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Written by Stuart Ray on August 16, 2023

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Finland being one of the top places in education and furthering an educated career, it seems easy enough to know that the country has multiple available scholarships.

As a matter of fact, the Finnish higher education institutions across the country offer a range of scholarship options for those who are both non-EU/EEA students and EU/EEA students. All who are required to pay tuition fees to some extent. However, students should apply for the scholarship from the university at the same time they wish to apply for admission for a Finnish university.

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    1. Finland offers many great opportunities for students of business and management seeking scholarship support. Although it may take some effort to find the right scholarship, there are ample resources available for international students from Nepal who are looking to pursue a degree program in Finland.

      The first place you should start is by visiting the websites of universities in Finland that offer programs in the field of business or management. These institutions provide information about their specific scholarships, which could be perfect for your situation. Also keep an eye out for any government-funded grants and other external scholarships that could help you fund your studies at a Finnish university of applied sciences or a higher education institution such as Aalto University or University of Helsinki.

      In addition, there are numerous non-profit organizations that provide international student assistance as well as private foundations that award grants specifically designed to promote educational advancement among disadvantaged groups like those from Nepal. Be sure to check out Fulbright Finland, The British Council’s Chevening Scholarships Programme, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees and The Finnish Cultural Foundation just to name few.

      You may also want to consider applying directly with individual Finnish companies offering internship opportunities or company-sponsored degrees in the field of business and management specifically aimed at Nepalese students like FinnPartnership’s Education Collaboration Program (ECP). Successful applicants can receive full tuition remission plus stipend support so make sure you look into this option if applicable.

      Finally, it might also be beneficial for you to network with alumni from your home country who have already pursued an education abroad in Finland as they often possess valuable insight on how best prepare yourself financially when planning on attending a foreign university requiring substantial investment upfront without immediate repayment option available upon graduation . Good luck!

      1. Laura Kaomara, from Solomon Islands, should complete, bachelor in Business Enter premium at Solomon Island National University

      2. I want to have a scholarship in MBA, I should completed my Bachelor of Business entrepremium at Solomon Island National University, next year, and also I want to attended and educated at Finland University, which are well recognized around the globe

    2. Hi there my name is Lesedi Chitja I need help fully funded scholarship to further my studies in bussines sector I would really appreciate if I can get help

  1. I’m very delighted to hear from you soon,
    Thank to everybody for their great donation to this program

    1. i may offer all what i had saved in order to achieve in veterinary medicine, is there any university having the program please

    2. Finland it’s most dreamed county for many student because it’s developed country and special culture in the most of them it has special security and global communication.

  2. I pray to be one of selected candidate I have heard alot about this school its my wish to be one the student at this university

    1. Pursuing a degree in electrical engineering power can be an extremely rewarding and challenging journey. It has the potential for great personal and professional fulfillment, but can also come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make sure that you receive full funding if you wish to pursue your BTech in electrical engineering power.

      The first option is to take advantage of any grants or scholarships available through both government programs and private organizations. Many of these programs have specific requirements, such as academic excellence or need-based financial aid, so it’s important to do some research on where you might qualify for funding. Additionally, don’t be afraid to reach out directly to the schools or companies offering them; often times they’ll provide more information about their criteria and how best to apply for grants/scholarships specifically designed for students pursuing degrees related to engineering power.

      Another way you can find full funding is by taking on student loans from banks or other lenders who offer loan products designed specifically for students who are looking into financing their college education costs. While this isn’t ideal due to repayment terms once school ends (unless managed appropriately) it is typically one of the most popular ways individuals look into acquiring funds since credit scores are rarely taken into consideration when applying for student loans; just make sure you fully understand what type of loan product will work best based off your current financial situation .

      Finally, many employers offer tuition reimbursement options which could potentially cover all or part of the cost associated with attending college/pursuing higher education degrees like BTech in electrical engineering power – so definitely keep an eye out at places near where you live! Typically these require employees stay up-to date in terms compliance with company guidelines but could be a worthwhile benefit depending on your job role(s).

      In conclusion, there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes down onto finding a way pay towards earning your Btech degree – however by doing some research ahead time and reaching out directly via sources like schools & companies may present lucrative opportunities which have the potential cover most if not all expenses related towards pursuing Electrical Engineering Power degree program. Best of luck!

  3. I am actually hoping and praying 🙏 that I should be one of the selected candidates to study in one of those universities in Finland 🇫🇮

    1. Pursuing an international scholarship for a bachelor’s degree is an exciting prospect and can open up many doors of opportunity. An international scholarship can cover your tuition fees, living expenses, books, and travel costs associated with studying abroad.

      In order to pursue an international scholarship, you should start by researching your options thoroughly. Most universities offer several types of scholarships for both local and foreign students. You may also want to consider visiting the websites of government institutions in your home country or countries that are looking to attract foreign talent such as the United States Department of Education or UK’s Chevening Scholarships Program as they usually provide generous scholarships designed specifically for foreign students wanting study in their respective countries. Additionally, there are numerous private organizations who offer grants and awards that could help you fund your studies abroad alongside university-based scholarships programs

      It is important that you explore all available sources when researching about funding opportunities since different sources often have different eligibility criteria dependent on factors such as nationality, academic performance or financial need. It would help if you made sure to read through each program’s policies carefully before applying so that you know exactly what requirements must be met in order to apply successfully

      Finally once you’ve determined which scholarships best suit your circumstances it pays off greatly if put considerable effort into writing powerful applications whether it is online via email etc The truth is it won’t be easy getting a scholarship however having a compelling application could just make the difference between success and failure! Good luck!!

  4. Hi, I am a divorcee and a mother of one daughter. She has completed her undergraduate and is looking at studying in abroad. She wants to take up Business management / Digital Marketing. Can you suggest any good universities that offer these courses with full scholarship.

    1. Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming educational journey!

      Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity for both personal and professional development. There are many great universities around the world that offer Business Management/Digital Marketing courses with full or partial scholarships. Here are just a few examples of some excellent options:

      1) University of Oxford: Oxford offers an MBA in Financial Strategy & Digital Transformation, which is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to become successful business leaders in the digital age. Depending on academic merit, applicants may be eligible for either a full or partial scholarship towards their tuition fees.

      2) McGill University: This renowned Canadian university offers an MBA in Digital Transformation & Innovation which helps students gain expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and data analytics to prepare them for leadership roles in today’s ever-changing tech landscape. The program provides several financial assistance options including need-based aid, merit awards and external scholarships/grants from government agencies like Education New Zealand Student Awards (ENZSA).

      3) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU): LMU’s Digital Transformation MBA focuses heavily on developing technical skills such as computer science, data analysis, AI engineering and robotics engineering while also providing interdisciplinary insights into marketing strategy and management theory. Through its generous Bavarian Scholarship Program (BSF), qualified international students may receive 100% coverage of their tuition fees up to €20 000 per year depending on availability of funds.

      4) Witten/Herdecke University : This university is home to one of Europe’s best International Master’s Programs in General Management & Digital Transformation – offering full scholarships for all accepted applicants! The program integrates topics from social sciences together with digital media management and IT technologies so that students can explore cutting-edge business topics within an international learning environment .

      No matter which university you decide on taking up these courses at , each one will provide you with invaluable skillsets combined with unique perspectives into the field of business management . With this combination , your daughter will be well prepared for success !

  5. I’m Omar Sorra, a fresh graduate from secondary school and I’m looking for fully funded international scholarship to further my education.

  6. I’ve always wanted an opportunity like this,but each time apply,I’m not taken but I hope for the best this time.

  7. I want to study law there but i need full scholarship to succedd there please help me in that

      1. I need a fully funded scholarship In Irrigation at PhD level or Joint Master in Mining Engineering. I already have had an Irrigation Master degree from Florence, Italy.

  8. I am doctor yaqoob Afghan from kabull Afghanistan I am MD in Afghanistan from shikh Zayed University of khost I can speak by 6 loungouge

  9. Hello Noce to meet you I would love to get this big opportunity.thank you u give me. And I will learn by hardly and active.

  10. Halo i am Ann looking for a fully funded scholarship to study a degree in law or atleast a masters in Education

  11. It has been a pleasure for me to be part of this wonderful platform. There has been a lot of challenges in the community I live and the country as a whole, people having been challenged by poor policy implementation which affect their well being. I will be pleased if you guide me as to how to get Finland scholarship program in the field of Economics and leadership.

    1. Hi. Maybe a fully funded scholarship could help you then. Please search for a fully funded scholarship on our website.

  12. Hi am favour I am a secondary school graduate I have been applying for a fully funded scholarship to further my education

  13. Hello
    I’m a potential student that jut graduated from high school with an excellent school equivalent to 92% and I’m looking for fully or mostly founded scholarships for international students to study medicine and health science do you have any to suggest??

  14. Am requesting for funds to pay for my tuition fees at Fastline institute Namugongo ,to finish my Diploma in Education.

    1. Hi Joy, we don’t offer directly funds like that. We are not charity organization. What we can offer you is information on fully funded scholarships that can offer you funds for your education, if they approve you.

  15. Hello! Positive changes is what we need in World, and you’re doing a great job with this innovate education system, Most of the School around the World are just creating Robot’s instead of explore the real capacities of the student. That’s why I really want make part of this Chang with the opportunity to study in Finland.

  16. I’m Nattabi Winnie from Uganda Kampala l come from a very poor family, l need an optunity for a more study from a government of Finland thanks.

  17. I would like to study Master or PhD in Finland with fully funded scholarship. MD Endocrinology or MSc Endocrinology and Diabetes or MSc Diabetes or PhD in Public Health. After completion of course i would like to work in Finland forever

    1. Congratulations on your decision to pursue an advanced degree in Finland! Finland is known for its incredible academic environment and world-class universities, not to mention the abundance of scholarship opportunities available.

      To begin, you should start by researching funding options that are specific to your chosen area of study and educational institution. There are numerous scholarships offered specifically for international students in Finland which can cover tuition fees, living expenses, language course fees as well as health insurance coverage costs. These include the Erasmus+ Scholarships from the European Commission, the Fulbright Student Program from the US Department of State as well as other national fellowships such as CIMO scholarships from Finland. Additionally, both individual universities and organizations offer their own unique funding opportunities so it’s best to research these further in order to determine what is available at your chosen institution or organization.

      Another option would be to look into gainful employment arrangements that may allow you to simultaneously complete a Master’s or PhD while also working full time within Finnish industry. Erasmus+ offers additional traineeship programs focused on work placements throughout Europe including some excellent options here for international students in Finland seeking paid employment during their studies such as one with Mariannan University. Programs like this often grant stipends allowing participants more control over their living situation and schedule outside of pure academics while providing access to meaningful work experience during their studies without financial stressors hanging overhead.

      Lastly, if an extended stay in Finland is required following completion of a Master’s or PhD program there may be long-term residency arrangements applicable based upon qualifications met during prior studies that allow foreign citizens permanent resident status depending upon circumstances – such specific queries however will need consulting directly with immigration officials through embassies located abroad prior travelling overseas where possible since immigration law is constantly subject change without much notice given ahead of time

      Overall choosing a career path involving higher education here carries many potential benefits inducing but not limited dynamic culture exchange opportunities between locally based peers along with gaining access towards richer resources available within Finnish society making it an attractive proposition all around given generous scholarship support outlined above giving everyone greater opportunity participate across disciplines than just within medical sciences mentioned earlier – good luck!

    1. The best way to get a master degree scholarship is to be as prepared and proactive as possible. Start by researching different organizations and funding sources that offer scholarships for masters degrees, including government bodies, professional organizations, foundations, universities and community-based groups. After you’ve identified the types of scholarships out there and narrowed down your list of potential programs, take the time to identify how each one works. For example, some will require you to write an essay or create a project presentation in order to be considered while others may involve taking part in rounds of interviews or submitting two letters of recommendation from prior teachers or employers. Make sure you understand all the requirements before applying so that you can devote your energy into submitting a competitive application package.

      To increase your chances at getting accepted for a master degree scholarship program, it’s important to have strong academic records from previous educational experiences. If possible try taking classes outside of university such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which are available free online through websites like Coursera or edX which can help boost your credentials on paper when competing with other applicants who may already possess higher level qualifications than yourself. Finally don’t forget about seeking advice from experienced mentors who might know firsthand about specific plants available within your field of study – just make sure they have knowledge related only to obtaining scholarships because some may give bad information that could damage future opportunities if followed blindly!

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