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Why it comes to studying in the country of Guatemala, many do not know that the education system and work study programs are rich in history. We will cover tuition costs, cost of student living, and what universities are available as both private and public institutions. We will also cover what languages are spoken in Guatemala and what students can do to better acquaint themselves to the countries native and cultural landscape.

Universities in Guatemala:

  • San Carlos University
  • Francisco Marroquín University
  • Rafael Landivar University
  • Galileo University
  • Mariano Gálvez University of Guatemala
  • Pan American University of Guatemala
  • University of the Isthmus
  • Loyola Business School for the Americas Mesoamerican University, Quetzaltenango
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala
  • Rafael Landivar University, Zacapa
  • National School of Plastic Arts
  • Rafael Landívar University, Quetzaltenango

There are many colleges in Guatemala that most international students do not know that exist, however, we are here to update every student on the possibility of studying in Guatemala.

All of these universities have excellent classes taught in Spanish and international students will be able to benefit from the numerous free Spanish speaking programs and courses. All students should check their classes to ensure they are taught either in Spanish or English before signing up.

Cost of Living for Students

Guatemala may actually seem a bit more on the expensive side when it comes to living off of campus. A student can expect to need a budget around $600 USD for just groceries and daily needs. This does not include rent. Students can expect rent to be around $400-$500 USD depending on the area. Some of this expense is based on where the student lives and how long they will need to use transportation to get to their college.

Tuition Cost and Expectance

For the University of the Valley of Guatemala, their annual tuition is around $5,000. This means that each semester is roughly around $2,500.  Also, this $5,000 amount is for both undergraduates up to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

However, the language classes in Guatemala are way cheaper if a student choose to study in this country for its native languages. Also, the universities will give international students a great percentage off of tuition if they do choose to pursue a language degree.

Languages Spoken in Guatemala

What languages are spoken in Guatemala? The top 3 most common languages are Spanish, K’iche’ and, Q’eqchi’. Other languages spoken are Kaqchikel, Mam, Poqomchi’, Tz’utujil Achi, Kanjobal, Ixil, Akatek, Jakaltek, Chuj, Poqomam, Ch’orti’, and many many more. Studnets will be surprise to find out how many languages are spoken in this diverse country.

Now, students would better benefit from their stay in Guatemala if they started learning one of the top five languages that are shown above. This will greatly improve their stay as well as, there time spent walking through various cities. It is fairly cheap to travel from one city to the next in this country, and individuals who are interested in archelogy and history will be able to become part of work-study programs to go on research digs.

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