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What does it take to study in Cambodia? What can be expected of the cost of living along with the annual tuition cost for a public university in the country. Students will be able to learn enough information to start looking forward to potential studying in Cambodia. There are multiple languages spoken throughout the country and learning anyone of the them can greatly benefit a student’s time spent traveling a studying in Cambodia.  

There are a few top degrees that are the most sought after in Cambodia, and students will be able to find a similar degree at any of the below universities if they wish to attend.

Universities in Cambodia:

  • University of Cambodia
  • Royal University of Phnom Penh
  • International University, Cambodia
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia
  • American University of Phnom Penh
  • National University of Management
  • Cambodian Mekong University
  • Cambodia University Of Specialties
  • University of Health Sciences – Cambodia
  • Royal University of Fine Arts
  • University of Puthisastra
  • Asia Euro University
  • Angkor University
  • Panha Chiet University
  • Phnom Penh International University
  • IIC University of Technology
  • Paragon International University
  • Royal University Of Law And Economics
  • Norton University
  • Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear
  • Mean Chey University
  • University of Management and Economics
  • National Institute of Business
  • Khemarak University
  • CamEd Business School
  • Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia
  • University of South-East Asia
  • Royal Academy of Cambodia
  • University of Battambang
  • Chamroeun University of Polytechnology
  • Build Bright University
  • Royal University of Agriculture
  • Provincial Teacher Training College

Some of the most popular degrees that are earned in Cambodia include:

  • Chinese Language
  • Business
  • Construction: Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Computer Science
  • Technology
  • General Engineering

Annual academic tuition in Cambodia

When it comes to college tuition for both public and private institutions, students will have to see what each degree level tier (undergraduate, bachelor, master’s, doctorate). When it comes to earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cambodia, the general tuition cost is $2,500 USD.

However, for a Master’s programming will cost a bit more at around $4,000 USD. Then afterward students can expect that a doctorates degree will cost around $9,000 to $10,000 USD per annual year.

Cambodia is one of the more affordable higher education countries if students wish to pursue a degree that will not break the bank or their savings.

What to Expect from Living Costs Month-to-Month

When it comes to month-to-month living expenses while living in Cambodia, for a fully furnished apartment with at least two rooms, students can expect to pay $390. With $390 being dedicated to rent solely, other expenses like internet, electricity, water, transportation, entertainment, insurance (emergency), groceries, healthcare, phone, and television services will add up to $770 and that is without rent included.

An overall total for everything for an individual to live comfortably will come to an average $1,160 per month costs.

Main Languages Spoken in Cambodia

What is the main language spoken in Cambodia? The most common and main language spoken is Khmer. It would be best for international students to learn Khmer because this language is spoken by at least 90% of the entire population in Cambodia. But there are other languages spoken throughout the country like Vietnamese, English, French, Cham, Tumpoon, Lao, Jarai, and Yue Chinese.

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