£10,000 Master Scholarship at The University of Glasgow in UK, 2021


Studying for a master degree in the United Kingdom is undouble the dream of most foreign students. However, looking at the tuition fees and other financial requirements to help actualize this dream, most students tend to be discourage because they lack the means and financial ability to meet up with these demands.

However, some do turn to scholarships, bursaries, grants, or student loans. The latter is often not recommended because it ends up in debt party. So most students go for scholarships and one of such student grant available right now is the University of Glasgow offer the Master Degree Scholarship Program.

The University of Glasgow is making it’s international scholarship program available to the public. Up to 70 student grants are available for allocation to qualified candidates. Students who are seeking to commence their postgraduate master degree can apply for any course offered at the University of Glasgow for the 2021/22 academic session.

Scholarship Host and Sponsor

This student grant is sponsored and to be taken at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

Eligible courses of study

All disciplines offered at the University of Glasgow are open for students under this student grant.

Number of bursaries available

Up to 70 students will be awarded the Glasgow master’s scholarship.

Target Applicants

All foreign and domestic students can apply for this scholarship program.

Scholarship Value

Up to $10,000 will be awarded to selected applicants under this scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria

TO be eligible for this student grant, applicants must demonstrate academic excellence, and must have received an offer of a place for a master degree program at the University of Glasgow.

How to apply

It is important to completely fill the application form and submit.

Official Link

Click here

Top Best 10 Scholarships to Help You Study Medicine in the United States

As a student from a developing country, studying at America’s School of Medicine is a great challenge. It takes a lot of work and money. Therefore, applying for medical scholarships will help take care of your tuition and other educational materials.

If you are a medical student from a developing country, including those in Latin America, you may be eligible for many international scholarships.

These scholarships are geared towards bringing more diverse students to some universities around the world. Some of these scholarships can be fully funded, while others are partially funded.

The importance of training qualified health professionals and doctors cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, this recognition is one of the reasons for the wide availability of medical scholarships in the United States to developing countries. Due to the fact that some of the best medical schools are located in the United States.

In bachelor’s degrees, scholarships to study medicine are somewhat less common. However, there are still a variety of opportunities for students to obtain first grade funding in health and medical subjects, covering a variety of application types.

This is the list of scholarships to study medicine for students from developing countries that will help pay for their education.

How can I get a full scholarship to study medicine in the United States?

Globally, the United States is leading the trends in all walks of life. Some of the best medical schools in the world are located in the US Its educational infrastructure and adequate curriculum make international students consider gaining valuable knowledge.

Despite this interest, not many of them have the capacity to finance this desire.

Whether you are in your freshman year, pursuing graduate studies, or just heading back to college for a new year, there is financial aid for you.

Am I eligible for a scholarship for medicine?

There are scholarships for everyone. Regardless of your study program, discipline or qualifications, there is a scholarship for you.

However, eligibility is entirely dependent on the scholarship. In fact, there is no general rule of thumb as to whether you are eligible for a scholarship.

Therefore, before applying for any of the scholarships listed in this article, be sure to read the requirements.

How do I apply for a scholarship to study medicine?

There is no set rule on how to apply for scholarships. Each scholarship has a unique application process.

While some only require you to fill out an application form, others may require specially written work.

Therefore, if you find a medical scholarship that you think you may be eligible for, try to carefully follow the application process.

List of the 10 best scholarships to study medicine in the United States

#1 Fulbright Scholarships

#2 ACLS Scholarships for Healthcare Providers

#3 American College of Surgeons Scholarships for International Guests

#4 Dr. James L. Hutchinson and Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson School of Medicine Scholarships

#5 ASCP Siemens Scholarships

#6 Sherry R. Arnstein Minority Student Scholarships

#7 Edith SeVille Coale Scholarships

#8 Harvard Medical School Scholarships

#9 University of Minnesota School of Medicine Scholarships

#10 UCLA David Geffen Scholarships for Medicine


Do you have savings to make an immersion in English, German or French and the time has come to find the ideal place to apply? We recommend that you start your search on the Colfuturo page. The entity has agreements with 27 universities in 8 countries, which offer tuition discounts ranging from 10% to 55%. Additionally, Colfuturo does all the intermediation with the university and does not charge you a fee for the process.

As if that were not enough, the agreements are with universities of excellent quality that offer you, as a student of language students, the opportunity to fully integrate into the life of the campus (libraries, sports facilities, cultural activities, conferences.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it’s as good as we are telling you. One of the authors of this blog studied through the Colfuturo agreement with the University of Delaware and the experience was wonderful. This post gathers some of his experiences ‘ what I learned studying abroad: about the fear of change ‘.

This was what he told us:

What is Colfuturo’s offer for people interested in studying a second language?

Colfuturo has 27 agreements with universities in 8 countries to improve English, French or German. These agreements offer a discount that can range from 10% to 55% on the value of the course. If a person applies to one of these programs through Colfuturo, they can access the discount we have agreed with the university of their interest. See more information about the Colfuturo language program .

In which countries can our readers do these language studies? Where are these universities located?

To advance English courses, we have agreements with universities in Canada, United States, Malta, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. To study French, the universities with which we have agreements are located in France and Canada.

Why make a language program through Colfuturo?

In addition to the tuition discount, we provide an accompaniment from the beginning of the process: we are the bridge between the student and the university.
The student will not have to communicate directly with the university, that Colfuturo does process.

Another key point is that our agreements are with universities, not with institutes or colleges; this is a guarantee of the quality of the program and additionally allows the student to have access to all the facilities of the university campus.

Do students take advantage of all those benefits they get from campus? Are they actively integrated into the university life offered by this program?

Yes! In fact, several students decide to continue their postgraduate and master’s studies in the same universities or countries after perfecting their language.

Even those who do not continue their studies give us good feedback on the program. The good thing about all this is that it is not just about attending the 4 or 5 hours of English or French classes they have, but they can stay on campus all day to attend the library, gym, swimming pools , to all spaces; They can even go to courses in other academic programs.

Do students who take a language program with Colfuturo must return to Colombia within a certain period?

No, students should not return to the country because they do not go through a credit-scholarship program. They can do whatever they decide as soon as they finish their program.

How is the application process for the Colfuturo language program?

  1. The first step is to attend an information talk or connect to the talk through the Colfuturo website. These talks are held twice a month: the second Saturday of each month at 11 am and the last Thursday of the month at 6 pm. The talks are essential because we explain how the whole process works and at what times to apply.
  2. We have a call four times a year: January, April, July and September, those interested must register during one of those calls. They must fill out a registration form, which is enabled on our website, and make a payment of 100,000 Colombian pesos. You must also send us a copy of the ID card, the resume and the proof of payment of 100 thousand pesos.
  3. From the sending of the previous information, the process of registration to the university and the visa application lasts about 3 months. In that case, for example, those who apply for the April call would travel during the months of August or September.

Does the applicant choose the university and Colfuturo does the whole process?

Yes, they take care of the registration.

What are the steps once registration is made with Colfuturo?

Once Colfuturo sends the student documents to the university, he receives his acceptance letter. We deliver that document to the student along with a letter of support from Colfuturo to make their visa application.

The visa process is the sole responsibility of the student and only when his visa is granted, the student notifies Colfuturo to make the rest of the payment to the university. Before that, the student must pay 3 million five hundred thousand Colombian pesos to Colfuturo to apply for college.

Of course, all the money that the student is contributing to Colfuturo is paid to his program, including the payment of the first 100,000 pesos.

When the visa is approved, the student pays the remaining balance to the university through Colfuturo.

Is there an age limit to apply?

None. The only requirement is that the applicant is over 18 because universities do not receive minors.

Does the Colfuturo language program offer any economic benefit?

In addition to the tuition discount, we have no other economic benefits. We suggest entities such as Icetex, FinComercio and Sufi, from Bancolombia, as a source of financing. We clarify that there is no additional benefit with them because they are Colfuturo students.

What advice do you have for students to make the most of the experience?

Review your goal and your current level in the language you want to study. It is important that they do not leave with such a basic level so that they do not need so much time for improvement. Study everything you can in Colombia so that you travel with an intermediate level and can get to practice or perfect what you learned here.

What is the profile of applicants for the Colfuturo language program?

Applicants are usually professionals, between the ages of 23 and 35, who wish to improve their work profile. The percentage of men and women is similar. The vast majority come from Bogotá DC, followed by the departments of Antioquia, Santander, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca.

Bonus tip on accommodation – Most universities offer accommodation service in university residences or in family homes, and students have the option of taking it or looking for accommodation on their own. An intermediate option is to take the service of the university for a few months and look for another option being at the destination. If you want more details about the Colfuturo language program, visit the website here.


If you are one of the World Nomads Scholarship enthusiasts, we tell you that the 2020 call is open! This program offers unique experiences in different countries of the world to people who want to improve their skills in photography, video and travel writing. The 2020 call seeks three people who want to travel to Portugal for 14 days, with all expenses paid, to write travel stories about that country.

If you are interested in travel grants and want to know Portugal, this call is for you. Take pencil and paper, read this post and prepare your best application.

What do those selected from the 2020 World Nomads Scholarship receive?

If selected, you will participate in a four-day workshop run by the New York Times contributor and Outside Tim Neville magazine. Then you will travel on your own to multiple destinations documenting your tours.

The scholarship covers tickets, lodging and medical insurance. You also receive US $ 1,000 and editorial advice courtesy of  Norie Quintos .

What do I need to apply?

  1. Prepare the theme of your story.
  2. On that subject, tell the story of a trip you made in less than 700 words.
  3. Fill in the application form for the 2020 World Nomads Scholarship. You must not only add personal data, but also points 1 and 2.
  4. Send your application. Successes!

What do the judges of the 2020 World Nomads Scholarship consider?

  • Good descriptive ability.
  • Good narrative structure and strong eye for details.
  • Skills to discover good stories in the old and to tell them in an attractive way to the reader.
  • Excellent spelling and grammar skills, as well as a gift to avoid clichés and common places.

Who can apply for the 2020 World Nomads Scholarship?

You can apply if you are a non-professional student and / or writer, as long as you are over 18 years old. You must also have a passport and you must be eligible to enter Portugal either with or without a visa.

How many contestants will be selected?

The 2020 World Nomads call will select 3 people for a 14-day trip to Portugal in August. Anyone can apply, as long as he has written English skills.

What is the deadline to apply for the 2020 World Nomads Scholarship? When do they announce the winners?

You can submit your application until March 13, 2020. The selected list will be published on the World Nomads website on April 30, 2020.

Universitaria Del Estrecho – Spain Scholarship 2020-2021

You saw her in a newsletter; they told you about her at a conference, Google showed her to you on a search night. It was love at first sight. You know that it is the opportunity of your dreams, your chance to do what you have always wanted, and the scholarship that will change your life forever. Then, you decide that you are going to apply.

You read the list of requirements and start the buts. It is very big for me, someone more prepared will stay with her, the deadline is very close, I have two months but still did not reach, is that they ask a lot, who will give me the letters of recommendation, what will I write in my biography, how am I going to do with the TOEFL.

Then, in an act of courage, you decide that you can, that you are a cow, and that this postulation is not bigger than you are. You register on the scholarship website to start filling out your application, make your ‘to-do list’. I have this, I am missing this, I must get that.

Then, you start procrastinating the pending tasks because you are afraid: fear of being dreaming of things that are too big, fear of being excited in vain, fear of not being so good to be chosen; you wonder what time it was that you came up with running; You tell yourself that maybe you should try in two years when you have achieved more professional achievements.

After doing a lollipop, you become full of courage and continue filling the application. Each item is an emotional roller coaster: yes, I can with this, I am wasting my time, I am more than qualified for this, and they will give it to someone with more experience. You finish the application, send your application, and feel it is the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled.

It is a true truism, but if you don’t try the answers will always be no.

Target group:

  • Target Countries: The Maghreb countries
  • Group: All

Host organization:

  • Name of the grant: Bourse Universitaria del Estrecho
  • Organization: Universitaria del Estrecho
  • Scholarship year: 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Organization: Universitaria del Estrecho
  • Study level: Master, Doctorate
  • Eligible Courses: Several
  • Grant amount: € 4,500
  • Deadline to Apply: October 31, 2020

Description of the award:

This scholarship host offers Masters and PhD scholarships for students from Maghreb countries.

Master: The University of Cadiz, through the university classroom of the strait (the UCA office to promote its relations with Africa and the East offers each year 9 scholarships to pass a master at UCA for an amount of € 600 / month and a stay of one academic year (max 9 months). The beneficiary countries of the master’s scholarships are the countries of northern Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.

Doctorate: Likewise, the university offers 6 scholarships for the realization of doctorates in joint supervision, with an aid of 900 € / month for a period of 6 months each year (the other 6 months must be taken into consideration University).
The beneficiary countries of doctoral scholarships are the universities with co-supervision agreement of the AUC are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
The scholarships are published on the web page of the Aula Universitaria del estrecho:
and on the website of the Office of International Relations
The grant is published in the Official Bulletin of the University of Cadiz.

How to Apply:

Please apply via the link below.

Official link: http://www.auladelestrecho.es/es/