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Interested in obtaining a World Bank global scholarship in the USA? This important organization made up of 189 countries offers the perfect solution through a scholarship project called. World Bank Group Young Professionals Program, or WBG.

Candidates who demonstrate a formidable, world-class passion for international development coupled with the wonderful potential to become inspiring and effective leaders are the priority for this global opportunity. Additionally, applicants that are consistent with the mission of the WBG are more likely to be selected.

The two-year leadership development program found at the beginning of a five-year employment contract at the World Bank Group is the result of the merger of this institution’s Young Professionals Program and the International Finance Corporation project ( IFC) . Therefore, people are recruited on behalf of three basic institutions: WBG, IFC and MIGA.

Aspiring World Bank Group professionals will continue their journey of intensive training and learning on the job and in the classroom from Washington DC – USA. In this two-year development program, candidates will gain leadership skills that will change the course of the development of the world. The key features of this opportunity are Professional experience, leadership development, global rotation and policy training, job placement, and many more. Each of the awards and benefits they will receive will be mentioned later.

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

World Bank Group, United States.

Levels and areas of studies:

Two (2) years vocational and job training.

Who can participate ?:

Students who register a university degree in masters or doctorate.

Endowment of the scholarship:

The World Bank Group, through the Young Professionals Program, will allocate a set of awards to the students who are selected to join the project:

  • Competitive salary based on academic qualification and experience.
  • Basic life and accident insurance benefit recruits at no cost.
  • Pension plan.
  • Relocation costs at the time of appointment.
  • Payment of relocation benefits at the end of employment.
  • The mobility premium with visa processing and residence status is paid to foreign staff.
  • Paid leave is granted to staff, ie 26 days of annual leave, 15 days of annual sick leave, potential leave (100 days for the primary caregiver and 50 days for secondary caregiver).
  • Department, health services, gym, childcare, and lactation room are available.

Conditions to be met by participants

  • Being an international student demonstrating a high academic level, it is important that you hold a master’s or doctoral degree relevant to the World Bank Group (WBG). If you do not have any of these, and you are currently studying them, it has a completion date and is as follows: Master before July 15, 2021 and doctorate before September 2022.
  • You must be born before October 1, 1989 to be eligible for the project.
  • Students from one of the 189 nations that are part of the World Bank Group will be accepted .
  • Having an exceptional command of the English language, it will be necessary to present a certificate that reflects your knowledge of that language.
  • Submit formal admission to the World Bank Group Youth Training Program through the official website of the WBG organization. It will be detailed below:
  1. The application must be completed in a 90 minute session. Once the session starts, it is impossible to save the application for processing after a while.
  2. The candidate must select one of the three institutions according to their skills and academic background (WBG, IFC, MIGA).
  3. No duplicate request will be accepted.
  4. A short essay should be 6000 characters long.
  • The following questions will be presented:
  1. Why are you interested in the program and the selected institution?
  2. Why should you be hired and why are you considered the right person for the job?
  3. How should your selected institution and the WBG as a whole support clients to minimize the impact of COVID-19, to work towards an ecological recovery?
  • The shortlisted candidates will be called for virtual interviews for further processing.
  • Applicants will be evaluated on a computer-based financial test.

If you want to be eligible for an IFC or MIGA contract, you must:

  1. Register a graduate degree before September 12, 2022.
  2. Be trained in a field or area related to the interests of IFC and MIGA.
  3. Have four (4) years of work experience.

Instructions to apply:

Supporting documentation: Transcripts and academic records, curriculum, copies of passport, personal statement, essay, certificate of English language proficiency, among others. If you were interested in the world scholarship in the USA Young Professionals Program, visit the website of the World Bank Group (WBG) organization and there you will know each step, requirement, and other information that you must record or present to be a happy scholarship recipient. Latin American.


First date: July 15, 2021.

Second date (only for IFC and MIGA profiles): from August 16 to September 20, 2021.

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