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Students who are interested in studying in Tajikistan will find reasonable information that will help them to navigate this country. From the official language to others languages routinely spoken throughout the country, to what to expect for a month-to-month rent living situation.

We will even cover what universities are currently open to the public and private institutions that are still open. There are a few universities that some students will find within their internet search that have closed down in Tajikistan. But we have the currently open universities list below.

Along with living costs, we have provided an annual tuition cost section that will detail a bit about what a student can expect to spend in tuition per academic year. There is an average cost along with a maximum amount that can be expected with more needed resources topics such as medical.

We always suggest that within the student’s study search, or where to study and at what university to look through each university website and utilize the contact information to gain more insight.

Universities in Tajikistan:

  • Avicenna Tajik State Medical University
  • Technological University of Tajikistan
  • Tajik National University
  • Tajik State University of Commerce
  • Tajikistan State University of Law, Business, & Politics
  • Russian-Tajik Slavonic University
  • Khujand State University
  • Tajik State Pedagogical University
  • Agricultural University of Tajikistan
  • Khorog State University
  • Tajik University of Law, Business and Politics
  • Tajikistan Humanitarian International University
  • University of Central Asia
  • University of Central Asia, Khorog

Cost of Tuition

The cost of college tuition on Tajikistan does depend on the subject field that is being studied. For example, there are many different subjects available to study but like the subject of education and teaching will cost a student $732 USD per year to study.

More subjects to study include:

  • Medical
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health
  • Psychiatry and Narcology
  • Public Health and Medical Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Technology of food production
  • Machinery and Equipment for food production
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Technology of textile and clothing design
  • Design (costume and fabric)
  • Security System Data
  • Mathematical and software automated production
  • Project Management
  • Business Administration
  • Finance Management
  • Foreign Languages

Cost of Living in Tajikistan

What can be expected of a monthly budget with rent included while living in Tajikistan? Students we need to budget for around $380 for extra necessities that does not include rent. However, rent only will cost around $205 in the cities. If a student where to not live in a city center, then their rent would go down about $80 or more.

Main Languages Spoken in Tajikistan

What languages should an international student learn before arriving to Tajikistan to study at the university they sent admissions to? The main language in Tajikistan is Tajik. Which is also referred to as Tajiki Persian or Tajiki. Although the Russian language is the interethnic language to Tajikistan. With two official languages spoken throughout the country, there are many other languages spoken as well. However, these two languages will be the best bet for an international student to learn so they can navigate Tajikistan well enough without any trouble when it comes to not understanding what someone else is trying to say.

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