I want to know full explanation about pick a scholarship and how I can get it?

Written by Iradukunda fillette colombe on May 16, 2023

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I want to know full explanation about pick a scholarship and how I can get it?


Hi, We are glad that someone is interested in our website and would like to know more about it, so here it is:

Pick A Scholarship.com is a website that is structured as a large database of scholarships worldwide where you can browse the latest scholarships that we post daily one by one, or search for a specific scholarship on the Find Scholarships page, here:


It’s entirely up to you and it is your choice. More than this, we have also articles about fully funded scholarships or student guides or even scholarships tips which are different section in our website.

29 thoughts on “I want to know full explanation about pick a scholarship and how I can get it?

  1. My name is mustapha nabie i am from Liberia west Africa, i really wanted to know if this scholarship is for only graduate student,we have our kids in Africa,they are under gradualate students , and we really wanted them to be part of this scholarship, our present condition is very bad,we cannot able to afford to send this children to school now, this children are our future leaders, please i will like to hear from you soon.. this is my email address [email protected]
    And my Whatsapp number -+231776585650

    1. Hi Mustapha, when you say “this scholarship”, to which scholarship exactly are you referring to? We are a website with a large database of scholarships, but you must specify to which scholarship are you referring to exactly?

  2. I am a Ghanaian which I have apply for scholarships in UK,Am ask to pay half for the process which I don’t have that amount,how can you help me to pay all that I needed to enable me attend the school

    1. Hi Sylvia, unfortunately we cannot help you directly with money for this, unless you find a scholarship that can offer you this. The best is to find a fully funded scholarship in that case, as that has all the expenses covered and supported by the University.

  3. Hello, I’m a Ghanaian student which I’m really interested in computer science programs. It has been my vision to become a computer scientist, but I’m having some financial issue which is not allowing me to reach my vision.
    Can you please help me get a full funded scholarship so that I’ll be able to achieve my vision?

  4. Hello, I’m a student in grade 10 studing Automobile engineering and I would like to know how can I get a fully funded scholarship to study abroad.

    1. Although fully funded scholarships for studying abroad are not very common, there are some options available to you as a grade 10 student interested in Automobile Engineering. The best way to find and secure a scholarship is by researching various funding opportunities thoroughly and applying for as many of them as possible.

      To start your search, begin with government websites like the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) website. On this website, you can find information on international exchange programs such as the Fulbright Program which offers both tuition support and stipends for living expenses during your study period abroad. You can also use websites like collegeboard.org or scholarships4students which provide comprehensive lists of specific scholarships with eligibility criteria tailored towards students interested in Automobile engineering degrees.

      It’s also important to think outside the box when it comes to securing scholarship funds – look into corporate sponsorships from businesses that may have an interest in promoting investments related to Automobile engineering, apply for local community based grants or bursaries if they are offered where you live, or approach alumni organizations associated with universities that offer Automotive Engineering programs about potential sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, take time to reach out directly to institutions abroad that offer degree programs – often times universities (especially those located outside major cities) will be willing to negotiate additional funding sources such as reduced tuition fees or exclusive grant/scholarship awards specifically geared towards international students who demonstrate financial need and exceptional academic performance within their field of study.
      good luck!

    2. Am really interested to take scholarship in university of Alberta for my bachelor’s degree of nursing. Can i knihow to get fully funded ?

      1. To apply for a fully funded scholarship at the University of Alberta for your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you should start by checking the official university website for available scholarships and funding options.

        You can also reach out to the admission office or financial aid office at the university to inquire about any specific scholarships or grants that are available for nursing students.

        Additionally, you can explore external scholarship databases like https://www.pickascholarship.com to search for external funding opportunities that may help cover your tuition and other expenses. Make sure to carefully review the eligibility criteria and application requirements for each scholarship before applying.

        It’s important to start your scholarship search early and submit all required documents and applications on time to maximize your chances of receiving funding for your studies. Good luck with your scholarship application!

  5. hello guys I am like you i have no any ambision with out live my country because our study is not qualitative like abroad my name is muhsin aliyu a I’m from Nigeria I wont find solution and I am musical artist

  6. Hey my name is birungi Anselm am from Uganda I have been studying at the University am now going for the third year but I have failed to raise that money that can cater for me in the third year and am persuing bachalors of arts in social sciences,,, any one who can volunteer for me I highly appreciate ur hand thanks

    1. It can be difficult to find the money needed to finance a college education. As someone who is currently studying at a university towards their third year of Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, it sounds like you are in need of financial assistance. While I cannot donate directly to support your education myself, I do want to provide some suggestions on how you may be able find financial aid and/or volunteer opportunities that could help get you through this third year.

      First off, depending on where you live, there may be governmental organizations or charities that can provide tuition grants or scholarships specifically for students enrolled in undergraduate studies. It is worth researching what forms of financial assistance might be available from these sources such as educational trusts set up by family estates or businesses that are dedicated to helping young people pay for school.

      In addition, many universities offer student-specific grants and loans which may also assist with meeting the costs associated with studying at their institution. You should enquire with your university about any potential programs they have put into place for students who need additional funding support during their studies.

      Finally, if neither of these options is feasible then one idea would be look into local community service initiatives or non-profits where volunteering your time could earn credits towards paying off part (or all) of your tuition fees related to this upcoming academic year – this way when you complete a certain amount of hours working for them, they will cover the cost associated with enrolling back in school come fall semester! All in all while it can seem daunting at first trying to come up with ways cover the expenses associated with continuing studies at University level – there are definitely options out there which when we put our minds together (and consider all possible resources!) we can make work! Best wishes!

  7. My name is Ameku Bridget, I am someone who is currently studying Procurement and Supply Chain Management at a university in God. I want to better my career but studying more. But due to economic difficulties I seek for scholarship to fund my online studies.

  8. I am Bih Florence Suh, I am a graduate from the University of Buea. I’m from Cameroon, which is a less developing country. We have Universities here but the teaching conditions are very poor. We don’t have any practicals of what we study. So travelling out of the country will help to gain more knowledge.

  9. Hi,
    My names are Okonkwo Favour Adaobi
    I would like to study nursing on a fully funded scholarship
    Please websites to go about it
    I finished high school 3years ago

  10. Hi
    I am Ibrahim Hussein I studied electronic at the vocational level school this has been my dream career.
    I would like you to help me attain a fully funded scholarship that will help me pursue my dream, lack of finance is really drawing far away from my dream.

  11. Hello my is Rusiate Nacola Romulo..born and raised in fiji i have a level 2 certificate on Mechanical engineering on the technical college of fiji and i would like to continue my studies on this opportunity and would be very grateful if ill be offered it’s scholarship thank you 😊

  12. Hi, my name is Edu Lucy Inimfon, I’m a Nigerian.
    How can I get a fully funded scholarship to study law although I did a diploma course in law here in Nigeria I’ll be very grateful if you assist me in finding a fully funded scholarship in any other country…..thank you 🥰

  13. Hi am William Progress from Nigeria how can I get a fully funded scholarship to study petroleum engineering, I will be very grateful if you could help me find a fully funded scholarship abroad thank you very much 🙏😊

    1. To find fully funded scholarships to study petroleum engineering abroad, you can follow these steps:

      1. Research Scholarships: Visit scholarship search engines like https://www.pickascholarship.com to find available scholarships specifically for petroleum engineering. Use relevant search terms such as “fully funded petroleum engineering scholarships” or “petroleum engineering scholarships for international students.”

      2. Government Scholarships: Check if your government or the government of the country you wish to study in offers any scholarships for international students. Contact your local education ministry or government agencies responsible for overseas education.

      3. University Websites: Explore the websites of universities abroad that offer petroleum engineering programs and look for scholarship opportunities on their “Scholarships” or “Financial Aid” pages. Many universities offer scholarships specifically for international students.

      4. International Organizations: Look for scholarships offered by renowned international organizations such as UNESCO, World Bank, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, and others that support education globally.

      5. Professional Associations and Companies: Investigate if any professional associations or companies related to the petroleum industry offer scholarships for aspiring engineers. These organizations sometimes provide financial aid to students pursuing fields relevant to their sector.

      6. Contact Embassies/Consulates: Reach out to embassies or consulates of countries where you wish to study and inquire about available fully funded scholarship opportunities for petroleum engineering students from Nigeria.

      7. Network: Connect with professionals in the petroleum industry or alumni from your target universities who may have knowledge about relevant scholarship opportunities. Online platforms like LinkedIn can be helpful in expanding your network.

      8. Prepare Strong Applications: Once you identify suitable scholarships, carefully review their requirements and prepare a compelling application package including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, SAT/ACT scores (if required), a well-written personal statement, etc.

      Remember that the competition for fully funded scholarships is often intense, so make sure you apply well in advance and showcase your passion, achievements, and potential as a prospective petroleum engineer. Good luck!

    1. That’s great to hear! Our institution offers a wide range of academic programs and support services for students. If you are interested in studying with us, I recommend visiting our official website to learn more about the admission process, available programs, campus facilities, and other important information. Feel free to reach out to our admissions office if you have any specific questions or need assistance with your application. We look forward to welcoming you as a student at our institution!

  14. I am Abi, I have been offered BSc in social work at the University of Regina. It’s the a possibility of securing a scholarship for my part of my tuition?

    1. Congratulations on being offered a place in the BSc in social work program at the University of Regina! It’s great that you are considering scholarships to help with your tuition costs.

      The University of Regina offers various scholarships and financial aid options for students, including entrance scholarships for high school students, transfer student scholarships, and continuing student scholarships. I would recommend checking the university’s official website or contacting their financial aid office to get more information on scholarship opportunities available specifically for social work students.

      In addition, you may also want to explore external scholarship options such as government scholarships, private scholarships, or international student scholarships. Websites like https://www.pickascholarship.com can help you search for scholarships that may be applicable to your situation.

      Remember to start your scholarship search early and make sure to carefully review all application requirements and deadlines. Good luck with your studies at the University of Regina!

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