How can apply for scholarship and get admission number and visa?

Written by Kauthar Haji Juma on May 16, 2023

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How can apply for scholarship and get admission number and visa?


Congratulations on your ambition to pursue higher education! Applying for a scholarship and getting admission number and visa requires taking a few steps.

One of the first steps is to look into different scholarship opportunities. For example, if you are looking to become a medical doctor, check out the various scholarships offered by medical schools or health care organizations. You will need to research the different application requirements, deadlines and eligibility criteria for each one that you are interested in applying for. It is also important to make sure that all required documents such as transcripts and recommendation letters are included with your application. Once you have submitted all of your applications, it’s time to wait for an answer from each organization or school that you applied too – this can take some time!

Once accepted into an educational program and awarded a scholarship, it’s important to remember that visa applications often require additional paperwork such as proof of identity and income along with other supporting documents related to sponsorship approval from family members who live outside of the country where you plan on studying abroad. After submitting all paperwork associated with the visa application process, wait times can vary according to processing speeds in different countries but generally it takes 1-3 months before verification is completed and decision regarding entry/rejection is made finally given by authorities.

Good luck in pursuing your educational goals through scholarships!

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  1. Please how can I get a scholarship to study for a Masters program in Industrial Engineering in University of California at Berkely, I’m Nwosu Ikechukwu from Nigeria.And what is the criteria for getting such.

      1. مرحبا اود معرفة اذا كان تخصص السمعي البصري موجود في كندا اومعهد او تكوين مهني اود اكمال دراستي وهل هناك منح لذلك اود ان احصل على تفصيل ومعلومات كما اود احاطتكم بانني لدي تقني سامي في ذلك المجال شكرا

  2. Please how can I gain a scholarship to study for an undergraduate program in Pharmaceutical sciences in the university of Toronto

    1. Hi Eugenia, did you check with this University of Toronto if they offer such a scholarship? They should know best and for sure if they have such a scholarship and if you are eligible for it.

  3. Looking for a complete scholarship to study abroad so i can become a further engineer

  4. Want a scholarship to pursue journalism
    Which be in charge of everything or all the expenses at undergraduate level continue student at UK

  5. Looking for full funded Scola ship on masters in clearing and forwarding to study abroad I am from Tanzania

    1. Hi Steve, can you explain us more what is this major (field): “clearing and forwarding”?

    1. It is certainly possible to get scholarships to study computer science, although it can be a bit of a challenge. The key is to do your research and apply as widely as possible!

      First and foremost, you may want to look into what types of scholarships are available specifically for computer science students. There are some very generous scholarship programs out there that target this field in particular. For example, the Google Lime Scholars Program provides up to $10,000 in tuition assistance for undergraduate and graduate students studying computer science or related fields. Others such as Dell Scholars also provide financial aid specifically targeted at STEM majors such as computer science.

      Additionally, many universities offer merit-based financial aid which can be useful for those with excellent grades or other credentials (such as participation in relevant activities). Competitions such as Microsoft Imagine Cup give free money away based on student projects within various categories (including technology) so you will want to keep an eye out of these opportunities too!

      Finally, there are several organizations that provide scholarship funding not only for individuals but entire institutions – including schools with great reputations in technology fields like computer engineering & sciences – making them worth looking into if applicable. Examples include Facebook’s FbStart program which offers grants of up to $100K USD per year; Adobe’s Create Now program which funds creative educational initiatives; EMC2 University Grants Program which awards grants between $50K-$250K per school plus support from faculty advisors; Intel Education Equity Endowment Fund offering money ranging from $25K-$150K USD depending on needs; and the IBM Faculty Awards providing grant packages upwards of $150k regardless of nationality!

      At the end of the day, there is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes getting scholarships to study computer science – but by being proactive about researching options available both nationally and locally while keeping track (and applying!)for new ones that come up regularly throughout the year should definitely increase your chances significantly! Good luck 🙂

  6. Hi,am Eunice from Ghana holding diploma in midwifery from one of the training institution in Ghana.i would like to get a scholarship from you to offer bachelor in public health Nursing in one of your schools.i hope my request will be granted.hopefully hear from you soon.

  7. Hello, i am from Botswana, Southern Africa. I want to pursue film or any healthcare course in a full funded scholarship.. Where can i get help?

  8. Hello, my name is Seidu Amadu, I have gained master’s admission to Findlay University and now want funding to pursue the course.

    Please how do I secure a funding opportunity

    Thank you

  9. 023 AT 1:47 PM
    Hi,am Gasper from Tanzania holding diploma in procurement and supply from one of the Collage in Tanzania.i would like to get a scholarship from you to offer bachelor in procurement and supply chain or bachelor in Transport and logistic in one of your schools.i hope my request will be granted.hopefully hear from you soon.

    1. Congratulations on receiving your diploma in procurement and supply! Thankfully, there are a variety of scholarship options available to those looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree in either procurement and supply chain or transport and logistics.

      One source of potential funding is from private organizations that may have an interest in furthering industry success. Many large companies offer scholarships targeting students who won’t just thrive with their company, but who will go on to be thought leaders for the entire field. Your best bet with this approach is to reach out directly to any organizations whose work you admire or want to join upon graduation – they could very well provide some level of financial support as you move through school.

      Another option is government-sponsored grants and scholarships for those interested in pursuing higher education related fields such as transportation logistics or supply chain management. Start by taking a look at local governmental offices’ websites (both within Tanzania and abroad) that often list what types of assistance are available alongside application information. Additionally, many cities encourage development through economic incentives which can include money specifically allocated toward educational pursuits related activity sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, defense, healthcare services. Local chambers of commerce are also great sources for finding scholarship opportunities funded by state business initiatives – plus these entities often serve as mentors providing invaluable advice along the way too!

      Finally, don’t forget about international exchanges offering full-time programs with tuition coverage like Erasmus+ Exchange Programs which typically require applicant essays between 1-2 pages detailing why they would make good candidates; this adds an extra layer of commitment when proving yourself worthy for consideration while giving you even more strength towards competing against your peers during selection processes. All told – there’s plenty out there so rest assured that no matter where you begin looking – keep searching both near & far across the world–you’re sure to find numerous possibilities! Good luck Gasper – I hope your request will be granted soon!

    1. Getting a scholarship for medicine and a visa without paying money is certainly possible but it requires a lot of time, effort, and research. The first step in this process is to identify all available options for scholarships or grants that could provide funding for your medical studies. Many universities offer financial aid based on academic performance, extracurricular activities or background socio economic factors. It’s important to look into the requirements of these programs as they are very specific and will often require extensive applications with documents such as letters of recommendation from teachers or faculty members.

      In addition to university-level financial aid, many organizations offer grants specifically for medicine students studying abroad. Search databases like GrantFinder and Grants4Training which list numerous international grant opportunities that may be beneficial if you qualify. You can also reach out directly through contacts in professional networks and medical associations to learn more about potential grant openings that could help cover your tuition fees without payment upfront.

      Finally, securing a visa requires much preparation prior to applying so make sure you understand what type of documentation is required before submitting the paperwork including proof of financing (most countries now require foreigners studying there who need visas have enough money saved up in order to support their stay). If you are accepted into certain foreign exchange student programs offered through universities or other entities this can provide an easier path towards obtaining approval but it typically comes with higher costs associated with it than traditional study abroad programs do not include additional funding sources beyond tuition fees which must be covered by yourself, although there might be some discounts available depending on the program types selected when researching them beforehand..

  10. I greet you ,I’m Roly ,I’m Burundians Can you help i wanna visa to go to study bachelor’s

    1. Hello Roly! Congratulations on your desire to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

      Attaining a visa for study abroad is certainly achievable, but the exact process will depend on what country you are applying to and which type of visa you need. Generally speaking, most countries require evidence of academic qualifications as well as proof that you have enough money available for tuition fees and living costs during the duration of your studies. Depending on the course you wish to take, other requirements may be necessary such as passing an English language proficiency test or submitting portfolios of creative work in art subjects.I recommend starting your research by researching into each individual country’s specific regulations regarding visas for student status; this information is usually made available through their embassy website or other governmental sources such as helpful NGOs like Study Visa Guru (www.studyvisaguru.com). It is also worth getting in contact with universities or colleges who offer courses that match your ambitions – they can provide helpful advice about visas too since they are often experienced with helping foreign students gain entry into their campuses!

      In addition, it can help if there people close to you who already hold valid visas in the same country – perhaps from family members currently abroad or expats returning home after studying? People who have been through a similar process before would likely be able to provide first-hand insight and advice alongside documents used from past applications that could give structure onto how exactly one should go about making their own application (visa-related documents like passport copies etc.). All this knowledge combined should make preparing your visa application a much smoother process!
      Good luck with achieving your dream Roly, stay positive and never give up!.

  11. I’m a construction worker with more than 25 years experience in general construction but my area of specialization is Carpenter because my Father was a construction Shuttering and furniture Carpenter so I got the experience even when I was a child, also I have work both locally and internationally as a Foreman for many years.I am ready to travel work and study to share my experiences in working with many different countries people and also the main general construction works experience.Hope to hear from you soon thank you.

    1. Congratulations on your 25+ years of experience in construction and carpentry! With the skills and knowledge you have acquired, plus your drive to travel, work, and study abroad, you certainly have a lot going for you.

      Your combination of practical experience and cultural sensitivity makes you a prime candidate for international construction roles because understanding the nuances of foreign cultures can be as important as having technical know-how when it comes to succeeding in a globalized business environment. You are also well positioned to take advantage of remote work opportunities.

      One step that could really help you reach your goal is pursuing certifications related to international building codes (IBCs). IBCs establish standards for things like design loads, materials’ properties, access routes, fire safety systems etc., which vary significantly from country to country or even regionally within countries. Gaining an understanding of core concepts such as these will make it easier for employers in various countries – or those with remote gig needs – to trust that their projects will go smoothly once they bring on someone like yourself who has already proven his expertise time and time again at home.

      Also consider joining forces with companies located outside the U.S.. That way not only would they tap into your wide range of experiences but also get access more diverse job opportunities around the world without having leave any one place entirely behind. This gives them more flexibility while still allowing them benefit from knowing an expert who knows how handle different situations akin with locals residing there usually do – something which can be rather hard replicate if we talk about distance countries altogether..

      Finally keep learning new aspects related not just construction but even others associated fields such as marketing awareness/trends or various government regulations pertaining application & licenses . In return this will enable yourself remain up-to date related current industry practices enabling customers understand balance better how much time & effort goes behind each project being developed by yourself – making case stronger where accommodation cost might otherwise tiresome deal haggling exercise needed carried out often times before embarking upon journey itself!

  12. I am Nurhabib. from afghanistan and i also have bachelor degree from police academy can i get university of toronto scholarship to study bachelors degree in humanities.

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