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Students will be able to find and locate what type of scholarship works for them by searching through the scholarship feed that we have created which allows anyone to narrow down their search. Luckily, students will be able to identify if they are deemed eligible to even apply for the scholarship before just blindly sending in a scholarship application.

Below there will be a list of scholarships that is available for students to study in Mauritius and for citizens of Mauritius to either study abroad or at a university nearby. Also, we have placed in what top degrees are receiving praise and are deemed the ‘top degrees’ that are being pursued by students in Mauritius.

Scholarships in Mauritius:

  • Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships
  • UoM Cash Prize for Excellence in Sports
  • Scholarships to Children from Vulnerable Families
  • Mauritius-Africa Scholarship – For Master’s and Ph.D. Students
  • Mauritius-Africa Scholarship – For Undergraduate Students
  • CYD Master Thesis Fellowship
  • Mauritius (Chevening Scholarship)
  • Academic Excellence Scholarships at Aberystwyth University in Mauritius

The student visa process for students to legally work and be paid in Mauritius is in fact quite an easy process. Students would just need to send in their information and the acceptance letter of the university they were accepted to. To so that they intend to study and work in the country. This is the best way for students to be admitted back into the country under legal protocol.

Work-Study/Internships in Mauritius:

  • Data Entry Internships are available
  • Marketing and Digital marketing intern spots are available to students studying marketing
  • Internships in Mauritius – Intern on a Tropical Island!
  • Internship Program in Mauritius with Epic Exchange
  • Sales Internship abroad in Mauritius
  • Hotel Management Internship abroad in Mauritius
  • Financial Accounting Internship in Mauritius
  • International Internship Program in Mauritius
  • Assistant teaching internships for new educators
  • Tourism Internships for students that re working towards earning their tourism and hospitality degree

A lot if not most internships in the country are dedicated to students that are attending one of the universities in Mauritius or available to abroad students looking to add an internship experience to their college career resume.

With Mauritius having one of the biggest maritime and hospitality agencies in the world, this offers students an excellent chance to gain work experience in their chosen field of either subject. Even for students studying biodiversity in the country, this allows them to explore options about what type of animal species live there.

It is best for students to learn the main language before arriving, or at least having a basic understanding of the language to ensure easy navigation through the country. This way students can end up receiving work experience earlier since they can speak the main language which will be considered when hiring students in Mauritius.

Students will also be able to find scholarships dedicated to preserving the Mauritius culture and dialects that have been in the country for years and years. As a matter of fact, knowing a countries language fluently opens many doors for opportunities to work within that country under a work permit.

Latest Active Scholarships from Mauritius

Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius, 2024

Scholarship Name: Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius, 2024

4 min read

Country: Mauritius

Description: In The Heart Of The Indian Ocean, The Island Nation Of Mauritius, Renowned For Its Breathtaking Landscapes And Rich Cultural Tapestry, Stands As A Beacon Of Educational Excellence And International Collaboration. Here, The Government Of Mauritius Has Initiated A Groundbreaking Program, The Mauritius Africa Scholarships...

Date Published: 17 December 2023

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People on the Table Reading Books

Scholarship Name: Government of Mauritius Scholarships for African Students, 2024

3 min read

Country: Mauritius

Description: The Government Of Mauritius Is Thrilled To Announce The Opening Of Applications For The African Students Government Of Mauritius Scholarships 2024. This Scholarship Opportunity Beckons Eligible African Scholars To Partake In This Program And Pursue Their Dreams Of Higher Education. A Glimpse Into The Government...

Date Published: 25 October 2023

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Scholarship Name: $7000 Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships for African Students 2022

4 min read

Country: Mauritius

Description:   The Ministry Of Education, Tertiary Education, Science And Technology's Goal Is To Guarantee That All Students Have The Chance To Start And Finish Higher Secondary Education For Employability, As Well As Further And Further Education And Training, With The Maturity And Confidence Required. Mauritius...

Date Published: 05 January 2022

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Scholarship Name: Government of Mauritius – Africa Scholarship Scheme for African Commonwealth Countries, 2018

1 min read

Country: Mauritius

Description: Now The Government Of Mauritius Is Willing To Take A Handful Of African Applicants Onboard. If You Are Hailing From A Country That Is Member Of The African Union Or The African Commonwealth Countries, Then You Will Be Pleased To Find Out That This Offer...

Date Published: 28 January 2018

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Scholarship Name: Academic Excellence Scholarships at Aberystwyth University in Mauritius, 2017

1 min read

Country: Mauritius

Description: Currently Closed For Applications The Universities Of Aberystwyth Is Offering Three Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarships For Applicants From Mauritius. The Scholarships Are Available To Undergraduate Students Taking A Course In Computer Science, Law And Criminology Or Management And Business. When Applying, Prospective Candidates Need To...

Date Published: 04 September 2017

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