Scholarships by Country

Scholarship in Belgium

Scholarship in Switzerland

Scholarships in Turkey:

1) $10,000 Eastern Mediterranean University Turkey Scholarship 2020-2021

2) $18,000 Sabancı University Scholarship for Undergraduates in 2020

3) $3,000 Doctorate Degree METU University Scholarship

Scholarship in UK

Scholarships in Canada:

1) $120,000 Scholarship at Laval University Canada 2020-2021

2) $20,000 Abitibi-Témiscamingue Canada Scholarship 2020-2021

3) $1,000 VINCENT-LEMIEUX SCHOLARSHIP Canada 2020-2021

4) $120,000 Scholarship University Of Sherbrooke Canada 2020-2021

Scholarships in Spain:

1) Eduemprende Idea 2020 Contest, Galicia

2) University Of Murcia – Spain Scholarship 2020

3) Universitaria Del Estrecho – Spain Scholarship 2020-2021

Scholarship in Portugal

Scholarship in Colombia

Scholarship in China

53 thoughts on “United States Scholarships

  1. I want you assist my Sister who is stack to continue with her studies due to school fees. In mount Kenya university

  2. Hello am Daniel Twesiime,I am 24 years of age from Uganda.
    I am a National certificate in Electrical installation and maintenance.
    I had joined Nakawa vocational Institute for a vocational diploma in electrical engineering, but due to lack of tuition I dropped out of the institution.
    I hereby request for your help because I hereby requesting any well wisher who can help me.
    In God’s name I request.

  3. Hi
    I’m a Liberian,a high school graduate and I am lacking of funds to forward my education.Now,I have a strong conviction in this schorlarship and can’t wait to enroll at any university in America.

  4. I also stuck to contiue with education my education ( university level ) because of school fee and accommodation fee. Please can you aid me?
    Am from TANZANIA

  5. What if i agree to study in your country.
    Would you help me you help me be there were you are.?

  6. Am stuck with my studies due lack of tuition. I request if for scholarship to Electrol engineering at mbarara university in Uganda

  7. I request for scholarship, am stuck with my studies due to lack of fees and. I want to do electrical engineering .am a Ugandan

  8. Hi, am from nigeria i really need help. i had always wished to be in the university but my dad is blind and am from a poor background which makes it immposible.
    If there’s anyway you can me please help am begging you help me i have been through alot of sorrow and sufferings . Here’s my phone number; 08105933770 if there’s anyway u can help me of my critical situation i will be grateful .

  9. I will be happy to have this scholarship since I take my wassce exams 2019 I found no one to help, paying my university fees.

  10. Please i need help am joining form one and scored 307 kcpe and am an orphan and i want to go to school and i don’t have school fees please help me pay my school am from kenya

  11. Am kato paul from uganda,i want your support on my academics in burchelors degree in agricultural science in any universty,,am an orphan with adiploma in agricultre

  12. Hello Am Shantel
    How can I acquire fully funded scholarship outside the country am in kenya

  13. Am Massa Erisa From Uganda I Want You To Support On My Academics In A Burchelors In A Diploma And Agricultural Science In Any University Am An Orphan.

    1. Please I want you to help with a this scholarship for me to go to united state of America to study International Relations,I just lost my mom.

  14. hi my name is clement ndagijimana i am 39 years old i filled the copy and half apply because of missing money after i coninue to receive messages on how i can lend money from bank like loans but no third help untill sdo what can i do because i miss money to buy a scholaship on Aiu ,HONOR SOCIETY OR LOAN IN BANK

  15. iam umar nalado from nigeria.i want your on my academics in barchelors degree in library and infomation science.

  16. I’m wasswa mpiriggwa, from Uganda (Africa )I completed high school in 2008 ,I did art subjects & I got 5points with one o principal pass , but I didn’t get chance to continue due to my family back ground ,even to complete high school was not easy because everything they have been need to school as requirements & school fees ,have been loans from banks /saving groups , so they struggled a lot me to complete high school, but now I have been searching for some help on social media , I found you here & I tried to send my request to you, so as to help me with scholarship to continue with my studies, per now I’m in art & design but in our country (Uganda) my business has no market, so I don’t have no any other option instead of requesting for help, please help me because no one can help me. your s wasswa mpiriggwa

  17. Infact iam one of those who applied for this scholarship almost every year, but to my dismay no action taken. You said that, i should check my account nothing.

  18. Good evening I do request any assistance to help me proceed with my accademic studies because since 2012 I have been trying but not yet but all in all I have not lost hope coz I lost my parents in 2006 but I managed to finish A level thanks so much

  19. Bonsoirs moi je veux pas sortir hors de mon pays svp aidez moi a finir avec ma formation en finance je n’ai personne pour m’aider svp

  20. Yes, my name is mardge Kaomara from Solomon Islands in the south pacific and northern part of Australia and I want get scholarship to in Australia in Melbourne University and can you assist me on this, I have completed my Bachelor in agriculture science and Graduated diploma in Agriculture education and am currently teaching in the high schools, and I want enlighten my qualification in to masters program and hopefully to continue with the PHD. Regards
    Mardge Rosa Kaomara – Solomon islands

  21. Rhoda from uganda. I want to join AIM music school and persue a certificate in music because i can compose and write music by talent bt i have no way due to lack of school fees .bt i request for sponsorship for ma studies.pliz any christian dea.hlp

  22. Need support to continue my tertiary education at college.So I need your help once again and a CAMA member as well in Ghana.

  23. When will the process end l am tired of receiving blank emails without any contacts details please be serious

    1. You are free to unsubscribe to these emails at any time. Just use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

  24. please I am a Nigerian and I also stayed in Nigeria I want to study business administration and I need this scholarship or money to support in my studies please I have no body to support or help me please.

    1. Hi lilian. You have to apply to the scholarship in order to have more chances that the University will approve you.

    1. You have to search for a scholarship on our website and then after apply to it. This is the general process.

  25. Please I am Ejatu Taal from Guinea,I want you to help me,I have Sat to my old level and I got a requirement and I want to study International Relations in U.S.A please I really need you help.I just lost my mom last year.I will be very grateful if you assist me with this scholarship.

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