University Of Murcia – Spain Scholarship 2020

Written by admin on March 8, 2020

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The lack of money is no excuse for not accessing graduate studies. Since development cooperation and corporate social responsibility ceased to be a fad to become long-term objectives, training opportunities abroad abound in the network.

If we google the word ‘scholarship’ we will get at least 7,600,000 results. If we look for scholarships, the options are six times greater. And for fellowship hunters there is also a chance, there are 35 million results. All in less than 35 seconds.

Some may argue that finding useful information is complicated, and I agree with them. Others will say they do not search because they do not know how to do it, but if they do not take the first step, they will not be able to decipher the route. Some will argue that they have tried and have given up in the absence of results. 

They would ask you; do you really want a scholarship? Do not you think it is worth navigating for hours in search of the call that will change your life?

A scholarship is the opportunity to study what you’ve always dreamed of paying a ridiculous amount for it. It gives you the possibility to know another culture, to familiarize yourself with another way of doing things; of reading new authors; taste other flavors; of dancing to the rhythm of unknown instruments.

A scholarship opens your mind, gives you parameters to compare what things in your city work and which ones could work better; It helps you build an international network of contacts ; It makes you understand that clothes do not wash themselves, that a homemade meal is priceless, teaches you to value the family .

A scholarship helps you to spread your wings, leaves you wanting to eat the world, to pack one suitcase after another. It is an experience that must be pursued, which is worth living.

Target group:

  • Target Countries: All countries
  • Group: All groups

Host organization:

  • Scholarship Name: Grants for Attraction of International Students
  • Organization: University of Murcia
  • Scholarship year: 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Organization: University of Murcia
  • Study level: Bachelor
  • Stock market specialty: Several Specialties
  • Grant amount: N / A
  • Deadline to Apply: April 26, 2020

Description of the award:

Like every year, the Mare Nostrum (Murcia University) campus of international excellence publishes grants intended to attract and support foreign students.

Enrolled in foreign universities in the Mediterranean region. In our university, and in our region, in and an enriching experience, which allows at the same time an approach between different cultures through the summer courses of the Universidad Internacional del Mar.

How to Apply:

Please apply via the link below.

Other Information:

To benefit from the aid, you will need:

  • Be enrolled in the 2018/2020 academic year at a foreign university as a graduate or undergraduate student, masters or doctoral student.
  • In the case of undergraduate or undergraduate students, have successfully completed at least 60 credits corresponding to the first year of the university degree.
  • Have a command of Spanish with a recognized minimum A2 level, or English if you request a course from those specified as bilingual this year.

Have indicated in the online application a course (maximum three) of the International University of the Sea (UNIMAR) of the University of Murcia, to be held in June, July, September or October 2020.

4 thoughts on “University Of Murcia – Spain Scholarship 2020

  1. I’m glad to interact this prolific scholarship package I’m an undergraduate student from Gambia west Africa but my only worry is I only study English and French but I didn’t study Spanish is that a requirement I will be eager to study Spain during my stay in Spain

    1. Hi Bamba. You must check with the requirements of this specific scholarship if Spanish is mandatory or required. You can also contact the University of Murcia and ask them this.

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