The German Development Bank Scholarship for International Students – Guatamela 2023

Written by Michael Nz. on July 27, 2022

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Scholarship details

  • Area of study

    Aerospace, Agriculture and Related Sciences, American History, American Jewish History, American Literature, Construction Trades, Corporate Law, Creative Writing, Curatorial Studies, Dance, Democracy, Earth Science, Ecology, Maritime Studies, Marketing, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Mathematics, Mechanics and Repairers, Medicine
  • Country of the Scholarship

  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $3000 - $5000
  • Type of scholarship administrator

    Private sponsor
  • Mode of scholarship (Online/Offline)

  • Applier's country

  • Expenses covered

  • Scholarship Contact Details

    German Development Bank (Kreditanstalt Für Wiederaufbau – KfW) Address: Palmengartenstrasse 5-9 Frankfurt Am Main, 60325, Germany (Germany) Rafael Landívar University Central Campus Address: Cdad. de Guatemala 01016, Guatemala Telephone: +502 2426 2626 FACILITIES AND CONTACTS OF THE RAFAEL LANDÍVAR UNIVERSITY CENTRAL CAMPUS PBX: 2426-2626Vista Hermosa III, Zone 16, Guatemala City, Central America 01016 QUETZALTENANGO CAMPUS PBX: 7722-990014 Avenida 0-43 , Zone 3 LA VERAPAZ CAMPUS PBX: 7720-8300km 218.5, Road To San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz HUEHUETENANGO CAMPUS PBX: 7720-840011 Avenida 1-10 Corral Chiquito, Zone 8, Huehuetenango QUICHÉ CAMPUS PBX: 7963-8500km 166.9, El Carmen Chitatul Village, Santa Cruz Del Quiché, Road To Joyabaj ZACAPA CAMPUS Telephone: 7720-8100km 3, Manzanotes Zacapa Village HEADQUARTERS OF THE OLD PBX: 7931-4300Pasaje Rubio Núm. 1, Highway To San Bartolomé Becerra, Antigua Guatemala ESCOINTLA HEADQUARTERS Telephone: 7889-9866 / 7889-4277Km. 1.5, Finca El Salto 00-14 Highway, Los Voladores Canton, Escuintla, Escuintla. JUTIAPA HEADQUARTERS Telephone: 7844-1313 / 7844-39781.a Avenida 5-35, Zona 1, Barrio Central, Jutiapa Campus De Huehuetenango Scholarship Tutor: Lic. Marvin Cifuentes PBX: (502) 7720-8400, Ext.: 7813 E-mail: [email protected] La Verapaz Campus Scholarship Tutor: Lcda. Elvira Bá PBX: (502) 7720-8324, Ext.: 7624 E-mail: [email protected] El Quiché Campus Scholar Tutor : Lic. Miguel Vicente Tiu PBX: (502) 7963-8500, Ext.: 7709 E-mail: [email protected] Zacapa Campus Tutor For Scholars: Lcda. Gabriela Chang PBX: (502) 7720-8102 E-mail: [email protected] Jutiapa Campus Tutor Of Scholarship Recipients: Lic. Abel García Medrano PBX: (502) 7844-1313, Ext.: 7508 E-mail: Becasjutiapa@url Trifinio Region Candidates Tutor Of Trifinio Region Scholars Lcda. consolation War Telephone: (502) 5468-3700 E-mail: [email protected] Honduras Lic. Edwin Eduardo Chinchilla Territorial Coordinator Telephone: (504) 9983-7832 E-mail: [email protected] El Salvador Ing. Omar Alas Bonilla Territorial Office Coordinator Telephone: (503) 7101-6781 E-mail: [email protected] Guatemala Ing. William Oswaldo Espina Figueroa Territorial Coordinator Telephone: (502) 7943-1581 E-mail: [email protected] Locations OTHER CONTACTS IN THE FOREIGN The Savior. Ing. Omar Alas Bonilla Territorial Office Coordinator. Telephone: (503) 7101-6781 Email: [email protected] Honduras. attorney Edwin Eduardo Chinchilla Territorial Coordinator. Telephone: (504) 9983 7832 Email: [email protected] Guatemala. Ing. William Oswaldo Espina Figueroa Coordinator. Territorial. Telephone: (502) 7943-1581 Email: [email protected]

The German scholarship for URL development – KfW III Trifinio is a scholarship program financed with funds from the German government, through the German Development Bank – KfW- executed through the Rafael Landívar University and the Trinational Commission of the Trifinio Plan, aimed at students with excellent academic performance and who need financial support to carry out their university studies.
Salvadorans and Hondurans: per diem support to travel or reside in Guatemala during their studies.
Books, tutorials and other necessary support to complete the studies according to the economic situation of the student and available funds from the project.
Information on the municipalities of the region

This student grant addressed to young people who come from the Trifinio Region (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) or from the departments of Chiquimula, El Progreso and Zacapa.

1. University Technician in Agricultural Productivity
2. University Technician in Agricultural Productivity
3. University Technician in Business Administration
4. University Technician in International Trade
5. Degree in Business Administration
6. Degree in Public Accounting and Auditing
7 Degree in Marketing
8. Degree in Marketing
9. University Technician in Nursing with Primary Care Orientation
10. Degree in Nutrition
11. University Technician in Forensic Criminal Investigation
12. University Technician in Social Work Degree in Public Management and Territorial Development
13. High School Teachers in Bilingual Intercultural Education
14. High School Teachers in Pedagogy and Psychology
15. Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management and Territorial Development High School Teachers in Bilingual Intercultural Education
16. High School Teachers in Pedagogy and Psychology
17. Teachers in Secondary Education with a Specialty in Mathematics and Physics
18. Degree in Psychology
19. Degree in Industrial Engineering
20. Degree in Administrative Civil Engineering

What benefits do the German scholarships for development URL – KfW III Trifinio offer?

1. Semester registration / Monthly study fees
2. Personalized accompaniment by a tutor for scholarship holders

What are the requirements to achieve one of the German scholarships for URL development – KfW III Trifinio?

1. Graduated from high school or in the process of graduating in 2022.
2. Belong to a family with limited economic resources.
3. Have an average equal to or greater than 80 pts.
4. Women and men of various ethnic groups, aged between 18 to 40 years.
5. From different municipalities of Guatemala and the Trifinio region.
6. Desirable to have leadership and/or projection in the area where you live.
7. Study at the campuses and careers covered by the program: Huehuetenango, La Verapaz, Quiché, Zacapa and Jutiapa
8. High commitment to complete their studies
9. Make it their first university career

How do I apply?

1. You must enter the portal and record the information requested by the form (see steps on page 4)
2. When you enter information, do not forget to record the data constantly, so that when you need to exit the portal and continue entering data in another moment, you can do it and not lose the information.
3. In the final part of the application, after completing the entry of the information, you must upload the documents that will be mentioned below. If you do NOT have all the COMPLETE paperwork, the form will NOT be received.
4. The scholarship may not be awarded to candidates who do not meet the profile or requirements of the program, are a relative of a person who works at URL or Trifinio Plan, have or have had a relative who has benefited from a KFW scholarship, video cannot be watched or provide incomplete or different information to reality.

What documents do I need?

1. Recent photograph of the applicant. You must upload your passport-type photograph, where your face can be seen well and is vertical. You can take it with a cell phone and you will need to save it as a JPG
1.1 file. Full body, group, blurred or non-recent photos will not be allowed.
2. The documents mentioned below must be scanned as a PDF file, legible and vertical so that you can upload them to the portal in the corresponding section. Don’t forget that double-sided documents must be scanned from both sides into a single PDF document; the same will apply to those that are made up of several pages or sheets.
3. Annex “A” must be signed by the educational establishment where you attended or attended diversified. The document can be filled out and signed digitally or it can be filled out by machine or pen, taking care that there are no strikethroughs, corrector, or blank information.
4. If the establishment cannot sign the annex, upload a document explaining the situation and contact the scholarship tutor of the campus or location where you will study.
5. Qualifications Certificate of qualifications of the diversified level (Guatemala) or Middle or High School education (El Salvador and Honduras). If you are still studying and graduate in 2022, you must submit your final grades of 3rd. Basic and diversified or secondary education from previous years, as well as a 2022 report card up to the corresponding unit when the application is submitted.
6. If you have diplomas, certificates, or academic awards you can attach them to your application.
7. Proof of payment (receipt, deposit, etc.) corresponding to the last study fee paid by the educational establishment. If you graduated in 2021 or in previous years and do not have a copy of the payment slip, upload a document explaining the situation and contact the scholarship guardian
8. Proof of income of the parents, applicant, and/or the people who support the household. Proof must have a maximum of 3 months from the date of issue.
9. If the applicant and/or her family works in a company, institution or for another person, the only proof that can be received is the one issued by the company or person for whom she works, which must have the following information:
9.1. Name of the company, institution, or immediate boss.
9.2. Full name of the person for whom the certificate is prepared, position held, working time, and salary received per month (include details of salary, bonuses, and discounts).
9.3. Signature of the immediate boss and stamp (if I work in a company or institution)
9.4. The person issuing the certificate must include their full name, ID number (Honduras), DUI number (El Salvador) or DPI number (Guatemala), telephone number, and email address, as well as their position or relationship with an employee, under their signature.
9.5. If the person has his own business, works on his own account, rents a property or land, receives support from another person or receives remittances:
9.6. You must submit proof of monthly income, which depending on your situation can be through the following forms described below:
10. Copy of documents that support the income of the applicant and/or his family. Example: proof of remittances, Boucher or rental receipts for sales of products or services (fabrics, catalog, spare parts, etc.), copy of bank or cooperative account statements (savings and/or monetary deposits)
11. Proof of income signed and stamped by an expert accountant stating
12. Name of the person for whom the record is made and ID number (Honduras), DUI (El Salvador) or DPI (Guatemala).
13. Work performed, working time, monthly income received.
14. Tax Identification Number -NIT-. If I had it.
15. The expert accountant must enter in the note below his signature, his full name, ID number (Honduras), DUI (El Salvador) or DPI (Guatemala) and accountant registration number, telephone and email.
16. Proof of income and economic situation of the family, issued by a community leader (Cocodes, auxiliary mayor) stating:
16.1. Name of the person for whom the certificate is prepared and ID number (Honduras), DUI (El Salvador) or DPI (Guatemala).
16.2. Work performed, working time, monthly income received
16.3. The person issuing the certificate must include their full name, DNI (Honduras), DUI (El Salvador) or DPI (Guatemala) number, telephone number and email address, as well as their position in the community or institution (under their signature). cocode president, assistant mayor etc.) or relationship with the applicant or his family.
17. Copy of documents that support the main expenses that the family has
18. Last receipt for payment of water, electricity and telephone (the three services) of the applicant’s home.
19. If you do not have any of these services, submit a letter from a community leader indicating the situation, which must include the name, signature and telephone number of the person issuing the letter.
20. Applicant’s last house payment receipt: rent or mortgage payment. Does not apply if the home is your own or that of a family member (upload a letter from the applicant indicating the situation)
21. Other family expenses: debts, credits or loans (receipts or payment vouchers), medical expenses, school fees, etc.
22. Letter of recommendation issued by a religious leader, professor or recognized member of the municipality, in which he provides references of the applicant and his family, as well as the projection and/or leadership he has. Under the signature of the person who extends the letter, you must enter your full name, ID number (Honduras), DUI (El Salvador) or DPI (Guatemala), telephone and email, as well as your position in the community or institution. (religious leader, cocode, teacher, etc) and relationship with the applicant or his family.
23. Copy of identification document DNI (Honduras), DUI (El Salvador) or DPI (Guatemala). You must include a copy of both sides on a single page. If you are doing DNI, DUI or DPI management, upload a copy of the management; If you are a minor and will turn 18 between April 2022 and January 2023, upload your birth certificate.
24. Video with the presentation of the candidate, his family and home.
25. The video must be prepared by the applicant (through a smartphone), which must not be less than 3 minutes nor more than 5 minutes, in which it must include all the following aspects:
26. Personal presentation and why I need the scholarship: indicate name, ethnicity (if Mayan, specify ethnicity), marital status, if you have children (how many and of what ages). If you work or have your own business, indicate where and since when you perform that work.
27. How will my family support me so that I continue studying and fulfill all the commitments of the scholarship if they grant me the benefit? Present in the video the relatives with whom you live and indicate how they will support you in your studies.
28. Housing: Take a tour of your house and its different environments (exterior, interior: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, patio, land for planting, etc.)
29. You must be able to observe the different environments and belongings that the home has .
30. When you have finished the video, you must upload it on the platform of your choice (YouTube, Google Drive, etc.) taking care that it is not public (for your privacy) but that it can be viewed properly, since it must include the link of the video in the essay. It is important that the video can be seen by both the tutor and the committee that will evaluate the applications without requesting prior permission; if it cannot be seen, or if the video is incomplete, it would be a limitation to award the scholarship.
31. Essay where the applicant explains the reasons why he/she is applying for a scholarship and how he/she is going to undertake to fulfill the commitments of the scholarship (academic, social projection and participation).
32. The essay should not be less than 1 page nor more than 2, it should be prepared on a computer and submitted in writing, including all the following points:
32.1. Who am I and what is my personal story?
32.2. How is the family where I come from, my house and my community?
32.3. If you work or have your own business, indicate where and since when you perform that work.
32.4. Link (link) of the scholarship application video recorded by
32.5. Why do I want to study at URL?
32.6. What are my goals during my university studies and after I graduate?
32.7. Why do I need the scholarship?
32.8. How am I going to commit to fulfilling the scholarship commitments? Both academic (average of 80 points and not failing any subject) and social projection (community service) and participation (meetings, monitoring, workshops, etc.)

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