$120,000 Scholarship University Of Sherbrooke Canada 2020-2021

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Target Countries: All countries

Eligible Candidates: All groups

Scholarship Name: DFATD Scholarship

Host: University of Sherbrooke

Scholarship year: 2020

Country: Canada

Organization: University of Sherbrooke

Scholarship specialty: Management, Law, Politics, Social Sciences, Economics, Human Sciences

Study level: Undergrad, Master.

Scholarship amount: $120,000

Application deadline: March 1, 2020

Description of the award:

Presentation University of Sherbrooke The Université de Sherbrooke is made up of eight faculties (law, management school, education, engineering, letters and humanities, medicine and health sciences, science, physical activity sciences) and three university centers (studies of religious, enriching research training, environmental training and sustainable development).

It has three campuses, two of which are located in Sherbrooke. The main campus, located at the foot of Mont John-S.-Bourque, brings together the management of the establishment, the departments and most of the faculties. All units linked to health fields are gathered on a campus located in the east of the city. The third campus is located in Longueuil, at a metro station in Montreal.

The University also offers its medical program in Saguenay (Quebec) and Moncton (New Brunswick) thanks to partnerships with the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and the University of Moncton.

The Université de Sherbrooke is a pioneer in cooperative education. The reputation of excellence of the University of Sherbrooke is also based on its research activities, which have led to major discoveries.

Duration of scholarships – Associates can commence their research or studies no earlier than August 2020 and no later than February 2021.

How to Apply

Application process Obligations of candidate students: apply for the program of their choice at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Candidate undergraduates are encouraged to indicate their interest in obtaining a Canada Study Grant with their application for admission.

Ensure that all the conditions of eligibility for the study program and the establishment of their choice are met; make sure to submit all the required supporting documents, within the necessary deadlines.

The Student Grant in Canada program is open to students from all fields of study.

Obligations of Canadian institutions: submit a request on behalf of the candidate by submitting an online request form and uploading all supporting documents before the deadline:

  • Institutions may submit more than one request and may be asked to rank these requests according to their strategic priorities;
  • Designate a single person responsible for administering the program; Notify faculties or staff members submitting a request and inform the person designated by the institution responsible for administering the program, as they may be called upon to prioritize requests. 
  • The size of each document must be less than 5 MB to ensure the download of the request.
  • Proof of citizenship/identity: A copy of the applicant’s valid ID or official identity document. NOTE: Driver’s license, permanent resident card, student card or baptismal certificates are not admissible proof of citizenship. The nation/place of origin/residence selected in the online application form must be the same as the country/region designated in the proof of citizenship/identity.
  • Letter of intent from the institution: A letter, in French or in English, from the Canadian institution stating: I.) the reasons justifying the request for the candidate.

Refer to the “Selection Process” section for more info on the criteria for evaluating applications.

Conditional letter of admission: the Canadian institution must attach a certificate of receipt by the candidate of a confirmation of conditional admission to the study program.

Study plan of the proposed candidate: A study plan prepared by the establishment setting out the study program proposed to the candidate for all the semesters that will be spent in Canada. In the case of students admitted to a two-year program, the plan must specify the activities proposed for the spring-summer term.

CV of the proposed candidate: The curriculum vitae of the proposed candidate, stating their qualifications.

Budget: the institution must submit a clear and detailed budget, explaining the extent to which the scholarship will cover eligible expenses (i.e., tuition, health care, transportation, etc.).

Confidentiality Declaration: A copy of the Confidentiality Statement.

Canadian institutions are advised to set an earlier due date with applicants to receive supporting documents on time.

Email: [email protected]

Link to Apply: Apply

Official Link: https://www.usherbrooke.ca/

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