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Panama hosts a huge number of international students each year, mainly because this is a tuition free country. Students find the simple pleasures in life when exploring Panama. We will cover and discuss what universities are available to students, along with what traditional cost of living averages out to be in this country.

We will also discuss what languages are spoken in Panama.

Universities in Panama:

  • University of Panama
  • The Autonomous University of Chiriqui
  • The Technological University of Panama
  • Santa María La Antigua Catholic University
  • International Maritime University of Panama
  • Latina University of Panama
  • Columbus University (Panama)
  • Florida State University-Panama
  • Isthmus. School of Architecture and Design of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • University of Swahili
  • Latin American University of Science and Technology

Academic programs at the University of Panama:

  • Fashion Design
  • Nautical Engineering in Navigation
  • Marketing and Digital Communication
  • Architecture
  • Nautical Engineering in Naval Machinery
  • Marine and Port Administration
  • Logistics and International Trade
  • Commerical Engineering
  • Industrial Product Design
  • Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Art and Culture Emphasis on Art Teaching
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Law
  • Custom Service and Support Information and Data
  • Education
  • Finance and Banking
  • Project Management
  • Finance Management
  • Big data and Business analysis
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Operations and control management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Planning and Port Management
  • Innovative Didactics
  • Administration Health Services
  • Educational Administration and Planning
  • Senior Hotel Management and Tourism Services

Student Cost of Living

There is documentation on work-study programs and budgeting accounts. One states that if a student where to live by themself and taking a 5-month semester college program, they could expect to spend $5,000 USD for the whole 5 months. This includes rent, groceries, clothing, transportation and all necessities.

However, the rough estimate to spend per month, is around $1,000 USD. Students would need to be a bit careful since this is a bit of a higher amount, along with budgeting accurately. It is easy to go over budget when a student is in a new country and they don’t quite understand the currency exchange. Sos students should be aware of what they are buying and the price difference.

Cost of Tuition

Public tuition is free, and that means certain subject fields are free of tuition while some other subjects such as medicine may cost a bit. This is solely based on what subject fields will use more of the college faciality than others.

A private tuition costs around $12,500 for one full year.

There is an application fee that comes to about $100 USD and an identification fee that will be $25 USD in total.

These are the things a student should budget towards.

Languages Spoken in Panama

There is a total of 14 different languages spoken in this country. The main official language is Spanish. However, other languages do include English, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish and Korean.

In some of Panama’s universities it is s a requirement that students know how to speak Spanish. With this being the case, that means it would be better if students who feel comfortable enough speaking Spanish should apply for Panama’s Spanish scholarships.

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