Full Tuition Government/African Union Scholarship for Nigerian Students – China 2023

Written by K Fisher on January 12, 2022

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    > 12000
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    E-Mail: [email protected]

The Chinese government in partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC), has encouraged young Africans to participate in the Chinese Government Scholarships.

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has made scholarship offers to the African Union Commission, through the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology, to enable African students to study in China. Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology of the African Union Commission has the role of coordinating AU programs in education and human resource development; science, technology and innovation, and youth empowerment.

The African Union’s Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology provides technical support to Member states in the development and implementation of policies and programs towards harmonization, intra-African collaboration and experience sharing, as well as quality assurance in these fields, a contribution to the attainment of the AU vision of integration, peace, and prosperity of Africa.

The rich country has well over 14 million teachers in more than 520 thousand schools dedicate and devote themselves to the cause of education and to their 257 million students. There can be no doubt that this is the key step in the process of changing China from a country with a big population into a country rich in human resources. Nor can it be ignored that China’s education system is the largest in the world, and the pace of development of its 30-year education undertaking is the fastest in history.

n the space of thirty years, China’s education system has transformed from one accessible to an elite to one accessible by the masses. For instance, the higher education entrance rate in 1980s was less than four percent. In 2002, the figure had reached fifteen percent, an internationally recognized mark that signaled a new stage of China’s education development: mass education. By 2013 the rate had soared to 35%.

As an open, inclusive, and vigorous society is the prerequisite that ensures the accelerated growth of an education system. During the last three decades education has transformed the nation and Chinese society.



  • This scholarship is specifically for undergraduate students in several disciplines and courses such as: management, social work, international communications to public health, public administration, accounting, environmental management, and others
  • This scholarship is open to all African nationals who meet the Admission requirements.
  • Must be an undergraduate degree from a recognized university with at least a second class upper or its equivalent, in a relevant field
  • The age limit is only 32 years old
  • All applicants will have to have excellent English and will need to take an English Proficiency exam as part of the admissions requirement
  • The candidate may be willing to undergo a written or oral examination after pre-selection – this means an interview with admissions or someone from the panel
  • Can be male or female that applies
  • Must be on good terms with local authority and has no prior criminal record
  • Must be over the age of 18 years of age to apply



Applications must be submitted with a cover letter stating motivation and how the qualification will enable you to serve the continent.

Applications must also be accompanied by the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae including education, work experience, and publications if any
  • Certified copies of relevant certificates, transcripts and personal details page of national passport (at least 6 months validity)
  • Clear, colored passport photograph (3*4)
  • Recommendations from two academic referees, one professional referee
  • Health certificate
  • All legal documents


How to Apply

Applicants will need to submit a number of documents to qualify for this scholarship.

All applicants must apply directly through the University website and in addition, apply for the scholarship through the Chinese Government Website and send copies to the email that is provided below.

The China Scholarship Council will remind their applicants that admission information should be confirmed with the dispatching authorities (application receiving authorities) of their home country or the Chinese Government Scholarship institutions to avoid frauds and exert negative effects on their study plans in China.

This means all legal paperwork, admissions enrollment, and scholarship applications must be the most correct and accurate information based on the individual.

All student should be award of fake or spam-based emails. It has been recognized that certain organizations have recently been sending out these fake admission notices and documents of Chinese Government Scholarship to international students in the name of Chinese Government Scholarship institutions, requesting for deposits to retain their admission status.


Reward- Extra Benefits

The total amount for the living allowances goes as high as (36000 RMB/year for Master students and 42000RMB/year for Doctor students) will be given to the students on a monthly basis. All the other funds will be managed by the university or Chinese.

The scholarship will cover the cost related to teaching and the administration of the university and the living expenses of the students from the fund of the foreign aid, supervising the thesis.

The cost related to teaching includes tuition, teaching materials, field trips, and study tours. The basic living expenses include the accommodation, living allowances, the one-time settlement fee, and medical insurance. Of which, the 3000 RMB of settlement fee will be given to the students at one time.

These benefits are meant for the student so they do not have to worry about any financial strain and can instead focus on coursework solely. This is important to the Chinese Government and shows how education is a primary factor and focus for the country.



The official deadline date is June 29, 2022. There is no extension available or a secondary deadline date. If an applicant experiences issues with their application they should contact the email provided immediately to not delay their chance at receiving this prestigious scholarship. Or contacting the Chinese Government through the website provided may prove to be a quicker step in the students application process to prevent further delay.

If the deadline does change be sure to check the Chinese Government website first to see if the date has been changed.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

The open submission window time frame is from May 7, 2022 to June 29, 2022. This is considered a short open window but has to be based on the number of regulations that have to be upheld.



This is an annual scholarship that happens once a year.

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