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Let’s take a look at what international students can expect when they decide to study in Uruguay. What universities are available to send admission applications to, along with what is the expect cost of living for full-time and part-time students.  From work-study programs to finding the right undergraduate program to pursue, Uruguay has an array of opportunities available for any interested foreign student. Check out what languages should be learned beforehand to make navigation around Uruguay easier for international students.

Universities in Uruguay

  • Catholic University of Uruguay
  • University ORT Uruguay
  • Stella Maris College Montevideo
  • Uruguay Naval Academy

The University of Montevideo has available programs under these academic studies include business administration, communication, international business, economics, public accounting, data science for business, civil engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, telematic engineering, humanities, translation and interpretation, education, law, public notary, and computer information statistics.

This is not a complete list of academics available at the University of Montevideo. Interested students should check out the university website to see what is available to them.

Student Cost of Living

Uruguay is on the higher end of the budgeting system when it comes to wanting to live comfortably in the country. It is no joke that students will need to budget a near $3,000 USD to feel comfortable on a financial level. With import costs on the higher end, and the possibility of needing a monthly transportation pass to reach a student’s university… accommodation on campus may be the better option. That is if the student intends to say money while attending a university as a full-time student.

Also, a lot of the scholarships available request that students are full-time students at one of the higher education institutions. This is just a general rule.

How Much Is Annual Tuition

An annual academic tuition fee will go for around $1,300 if the student is attending a public university. The fees will gradually rise, and some (it depends on the program the student has chosen to study) but some annual tuition is registered at $11,000 USD per academic year.

For a college student to budget correctly, they should create system which separates tuition, fees, accommodation cost, daily needs cost, groceries, and transportation cost. This way the student will be able to see how much they need per month. And then this amount can be adjusted to see how much can be saved as well.

Languages Spoken in Uruguay

What is the main language spoken in Uruguay? Spanish is the most widely used language in the country and students would be able to navigate far better if they knew some common Spanish terms. There are some places in Uruguay that has a mixture of both Portuguese and Spanish in their main dialogue.  This can seem a bit confusing but the two have similar variations that always for a smooth transition into one language. There is a term used that is considered a slang variation of both Portuguese and Spanish called Portuñol.

Students will do far better and receive more scholarship opportunities if they are fluent in Spanish.

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