Winning Tips For Scholarship Essay Writing

Scholarship essays are one of the essential steps to winning a grant. It is the best way to give the judges some closure on the kind of applicant you are and why you’re their best bet to invest. A winning essay puts you over the top of thousands of other applicants. For this reason, we will be highlighting significant tricks for drafting an outstanding essay in this article.

Tricks For an Outstanding Essay.

As established, thousands of people are applying for a  particular scholarship grant. More often than not, judges do not have time to read an entire essay piece; thus, one of the most important factors to consider is an attention-grabbing introduction. Some other factors to consider while writing is:

Before Drafting an Essay, You Should;

  • Be sure to read the instructions and understand the essay prompt(title provided by the judges)
  • Brainstorm and jot down any points relating to the prompt
  • Be original; an essay is the chance to let your experiences and personality shine and be your unique strong point.
  • Research on past winning essays, study the patterns, and implement them.
  • Expatiate on your already jotted points.

While Writing an Essay, You Should;

  • Use an attention-catching title that addresses the essay prompt to urge the judges to keep on reading.

Example; Essay Prompt; Write on the life-changing experience that put you on your chosen career path.

Your title, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is The Book that made me a Lawyer.

  • Write a short and sweet introduction paragraph to give a clear understanding of the essay. It can also be personalized and should be straight to the point.

Example A; it is important to always weigh the consequences of any action before doing it.

B: It was 5.50 am on a Sunday, for a day that’s always planned out, wake up, pray, dress up… I was jolted out of my sweet sleep by a large explosion that seemed not too far from the family house.

From these examples, we can see that example B is the most suspense-filled opening sentence and will catch a reader’s eyes more.

Do’s and Don’ts in Essay Writing

  • DON’T go against the guidelines; write strictly according to the word count provided and the prompt given.
  • DO Use simple and straightforward words.
  • DON’T use big words to sound intelligent or brilliant; your tone should be very natural.
  • DON’T use quotes as opening sentences; this is a worn-out technique and isn’t very appreciated. Use your own words.
  • DO research on your audience to know more about their values and link them to your writing.
  • DON’T be too self-centered in writing, research, and express yourself in ways your judges will appreciate.


In this article, we have been able to highlight the importance of having a well-tailored scholarship essay. We’ve also presented Do’s and Don’ts in writing, provided examples for clarity and better understanding. Other factors to be considered are also well explained. So, if you are applying for any scholarship and looking for the best tips on writing a winning essay, this piece is all you need to achieve it.

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