How To Write A Winning Motivation Letter

How To Write A Winning Motivation Letter

The motivation letter is one of the most crucial parts of a scholarship application. This article would shed more light on what a motivation letter is, its importance, and how to write a top-notch motivational letter.

What Is A Motivation Letter?

Also known as a “Statement Of Purpose,” this letter is like an introduction, an engaging pitch to the host on who you are and why you are applying for the scholarship.

How To Write A Winning Motivation Letter.

Whichever way you choose to write, a motivation letter must contain three parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. This is to ensure your work has neat clarity and catches the judge’s attention. In addition, the letter should contain enough information about the applicant, why you are applying, and reasons you feel you deserve the award.

Top 3 tips you should use are;

Maintain a Personal/Professional tone:

No doubt, the letter is about you. However, as addressing a professional audience, you must take note of your tone of writing. Visualize addressing the letter to someone you respect or recently met that doesn’t know much about you and who you’d like to share your story with. This will help define your audience and writing style.

Be Original and Genuine:

The best way to ace this stage is to put yourself out to the max. You’re competing against thousands of other applicants, and the best way to stand out and be original. Make the reader feel your personality. Bring in examples of personal experiences, avoid pity stories, judges want to know how you’ve overcome challenges, relevant skills, or leadership qualities. Let the reader sense your positive attitude and approach to life, and you would have gained their interest.

Stay On Topic and Be Concise:

Be focused, do not dwell too much on the points you make. Most questions have underlying messages, so be sure to understand the entire meaning of any questions asked. The judges, in essence, want you to show them why you believe you’re the best for the award. So, ensure you’re straightforward, embody each point in paragra[phs, and use simple words in writing.

Note: You are given a word limit; use it wisely. Proofread your work with people you trust, give the letter some time, and revise it yourself with a fresher mind to spot corrections. Remember to answer these questions: why do you believe you deserve the scholarship, and why do you choose the scholarship? Clearly outline your points and adhere strictly to the word limit.


In this piece, we explained what a motivation letter is and tips on writing a winning letter. So, if you are looking for the best ways to write a scholarship application letter, read this article.

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