7 scholarships for Djibouti to study in Canada in 2022

Written by Michael Nz. on February 16, 2022

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A study in Canada Scholarships for Djibouti students, African students, and students from developing countries are available red hot. Whether it’s for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate, studying in Canada can be capital intensive and exhausting.

But with good academic grades and little experience or exposure, you may only qualify for one of the many studies in Canada scholarships for Djibouti students. Take note of the deadlines for upcoming and ongoing scholarships in this article, as the early application is one of the keys to winning scholarships.

Just for the record, you may be interested to know that the number of international students studying in Canada exceeds the 450,000 competition with the number of international students in the United States, and this is a number that is constantly growing.

Many of these students are choosing Canada over other developed countries because of the tons of scholarship opportunities available, and some other advantages that studying in Canada can offer you as an international student.

It goes without saying that people who study in Canada receive a high-quality, globally recognized education, equipping them for professional pursuits in Canada or elsewhere.

However, despite the fact that the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are expensive, it is quite considerable, because it is a developed country. These study scholarships in Canada will reduce the financial voodoo and you will pass smoothly. Funny, right?

List of scholarships for Djibouti to study in Canada

Having made the decision to continue his studies, I think he will pay his fees. Although one of the challenges people face when it comes to studying in Canada is paying their fees.

However, you don’t have to worry because some organizations are taking care of that. In fact, they are making sure to provide Djiboutian aspirants with a quality education by providing financial aid and scholarships to study both at home and abroad.

below is the list of scholarships for Djibouti to study in Canada

#1. McGill University Canada Scholarships – MasterCard Foundation for African Students

McGill University in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation will offer Full Study Canada Scholarships to Masters students from Djibouti and Africa in general through the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program in Canada.

Extended: Deadline of your chosen program, but no later than February 4th annually.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Djiboutian students, African students, and other international students from sub-Saharan African countries. Organized by the McGill University of Canada.

Level/Field of Study: All Master’s students am any study program

Scholarship Worth: MasterCard Foundation Scholars studying at McGill will receive a comprehensive set of financial aids to cover tuition, accommodation, and other sets of financial packages.

Application Link

#2. University of Toronto MasterCard Foundation Scholarships African Students – Canada

Students from Djibouti and international students from Africa who have expressly demonstrated their academic talent are personally committed to giving back, but face significant economic barriers, are invited to apply for this study in Canada scholarships.

They are invited to apply to the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program so they can continue their post-secondary studies.

Deadline: December 10 annually.

 Level/Field of Study: This study in Canada for international scholarships is for first-entry undergraduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences or College of Applied Sciences and Engineering or in any related discipline.

Scholarship Worth: These scholarships for international students to study in Canada cover travel, tuition, textbooks, room, board, and living expenses with other incentives.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: Hosted at the University of Toronto in Canada. For students from Djibouti and other African countries.

#3. University of British Columbia MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for African Students

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is a $500 million initiative to aid and assist young people, especially from Djibouti, African countries, in a bid to lead change through education.

The Canada-based University of British Columbia will partner with the African Student Movements MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program to provide study in Canada scholarships for students.

Deadlines: Varies but closes November 9 annually.

Host/Eligibility Nationality:   Master Foundation Study in Canada scholarships in collaboration with Canadian universities. For Djibouti and students, African students in Canada.

Level / Fields of study :

  • Master of Science
  • Master of Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Forestry
  • Master in Sustainable Forest Management
  • Master of International Forestry
  • Science Faculty
  • Master of Data Science
  • Master in Geomatics for Environmental Management
  • Faculty of Earth and Food Systems
  • Master in Food and Resource Economics
  • Master of Food Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Earth and Water Systems
  • Education Faculty
  • Master of Administration and Educational Leadership
  • Master of Higher Education

Scholarship Value: These are international students. Scholarships to study in Canada travel, tuition, textbooks, housing, food, and living expenses with other incentives.

#4. University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of British Columbia study in Canada International Leader of tomorrow Scholarships recognizes Djiboutian students, African students, and other international students who demonstrate superior academic achievement, frontier skills, participation in student-related activities, and service community, the recognized achievement of international students in fields of activity related to the performing arts, sports, creative writing or external academic competitions and examinations.

Deadline: 1st December, Annually

Host/Eligibility Nationality:  These scholarships for international students are located in Canada and are open to students from Djibouti, African students, and other international communities.

Level/Fields of Study: Open to undergraduate students in the mentioned field of study.

Scholarship Worth: This study in Canada scholarships covers the costs of tuition, fees, and costs of living.

#5. University of Alberta Centennial Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students in Canada

These scholarships for international students, or simply scholarships to study in Canada, help Djibouti students and other African students with a study permit with superior academic performance when entering the first year of a bachelor’s program at the University of Alberta in Canada.

Selection based on academic level and African students must display good leadership qualities based on participation in extracurricular and community activities in and out of school.

Deadline: 11:59 pm MST December 18th annually.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: They host this university in Canada and are open to Djiboutian students, African students, and other international students.

Level/Fields of Study: This scholarship is for international students to study in Canada scholarships for undergraduates in an accredited field of study.

Value of the Scholarship: They offer no less than $20,000.

#6. ACI Foundation International Scholarships in USA and Canada for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

ACI Foundation offers a number of international students study abroad scholarships and undergraduate study in Canada scholarship opportunities for Djibouti students, African students.

Above all, the ACI Foundation awards this scholarship annually to help students with financial needs who have an interest in achieving their tertiary education and career goals.

The international student must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student as required by the university or institution during the award year.

Deadline: 1st November annually

Level/Fields of Study: You must be enrolled in Structural Design, Materials, Construction at an undergraduate or postgraduate level of study.

Host/Eligibility Nationality: This international student scholarship is located in Canada and is open to Djibouti students, African students, and other international communities.

Scholarship Value: Full academic funding for the winning year.

#7. Margaret McNamara Educational Grants (MMEG) Scholarships for Women from Developing Countries to Study in the US and Canada

The Margaret McNamara Educational Scholarships (MMEG) provide study in Canada, scholarships, and international scholarships for Djiboutian students, African students, and students from developing countries to help them further their education and strengthen their leadership skills to improve the lives of women and the little ones in isolation. Africa and developing countries

Host/Eligibility Nationality: This is an individual Honorary Award in Canada and the United States. For Djiboutian students, African students, and students from developing countries.

Level/Field of Study: Any field of study can apply, including any post-secondary student in Canada

Scholarship Worth: They offer $15,000 per scholarship recipient.

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