Universitaria Del Estrecho – Spain Scholarship 2020-2021

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You saw her in a newsletter; they told you about her at a conference, Google showed her to you on a search night. It was love at first sight. You know that it is the opportunity of your dreams, your chance to do what you have always wanted, and the scholarship that will change your life forever. Then, you decide that you are going to apply.

You read the list of requirements and start the buts. It is very big for me, someone more prepared will stay with her, the deadline is very close, I have two months but still did not reach, is that they ask a lot, who will give me the letters of recommendation, what will I write in my biography, how am I going to do with the TOEFL.

Then, in an act of courage, you decide that you can, that you are a cow, and that this postulation is not bigger than you are. You register on the scholarship website to start filling out your application, make your ‘to-do list’. I have this, I am missing this, I must get that.

Then, you start procrastinating the pending tasks because you are afraid: fear of being dreaming of things that are too big, fear of being excited in vain, fear of not being so good to be chosen; you wonder what time it was that you came up with running; You tell yourself that maybe you should try in two years when you have achieved more professional achievements.

After doing a lollipop, you become full of courage and continue filling the application. Each item is an emotional roller coaster: yes, I can with this, I am wasting my time, I am more than qualified for this, and they will give it to someone with more experience. You finish the application, send your application, and feel it is the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled.

It is a true truism, but if you don’t try the answers will always be no.

Target group:

  • Target Countries: The Maghreb countries
  • Group: All

Host organization:

  • Name of the grant: Bourse Universitaria del Estrecho
  • Organization: Universitaria del Estrecho
  • Scholarship year: 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Organization: Universitaria del Estrecho
  • Study level: Master, Doctorate
  • Eligible Courses: Several
  • Grant amount: € 4,500
  • Deadline to Apply: October 31, 2020

Description of the award:

This scholarship host offers Masters and PhD scholarships for students from Maghreb countries.

Master: The University of Cadiz, through the university classroom of the strait (the UCA office to promote its relations with Africa and the East offers each year 9 scholarships to pass a master at UCA for an amount of € 600 / month and a stay of one academic year (max 9 months). The beneficiary countries of the master’s scholarships are the countries of northern Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.

Doctorate: Likewise, the university offers 6 scholarships for the realization of doctorates in joint supervision, with an aid of 900 € / month for a period of 6 months each year (the other 6 months must be taken into consideration University).
The beneficiary countries of doctoral scholarships are the universities with co-supervision agreement of the AUC are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
The scholarships are published on the web page of the Aula Universitaria del estrecho:
and on the website of the Office of International Relations
The grant is published in the Official Bulletin of the University of Cadiz.

How to Apply:

Please apply via the link below.

Official link: http://www.auladelestrecho.es/es/

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  1. I’m Interested to study in Spain in field of Agriculture economics,or any field associeted with Agricultural as Bachelor Degree

  2. Iam very interested to study in USA.
    But am a Zimbabwean citizen how can l get a scholarship

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