Best Top 6 Online Tools For Scholarship Essay Writing

Looking for the best tools to enhance your scholarship essay and increase your chances of standing out? This article shows you some of the best online tools you can use to fine-tune any essay and put your application on top of its game.

Writing Tools

Firstly, before writing a scholarship essay, it is advised to source for and learn from samples of winning past papers to learn from. Get familiar with Do’s and Don’ts, formatting styles, and structure of writing while studying these samples. Taking note of all these will help one set standards before and while writing an application. However, remember these are just guidelines. Make sure your essay is original, unique, and personal; your essay must prove that you deserve the award.

Let’s look at some online tools that will assist applicants in overcoming difficulties and achieving a winning scholarship essay below;

●    Essay Punch:

This is a service that provides interactive online exercises that guide one through all stages. It assists by composing a well-structured paper that sends guide messages throughout. You will also get notifications as you make progress while writing. It is paid. However, the free version offers one try and can be used to practice writing a scholarship essay. It is a great personal attention virtual assistant.

●    Hemingway Editor:

The scholarship essay won’t be strong if you fluff it with unnecessary words and phrases. This tool will ensure you stick to simplicity. It will flag complex sentences and common errors in red or yellow. It is a powerful online tool that’s mostly free.

●    Story2:

This program is focused on helping with scholarship applications and essays. Firstly, it helps one to discover topics that will be interesting and inspirational for writing. The free features allow one to organize, complete and plan your first essay. And if you enjoy it, you can upgrade to premium, which will enable you to complete complex pieces and get feedback from experts.

●    Essaymama:

This service will offer you the premium experience of being paired with a professional writer to provide genuine assistance. You work hand-in-hand with the expert to make sure the essay is going in the right direction. In addition, the blog section offers guides, tips, and free essay writing samples, which would boost one’s confidence in writing independently. 

●    Essay Forum:

This is a forum that brings hundreds of students and scholarship applicants. It is a platform where students share their frustrations and learn from applicants who were able to scale through and win grants.

●    The Readability Test-Tool:

This is a great editing tool. It is an automated tool that accesses your essay and makes sure that your paper is simple, straightforward, and convincing enough.


Are you feeling pressured and struggling with how to pull off a winning scholarship essay? This article exposes you to online tools(free and paid) that will help in fine-tuning any essay for any application. To get familiar with these essential tools, read this piece.

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