 January 2023

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Book shelf

Scholarship Name: £5,000 University of Dundee 2023-2024 Vice Chancellor’s Africa Scholarship

5 min read

Country: United Kingdom

Description: The University Of Dundee Vice Chancellor's Africa Scholarship Is Currently Accepting Applications From Qualified And Exceptional Individuals Who Are Interested In Enrolling In A Degree Program At The University Of Dundee For The 2023/2024 Academic Session. Please Be Aware That These Terms Do Not Apply...

Date Published: 02 January 2023

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Man Sitting on a Green Grass Field

Scholarship Name: Elon University $9,000 Scholarships in 2023

3 min read

Country: United States

Description: Universities Are Higher Education Institutions That Offer A Wide Range Of Academic Programs, Including Undergraduate And Graduate Degrees In Various Fields Of Study. They May Also Conduct Research And Offer Extracurricular Activities Such As Sports And Clubs. Universities Are Typically Autonomous Institutions, Meaning They Are...

Date Published: 29 December 2022

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Two Clear Glass Test Tubes

Scholarship Name: $1,500 NOVUS Biological Scholarship 2023

5 min read

Country: Mozambique

Description: The Importance Of Science And technology It Cannot Be Overstated, Its Effects On People's Lives, Including Students, Are Always Evident. And The Research Itself Is A Critical Component Of The Development And Advancement Of The Life Sciences Community. We Want To Promote Scientific Achievement By Helping Students...

Date Published: 27 December 2022

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Happy man in suit standing in the street

Scholarship Name: Omega Psi Phi $10,000 Scholarships in Georgia - 2022-2023

8 min read

Country: Georgia

Description: However, The Omega Fraternity Has Created The Psi Phi Scholarship Program That Might Interest You. Founded On November 17, 1911, The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Recognized The Intellectual Importance Of Humanity's Development. They Placed Scholarship At The Forefront Of Their Fundamental Principles Which Are: Manhood,...

Date Published: 25 December 2022

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USA flags

Scholarship Name: $30,000 Leakey Foundation 2023 The Francis H. Brown African Scholarship

5 min read

Country: United States

Description: By Providing Financial Assistance To East African Researchers And Students Who Are Pursuing Research In These Areas, The Francis H. Brown African Scholarship Fund Aims To Expand Human Knowledge And The Scientific Community's Interest In Earth Sciences And Botany Related To The Origins Of Humans....

Date Published: 08 December 2022

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Scholarship Name: $1,500 Monash University Robert Blackwood Scholarships, Australia 2023

3 min read

Country: Australia

Description: To Be A Professional Civil Engineer, you Must Be Able To Review, Organize, And Design Large Projects that Come In Many Forms In Nature. Among Its Functions Is To Be Highlighted In The Real Estate And Industrial Sectors, In Addition To: They Have To Verify Through An Evaluation...

Date Published: 07 December 2022

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Unsplash - A city in the United Kingdom

Scholarship Name: £9,000 BP Scholarship Program in The United Kingdom, 2023/2024

7 min read

Country: United Kingdom

Description: BP Is Pleased To Support An Initiative Called The BP Community Scholarship Program. It Is A Way Of Giving Back To The Communities In Which They Operate. They Do This By Encouraging Local high School seniors To Pursue Their Dreams Of Going To College. Please Note, However, That This BP...

Date Published: 06 December 2022

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Scholarship Name: UNESCO/ISEDC Fellowship Program 2023 - Russia

5 min read

Country: Russia

Description: UNESCO 2023 Scholarship Program aims To Grant Opportunities For students to Follow A Short Course Based On The Participant's Choice Of Study. The UNESCO International Category II Center For Sustainable Energy Development (ISEDC) In Moscow (Russian Federation) Is Inviting Applications For Twenty (20)  fellowships Of Four (4) Weeks Duration...

Date Published: 01 December 2022

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Scholarship Name: University of Saskatchewan $10,000 International Excellence Awards in 2023

3 min read

Country: Canada

Description: Pursuing A Degree In Canada Is Many People's Dream. Especially Students From Developing Countries. However, Only A Fraction Of This Population Can Comfortably Afford To Apply And Study In Any College Of Their Choice In Canada. The Cost Of Studying Abroad Is Relatively High For...

Date Published: 30 November 2022

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Scholarship Name: Research Award for African Women in Science The Open Doors Fellowship Program in Belgium 2023

4 min read

Country: Belgium

Description: To Award The African Women In Science, The International Plant Biotechnology Outreach Offers The Open Doors Fellowship Program That Will Give Impact Their Research Careers And A Well-designed Fellowship Intended For Women Who Want To Advance Their Ph.D. Degree For The Academic Year 2023-2024. About...

Date Published: 29 November 2022

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Unsplash - Rough work patch on a table

Scholarship Name: Beautiful Minds Challenge Scholarship, 2023

3 min read

Country: United States

Description: The Beautiful Minds Challenge Program Is An Annual Scholarship And Awards Competition That Rewards Creative Ideas And Expression. Each Fall, Students Ages 15-19 Are Invited To Submit A Project That Responds To A New Invitation. This Could Be Your Year! THE CHALLENGE The Beautiful Minds 2023 Challenge Asks...

Date Published: 29 November 2022

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Unsplash - A man working on a computer in an office environment

Scholarship Name: The Minuteman Scholarship in the United States, 2023

3 min read

Country: United States

Description: If You Are Interested In Earning An Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarship And Commissioning In The Army Reserve, The Minuteman Scholarship Gives You An Excellent Prospect. All Qualified ROTC Scholarship Applicants May Apply For Consideration For A 4-year Minuteman Scholarship. Each Army Reserve...

Date Published: 28 November 2022

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