$3,000 Doctorate Degree METU University Scholarship

  • Target Countries: All
  • Group: All

Host organization:

  • Scholarship Name: METU University Scholarship
  • Organization: METU University
  • Scholarship year: 2020
  • Country: Turkey
  • Organization: METU University
  • Study level: Doctorate
  • Scholarship specialty: Management, Law, Economics, Political Science
  • Grant amount: $ 3,000
  • Application deadline: December 31, 2020

Description of the award:

Applications are invited for several doctorates. and postdoc at METU with an interdisciplinary research project funded by the CER on the neolithic transition in South-West Asia.

We are looking for candidates with backgrounds in molecular biology, population genetics, anthropology, archeology and computer science.

The work will be carried out at METU, Ankara, in collaboration with Hacettepe University and major Neolithic excavations in the region, notably in Çatalhöyük and Aşıklıhöyük.

Provided that the student has successfully completed the first two semesters of an undergraduate program, excluding the preparatory period, and that his cumulative average (CGPA) places them among the top 3% of the total students undergraduate enrolled in this particular program, excluding the tdose attending Prep School classes;

  • Students who have reached an N-CGPA (Cumulative Weighted Average) in the range of 3.50 to 3.74 on the basis of a 4-point scale become eligible to receive a “merit scholarship”, which pupil at 450 TL per month, covering October, November, December and January of the following autumn semester; and February, March, April and May of the spring semester.
  • Students who have reached 3.75 or more N-CGPA on a 4-point scale become eligible to receive an excellence scholarship, which amounts to 650 TL per month, covering October, November, December and January of the semester the ‘next fall; and February, March, April and May of the spring semester.

The chair of the campus board has the discretion to make the final decision on matters such as:

  • The exact number of students who will receive a merit scholarship from tdose who meet the aforementioned eligibility criteria, in cases where the corresponding value of 3% of students enrolled in the program (excluding tdose attending Prep School classes ) is a decimal number or less tdan 2,
  • Whether to increase the scholarship quota, in cases where several candidates have reached exactly the same cumulative weighted average (GPA) and are eligible for the scholarship.

How to Apply:

Please apply via the link below.

Other Information:

For the doctoral students, the positions will be of a duration of 4 years and the students will follow the graduate studies programs METU and / or Hacettepe University. Note that the METU programs are in English.

Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Belgium Grant 2020-2021

New technologies will be your great allies in this time of studies, since you will be able to have at your disposal different applications that will help you review and improve your pronunciation and writing.

On the other hand, you can also buy a book with grammar exercises to help you with this part of the exam. In the market, you will find different options and alternatives.

As we said before, it is important that you read in English so that you learn vocabulary, grammar and all kinds of expressions that can be used. But you should also practice writing because one of the parts of the exam is about it.

To practice you can write news summaries of books or anything you can think of, as long as you have someone who can correct it, although there are also forums where you can publish them and find out if they are well or what you need to improve.

The oral part is also necessary to practice. Speak in English with people who also have this need, surely in your city there are speaking groups that meet regularly to chat and improve pronunciation and understanding. For them.

Finally, make examples of exams from other years that you will surely find on the web, even on the page of the convening agency (the most recommended), or in specialized books and that will serve as a guide to see how they have been done in previous editions and Help you improve your test preparation.

  • Scholarship year: 2020
  • Country: Belgium
  • Organization: Several organizations
  • Study level: Doctorate
  • Scholarship specialty: Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Several.
  • Grant amount: N / A
  • Deadline for Apply: March 2, 2020

Description of the award:

The Fund for Scientific Research (FWO) offers the special doctoral scholarship to candidates with high potential in Belgium.

The purpose of the special doctoral scholarship is to enable persons not employed in scientific research to complete a doctorate within one year and to obtain study leave from their current employer for this purpose.

The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) is an independent agency, which stimulates and supports revolutionary basic research in all scientific fields in the universities of the Flemish Community, including the associated research institutes.


  • Hold a diploma at least equivalent to a master’s degree after a baccalaureate and issued by the competent institutions of one of the countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
  • You are permanently employed.
  • You are not professionally involved in scientific research.
  • Whether your employer is willing to grant you temporary leave or leave without pay for 1 year. You have the right to return to work after the end of the leave.
  • You renounce any secondary activity and the associated remuneration.
  • You have not previously received an FWO scholarship (not even in part).
  • That you agree with the Research Integrity Claus

How to Apply:

  • How to apply:   You are contacting a promoter affiliated with a Flemish university who is ready to guide you as a doctoral student.
  • The promoter is invited by the FWO to write a letter of recommendation.
  • You submit your application online
  • Your application is submitted to the Interdomain Panel.
  • Link to Apply: Apply
  • Official link: https://www.fwo.be/

$18,000 Sabancı University Scholarship for Undergraduates in 2020

Are you thinking of taking a Professional Training course but your schedules make it difficult for you? Do not worry; you have a very interesting option that consists of performing the FP at a distance. From your own home, without fixed schedules and with many options when choosing the branch in which you would like to focus your future.

From Study Scholarships we have always taken this type of training into account, since it has numerous advantages to develop professionally in the future.

There are different types of Vocational Training; there are mid-level VET courses that you can take after completing your compulsory secondary education (ESO) studies. In this type of Middle Grade courses you can find a variety of branches, these can be administration, chemistry, computer science, health, and many more options that can meet your professional expectations.

You also have a Higher Degree Vocational Training; these courses can be accessed after completing high school studies or by passing a medium degree. As in the Middle Degree Vocational Training studies, in the Higher Degree studies you will also find many professional branches such as commerce and marketing, administration and management, security and environment and a long list of others to choose from.

If you do not have the necessary academic requirements to access this type of training do not worry, you can take the test of access to training cycles , as long as you have completed 17 years for a Middle Grade cycle or 19 years for a Grade cycle Higher.

How functional is Distance Professional Training?

With Distance Professional Training, you can do your studies from your home at the times you choose. Normally you access an online FP platform where you can find the contents to carry out your studies and you will be given the dates of the official exams which you will have to do in person.

Scholarship Details

Target Countries: All

Group: All

Scholarship Name: Sabancı University Scholarship

Organization: Sabancı University

Scholarship year: 2020

Country: Turkey

Organization: Sabancı University

Study level: Undergraduate Degree

Course specialty: Economics, Management, IT, Law

Scholarship amount: $ 18,000

Application deadline: August 1, 2020

Description of the award:

There is always a possibility of winning scholarships for international students at Sabancı University.

Each international candidate who applies to Sabanci University is evaluated for a scholarship when he fulfills the required conditions.

However, keep in mind that the number of scholarships is limited at all levels and that the competition is fierce.

Thus, certain notes do not guarantee specific scholarship levels. Once your application is completed, our scholarship committee will assess your application and respond to you.

How to Apply:

Please apply via the link below.

Link to Apply: Apply

Official link: http://www.sabanciuniv.edu/

$120,000 Scholarship University Of Sherbrooke Canada 2020-2021

Target Countries: All countries

Eligible Candidates: All groups

Scholarship Name: DFATD Scholarship

Host: University of Sherbrooke

Scholarship year: 2020

Country: Canada

Organization: University of Sherbrooke

Scholarship specialty: Management, Law, Politics, Social Sciences, Economics, Human Sciences

Study level: Undergrad, Master.

Scholarship amount: $120,000

Application deadline: March 1, 2020

Description of the award:

Presentation University of Sherbrooke The Université de Sherbrooke is made up of eight faculties (law, management school, education, engineering, letters and humanities, medicine and health sciences, science, physical activity sciences) and three university centers (studies of religious, enriching research training, environmental training and sustainable development).

It has three campuses, two of which are located in Sherbrooke. The main campus, located at the foot of Mont John-S.-Bourque, brings together the management of the establishment, the departments and most of the faculties. All units linked to health fields are gathered on a campus located in the east of the city. The third campus is located in Longueuil, at a metro station in Montreal.

The University also offers its medical program in Saguenay (Quebec) and Moncton (New Brunswick) thanks to partnerships with the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and the University of Moncton.

The Université de Sherbrooke is a pioneer in cooperative education. The reputation of excellence of the University of Sherbrooke is also based on its research activities, which have led to major discoveries.

Duration of scholarships – Associates can commence their research or studies no earlier than August 2020 and no later than February 2021.

How to Apply

Application process Obligations of candidate students: apply for the program of their choice at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Candidate undergraduates are encouraged to indicate their interest in obtaining a Canada Study Grant with their application for admission.

Ensure that all the conditions of eligibility for the study program and the establishment of their choice are met; make sure to submit all the required supporting documents, within the necessary deadlines.

The Student Grant in Canada program is open to students from all fields of study.

Obligations of Canadian institutions: submit a request on behalf of the candidate by submitting an online request form and uploading all supporting documents before the deadline:

  • Institutions may submit more than one request and may be asked to rank these requests according to their strategic priorities;
  • Designate a single person responsible for administering the program; Notify faculties or staff members submitting a request and inform the person designated by the institution responsible for administering the program, as they may be called upon to prioritize requests. 
  • The size of each document must be less than 5 MB to ensure the download of the request.
  • Proof of citizenship/identity: A copy of the applicant’s valid ID or official identity document. NOTE: Driver’s license, permanent resident card, student card or baptismal certificates are not admissible proof of citizenship. The nation/place of origin/residence selected in the online application form must be the same as the country/region designated in the proof of citizenship/identity.
  • Letter of intent from the institution: A letter, in French or in English, from the Canadian institution stating: I.) the reasons justifying the request for the candidate.

Refer to the “Selection Process” section for more info on the criteria for evaluating applications.

Conditional letter of admission: the Canadian institution must attach a certificate of receipt by the candidate of a confirmation of conditional admission to the study program.

Study plan of the proposed candidate: A study plan prepared by the establishment setting out the study program proposed to the candidate for all the semesters that will be spent in Canada. In the case of students admitted to a two-year program, the plan must specify the activities proposed for the spring-summer term.

CV of the proposed candidate: The curriculum vitae of the proposed candidate, stating their qualifications.

Budget: the institution must submit a clear and detailed budget, explaining the extent to which the scholarship will cover eligible expenses (i.e., tuition, health care, transportation, etc.).

Confidentiality Declaration: A copy of the Confidentiality Statement.

Canadian institutions are advised to set an earlier due date with applicants to receive supporting documents on time.

Email: scholarships-info-bourses@international.gc.ca

Link to Apply: Apply

Official Link: https://www.usherbrooke.ca/

$10,000 Eastern Mediterranean University Turkey Scholarship 2020-2021

The First is an English certificate that is required in several selection processes to access scholarships, certain studies … It is the minimum level to communicate and understand in English and it is possible to prepare it without having to attend an academy if your economy does not Lets get these services.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for this exam. First of all, perseverance and responsibility, since you must devote at least two hours a day. The test has several phases: Reading, Use of English, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

The first of all you have to do is read and see everything you can in English , that is, series, movies, programs, books, web pages … So that this language is introduced in your day to day in the most natural way possible.

You can also listen to the radio in English through an online station that you can access. Or go a few months to work as an au pair to another place. It is about getting used to the ear since you may not understand almost anything at first but if you take it as usual, you will notice progress.

Description of the award:

The Eastern Mediterranean Oriental University announces that a number of full and partial scholarships will be offered to foreign students to pursue graduate or master’s programs or specializations offered by the university for the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Scholarship year: 2019
  • Country: Turkey
  • Organization: Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Grant level: Undergraduate, Master, Doctorate
  • Eligible Course of study: All courses offered by the host institution
  • Grant amount: $10,000
  • Deadline to Apply: September 30, 2020

In accordance with the requirements of the Eastern Mediterranean University  in terms of scholarships and cost reduction, the following criteria must be met: Doctoral scholarships: 100% or two scholarships are available for 50% of new international students and citizens Turkish (separately) who have a minimum GPA of 3.00 to 4.00 or the equivalent.

The Eastern Mediterranean Oriental University announces that a number of full and partial scholarships will be offered to foreign students to pursue graduate or master’s programs or specializations offered by the university for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Master scholarships: 100% scholarship and 50% subsidy to Turkish citizens who will be enrolled in the program for the first time with a minimum of the MPC 3.00 from 4.00 or equivalent.

Master scholarships for international students: A large number of scholarships are available for 50% of international students. English language requirements: for master’s programs taught in English and for all doctoral programs (in English and Turkish), proof of English proficiency is required.

How to Apply:

Please apply via the link below

Official link: http://www.emu.edu.tr/