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Tonga has many universities available for both domestic and international students who wish to pursue a higher education in their desired study field. We will cover tuition costs that happen on an academic annual scale, along with the understanding on what a comfortable living budget would consist of. Luckily, international and domestic students will come to find that Tonga has one of the most affordable higher end education universities in the world.

Students should do further research to see what they need to do to acquire a student visa to study in Tonga. Along with health insurance and any other insurance that is needed so that all aspects of insurance are covered for each student.

There are a number of ways for international students to secure a scholarship or even an admissions acceptance, but it will involve being aligned with the way the universities have the right programs available to certain eligible students.

Universities and Higher Education Centers in Tonga:

  • Seoul Theological University
  • Regent University
  • Chongshin University
  • Handong Global University

The academics available with Chongshin University:

  • Social Work
  • Child Studies
  • Church Music
  • Early Childhood Education
  • History Education
  • English Education
  • Christian Education and Theology
  • Philosophy

This is not a complete list of available academic programs and courses. Tonga does largely have Christian colleges that work to help individuals who are less fortunate or at an income disadvantage. Students that are working on their missions for a different church outside of Tonga may be able to secure a college scholarship through the church.

Student Cost of Living in Tonga

In Tonga an apartment or rent on a monthly basis involves Pa’anga 2,000 or an average of $856 USD. That is just for rent. For a monthly budget, it would be best of student’s budget for $1,500 or $2,000 USD to live incredibly comfortably. This also involves fully furnished.

Without a fully furnished apartment, students can expect to pay on the lesser end that comes to around Pa’anga 400 or $171 USD for a monthly rent budget.

However, to rent in an expensive area with a small apartment students can expect to send the same amount for an apartment that was outside of the main center region that was fully furnished. So around $856 USD.

Cost of Academic Tuition on a Yearly Basis in Tonga

Tonga is extremely affordable when working towards a higher education and an academic education. For one university a student may spend only $650 USD for a single academic year. Primarily there is not too much information on Tonga because they are still creating a great higher education system where it’s affordable to everyone.

What Main Languages Are Spoken in Tonga

The main languages spoken in Tonga are Tongan and English. While these are not the only two main languages spoken throughout the country, there are many other dialects spoken throughout Tonga. For international students to gain a better understanding on the Tongan language it’s that the dialects involving Tui (Uvean), Niuean, Hawaiian, and Polynesian are more closely related with Wallisian (Uvean), Niuean, Hawaiian, and Polynesian. Tonga is a Austronesian language with a Polynesian branch language dialect.

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