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Iraq has a wide range of college options when it comes to higher education institutions, and even better is the available work-study programs that Iraq offers. Between scholarships in Iraq being offered by the local and country government along with private funding companies, allowing students to be gifted scholarship funds.

We will cover rent and utility combined estimate amounts, along with yearly tuition costs and what main languages would be better suited or at least learned on a basic understanding before arrival. Iraq does request that international students should have a student visa before they arrive at their destination work-study program, summer program, or college. Otherwise, if a student does not have their student visa, they most likely will not be let into the country. This is standard procedure everywhere.

Universities in Iraq:

  • University of Kurdistan Hewlêr
  • Al-Mustansiriya University
  • University of Baghdad
  • American University of Iraq – Baghdad
  • University of Duhok
  • University of Sulaimani
  • University of Technology, Iraq
  • Cihan University
  • Erbil Polytechnic University
  • University of Mosul
  • Soran University
  • The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani
  • Tishk International University
  • Al Turath University College
  • University of Alkafeel
  • University of Kufa
  • The American University of Kurdistan
  • University of Basrah
  • Al-Hadba’a University College
  • University of Babylon
  • Nawroz University
  • Komar University of Science and Technology
  • University of Anbar
  • University of Raparin
  • University of Zakho
  • Tikrit University
  • Al Maarif University College
  • Al Iraqia University
  • University of Kirkuk
  • Hawler Medical University
  • Al Rafidain University College
  • Koya University
  • Nahrain University
  • College of Medicine, University of Baghdad
  • Dijlah University College
  • Al Mansour University College
  • Imam Kadhim Faculty of Islamic Sciences University Baghdad
  • University of Al-Qadisiyah
  • Albayan University
  • University of Karbala
  • Al-Rasheed University College
  • University of Thi-Qar
  • University of Al-Ma’mun
  • University of Misan
  • University of Diyala
  • Madenat Alelem University College

Above is a combined list of colleges that are both either public or private higher education institutions.

Annual Tuition Costs in Iraq

While college is mainly free to actual residents or citizen of Iraq. International students can be expected to pay tuition fees. Some of these fees will vary greatly between universities and subject fields being studied. Certain subject fields require more resources so that’s where added tuition costs come in.

Total Living Cost Month-to-Month in Iraq

Normal costs for groceries, utilities, and day to day necessities adds up to an amount of $470. That is without rent included. With rent being around $370 or higher. So, the added total comes to $1,000 or more if the student wishes to live even more comfortably. And rent differs from city to city, for example the more a student lives near a city center the more expensive the rent will be. The further away they live from a city center, the cheaper rent and general necessities will be.

Main Languages Spoken in Iraq

What is the main language spoken in Iraq? The mina language is Arabic. More of the dialects spoken throughout the country include Standard, Mesopotamian Spoken, Gulf Spoken, Judeo-Iraqi, Najdi Spoken, North Mesopotamian and many more. There is not just one dialect that will be heard throughout any country. That’s why we advise students to learn a main language of the country they intend on studying within.

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