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Honduras is known for their many yet incredibly education forward Catholic Universities. Students that are focused on certain studies may find that a Catholic University happens to have exactly what they are looking for, when it comes to subject field study.

Universities in Honduras:

  • The National Autonomous University of Honduras
  • The Central American Technological University
  • Pan American Agricultural School
  • The University of San Pedro Sula USAP
  • Technology University of Honduras
  • National School of Forestry Sciences
  • The National University of Agriculture
  • Catholic University of Honduras, Santiago Apostol
  • Catholic University of Honduras, Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Catholic University of Honduras, God the Holy Spirit
  • Technological University of Honduras, Siguatepeque
  • Technological University of Honduras, Puerto Cortes
  • Catholic University of Honduras, Santa Clara
  • Catholic University of Honduras El Tabor
  • Catholic University of Honduras, San Isidro
  • Technological University of Honduras, Santa Barbara
  • Catholic University of Honduras, Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • Catholic University of Honduras, San Jose

We will take a quick look at what academics The National Autonomous University of Honduras has available for students to sign up for:

  • Art
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Social work
  • Social sciences
  • Language studies
  • Cultural studies
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Health sciences
  • Technology

Student Cost of Living

What can students expect when it comes to living in Honduras? We will break down what a few necessities can come out to price wise.

Rent is typically around 100-200 USD per month. This also depends on how far away or close a student lives near a downtown point. Because if a student does decide to live in a city’s downtown located area, they can expect to pay more in rent.

It is a general requirement that a student receives some form of student healthcare, and this is a month-to-month investment. Students can expect to pay anywhere from 50, 75, 150 USD per month.

Both groceries and eating at restaurants are normally pretty affordable, some full meals at a restatement located in the country can only cost $5 or less.

When it comes to being able to budget correctly, students should have around $1,000 USD to pay month to month for all daily necessities, transportation and accommodation.

Cost of Tuition

How much does a student need to pay per semester when it comes to studying in Honduras? Students should budget for spending about $1,500 USD per semester when they are studying in this country.

Some tuitions here can cost up to $10,000 USD per semester but it depends on what that subject may be. Master’s programs can be as much as $2,500 USD each semester. And it’s the postgraduate or doctorate semesters that can cost a near $10,000 USD.

Languages Spoken in Honduras

There are up to 10 languages spoken throughout the country of Honduras. While this is a report from 2019, this number has most likely changes to a higher number of different languages that are currently spoken or used throughout the country.

With Spanish being the prime and main language, students can expect to hear Miskitu, Pech, Garifuna, Sumo, Jicaque, Armenian, Turkish, Yue Chinese, Creole English, or Castilian Spanish.

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