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What does it mean for international students to study in the grand and luxurious country of Venezuela? Many things actually, and here are a few of them.

Maybe the first question should be can students study in this country, because there is never enough talk about studying in Venezuela.

Anywhere from 5 to 500 American students alone end up studying abroad in Venezuela each year making it a very unique study abroad destination. This doesn’t count the thousands of international students who come from all over the globe who wish to make Venezuela a new chapter in their higher education.

Despite this, Venezuela is among the most urbanized countries in Latin America. This means the country stays up to date with the latest trends and if you haven’t heard of the Miss World, Miss Venezuela, or the Miss Universe pageant… Venezuela goes to great lengths to celebrate this incredible venture.

A crazy whirlwind of history is available at the University of Venezuela which just so happens to be one of the oldest colleges in the world. Which happens to be pretty spectacular! Everyone from prior presidents to scientists are known alumni at this university.

Venezuela’s University of the Andes by far has one of the most interesting histories to date. Going as far back as the 1800’s the college was actually decorated as a higher educational institution and given it’s 4-year level degree status in the 1800’s. Which was pretty rare back in those days!

The spoken languages in the country are Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, and English. Now students should brush up on their Spanish phrases and dialogue before trying to send in an admissions application. Why? Because all students should have a basic understanding of another country’s native language.

Universities in Venezuela:

  • University Central Venezuela
  • University Catolica Andres Bello
  • University of the Andes
  • Simon Bolivar University
  • University of Zulia
  • The Metropolitan University
  • Bolivarian University of Venezuela
  • University of Carabobo
  • University Monteavila
  • The Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University
  • University National Experimental Simon Rodriguez
  • Eastern University
  • University of Alexander von Humboldt
  • University Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado
  • Saint Mary University
  • Jose Antonio Paez University
  • Bicentenary University of Aragua
  • Rafael Urdaneta University
  • National Experimental University of Guayana
  • Cecilio Acosta Catholic University
  • Alonso de Ojeda University
  • Jose Maria Vargas University
  • National Experimental University of the Armed Forces
  • The Arturo Michelena University
  • The University Fermin Toro
  • The Center Technological University
  • National Experimental University of the Greater Caracas

There are several more universities both public and private that are readily available and currently accepting students (domestic and international).

While this is not about scholarships, it is important information since students will need help with filling out both admissions and scholarships which can fall into a similar category.

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