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What does it take to study in Mauritius? What can be expected of the cost of living along with the annual tuition cost for a public university in the country. Students will be able to learn enough information to start looking forward to potential studying in Mauritius. There are multiple languages spoken throughout the country and learning anyone of the them can greatly benefit a student’s time spent traveling a studying in Mauritius. 

There are a few top degrees that are the most sought after in Mauritius, and students will be able to find a similar degree at any of the below universities if they wish to attend.

Universities in Mauritius:

  • University of Mauritius
  • Open University of Mauritius
  • Anna Medical College
  • Charles Telfair Institute
  • University of Technology, Mauritius
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Medical College
  • JSS Academy of Technical Education, Mauritius

Top Degrees Earned in Mauritius:

  • Computer Science
  • Applied Science in Cyber Operations
  • Digital Experience and Interaction Design Major
  • Fashion Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Hospitality Management
  • Arts

Annual Tuition Cost in Mauritius

The average annual tuition in Mauritius is between 90,000 Mauritian Rupee and 160,000 Mauritian Rupee. The translation for this currency to USD is roughly from 160,000 Mauritian Rupee to $3,624 in USD. So that’s at the highest level of the college tuition estimate. Which means international students would find Mauritius quite afford on many levels. Especially with higher education being one of the costliest experiences to have in a student’s life.

Living Costs for Students

While a family of 4 would be more around a centered $2,000 USD mark to live in the country. Students simply either living on their own would need around $550 for rent alone. However, Mauritius has been declared more expensive than other places in South Africa, and it is true some things in Mauritius definitely cost more compared to elsewhere. While the country is still 43% cheaper than the United States, that almost nearly half. International students would find that the higher education costs in Mauritius are well worth the trip to study in the country.

Main Languages Spoken in Mauritius

What is the main language spoken on Mauritius? The main language is English. Which many international students may think odd however, English is the most common language spoken in the country. Other languages that will commonly be heard throughout the country include Bhojpuri, Tamil and other Indic languages, like Hindi, Bhojpuri, Telugu and Urdu, and Chinese. Arabic is taught around the country as well.

Simply put students will find an incredible melting pot of languages and cultures that have lived in Mauritius for a long time. However, instead of students solely knowing English, another language that can be learned that is quite incredible to learn if Mauritius Sign Language. Which is also widely used in the country as well.

There is also another dialect that can be learned since it has a lot of slang terms that are used in the country, this is Mauritian Creole. This is a combination of natural dialect mixed with Creole French phrases.

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