What is life like as a foreign student? Here we give you some ideas.

Written by Michael Nz. on September 9, 2022

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Usually, the life of the student is related to tranquility, family support, parties and partying, and a lot of late nights. The thing is that living that experience in another country, things totally change. We give you a list of what it means to live in a foreign country as a student. Take note!

How is life as a foreign student?

  1. It is very likely that you will not be able to work. You may have gone to study abroad with a scholarship or with your savings. Either way, your visa will be a student visa. And you may not be able to work. Or, failing that, you can do it no more than 4 hours a day. That means you’re going to be with a fair money. If you are in the USA or Europe, the costs increase. But don’t worry, you’ll have a house and food, which is what’s important.
  2. Cultural and entertainment activities can be expensive. Many countries have very high cultural taxes. It may be that after paying for the house, the week’s food purchases, etc., you may have a few coins left. But, fortunately, there are many free activities: concerts, cultural services of the library, and walks organized by artistic organizations, among others. Your best friend, in this case, will be the internet: search and you will find.
  3. You will be the eternal tourist. Being in a strange country, even for a few months, feels like a vacation. A city is not complete unless you live in it. And for that, a long time must pass. This means that you will walk through many streets that will be espfarmacia.com new to you. And those discoveries are a delight.
  4. Party Party Party. You’re going to have a good time. There is no doubt about that. You may be left with little money, but there are always ways to have a good time cheaply. No matter where you are. As you will hang out with your fellow students, they will be on the same wavelength and will invent anything to go to a party and have a great time until dawn.
  5. Home. The family has always given us a hand. If we need to study all night, maybe mom will help us make dinner. Maybe our sister will give us a hand with that pending washing machine. And so it goes. Well, it turns out that studying abroad we will not have anyone to help us with these tasks. The house becomes a big character and cannot be left aside. You have to clean, do the shopping, accommodate it, go pay the household expenses, etc.
  6. It will be the experience of your life. You may spend eight months, or two years, or stay in the country. Whatever your destination, it will change your life. That period will be remembered as the best of life because it will teach you, at a flash level, to live. You will enjoy it like never before. You will talk to strangers and forget about it the next day. You will live day to day and that is priceless. Being a foreign student is worth it.

Enjoy it.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

It is a recurring thought when we are studying our university career, that we must extend our knowledge when we graduate. Many think that it is not necessary and that it is better to start working immediately. Others, that it is an effort that will bear fruit for a lifetime. Both decisions have a point and we will expose it here.

Let’s start with the good news: the advantages of studying abroad.

  • You will know another country, really. There is a phrase that I always use: “Tourist ignorance is wonderful”. When we travel only for a short period outside the country, we know what is on the surface only. If there is a crime or poor medical service, you may not even know about it. You will only be aware of food and somewhere to go out. When you live in a place for a few months you get to know its complete culture, its flavors, its ups and downs, its anger and joy. And it will be part of your story.
  • Your mind will open. When we are in contact with other cultures we discover new life stories. We put our own experiences into perspective. And that’s always good. In addition, you will meet other foreigners who may be on the same path and will be able to help each other.
  • Your education or work experiences will shape you forever. When you enter a different work or student system, you know other norms and rhythms. Even if you return to your country of origin, those experiences will make you much stronger, smarter, and more responsible.

Now let’s review the not-so-good news: drawbacks of living abroad.

  • You will always, always miss something from your country. When you see a traveler who stays in various countries for more than six months, you recognize someone who is perhaps a little detached. But I have verified that even though he is an unfamiliar person, he will always miss something. For example, the way hamburgers are made in your country or the climate. Custom is a serious thing.
  • Savings fly. If you are studying, you may be on a scholarship or have brought your savings yourself. Unless you have a part-time job to meet expenses, it is quite difficult to live like the rich and famous with the money you have. So you can research what to do in the city that is free or very cheap. And really, there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Live with roommates. Sometimes you can live with really amazing people and make them your friends. But, it is one thing to have a beer with someone and another to live together. If you don’t have similar rhythms of life, the experience may be unpleasant. But, like everything, you also learn from that.

Regardless of how good or bad this experience is, the only thing that is real and irrefutable is that it will be unforgettable and worth the whole package. So, think about it a lot… let’s pack!

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