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In this article we explain why knowing about a scholarship when the closing date is very close or has already expired, can play in your favor so that you can win it.

It is quite common for you to realize a scholarship that you like and that fits your profile when the deadline to apply is very close, and you do not have enough time to get the documents ready, or the date has already passed. 

When this happens, many people tend to feel frustrated because they have not been able, at least to try, to access this opportunity. Following the feeling of frustration comes the thought that it will no longer be possible to access this opportunity and the idea of ​​the possibility of being able to access it in the future is put aside. 

However, very few know that people who are experts in winning scholarships do not see near or past deadlines as a negative but as a factor that can work in their favor, and the reason are quite simple.

There are two important factors to consider about the dates of most of the international scholarships that exist. The first is that almost all of them have a regular periodicity, that is, they open and close applications every year around the same dates. The second is that the period between the opening date and the closing date is generally short (a month or a few months).

Knowing the first thing, the regular periodicity helps to understand that if you did not have the opportunity to apply this year, it is still possible to apply the following year. Knowing this also gives you an idea of ​​around what date you should have all the requirements ready to be able to apply next year. 

Additionally, most scholarships maintain the same conditions and requirements from one year to the next, which gives you advanced knowledge of the requirements that you must have and the documents that you must prepare for the following year.

Knowing the second factor, the period between the opening and closing date helps to understand how much time in advance you should start preparing the requirements and documents for your application. 

This last point is important since in some cases, even if you have the opportunity to learn about the scholarship on the date of application opening, there may be some requirement or document that they ask you, that you cannot have ready before the date of application close if you don’t have the task ahead. 

For example, if you have two months until the closing date of the applications, but as part of the requirements you must take an exam that certifies your level of English, preparing for this exam may take more than those two months.

The reason scholarship winners use this knowledge to their advantage is that they start preparing their applications early and this gives them a big advantage over those who apply for the same scholarship but had very little time to complete. prepare the application. 

So the next time you see a scholarship that you like and the closing date is closed or has expired, look at it as something in your favor, read carefully the terms of the call, write down the dates and requirements that you must have, and begin to prepare a winning application for the following year.

Final note:

The information in this article is the reason why in Scholarships and Awards you will eventually find publications of scholarships with expired dates. This is because we know that the scholarship has a regular periodicity and providing information about the scholarship, even if the date is expired, can motivate and give an advantage to those who are interested in it.


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