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What is about the landlocked Andorra that is placed between France and Spain, where international students are currently flocking to? Is it the affordable living conditions? Is it the incredibly affordable per semester tuition that allows pretty much every international student to complete their highest education degree without any student loan debt? We will break down the incredulous opportunities that Principality of Andorra provides as far as educational chances.

One of the biggest reasons Andorra may fall under the radar with higher education opportunities is because the county is considered within the top five smallest countries in Europe. However, the country does offer the brilliant choice to learn multiple languages such as: Spanish, French, Catalan, and Portugal.

What universities are available in Andorra that is open to international students to attend or send admissions to:

The University of Andorra is the main and most well represented public college that has awarded many international students with full-ride scholarships, living allowance, or free room and board. The University of Andorra does have many schools attached to it, for example College of Health and Education Sciences, College of eLearning and Lifelong Learning, and College of Business and Technology.

The University of Andorra is the only public institute available for international students to attend.

Cost of Living and Tuition in Andorra

Typically, the amount of tuition per academic year only ranges (this is for each individual student no matter their major) from 1,500 to 4,000 Euro per year. Which is considerably lower than many global universities that offer the same programs and courses.

Luckily Spanish, French, or English students would the studies here in their native language. This way international students would be able to find a suitable place within the university.

Since Andorra is located between Spain and France, Andorra actually holds the lowest out of the three countries, the lowest cost of living. Andorra is relatively 40% cheaper than France, and now around 15% cheaper than Spain when it comes to living situations.

Students that live within reasonable means, would find that 1,000 euros per month or less for rent, this includes all utilities, daily food, and any transportation needed.

Student Permits Are Necessary, But Not Through France or Spain

Here are the needed official documents that a student would need to present to earn a student’s permit to study and live in Andorra:

  • Passport (native)
  • A printed admissions letter from the University of Andorra claiming the acceptance of the student
  • Statement from the student’s bank, showing that their account has enough funding to live and study in Andorra.
  • Any student wanting to study in Andorra needs to have medical insurance.
  • Students must present a recipient showing payment of tuition beforehand.

Students Can Submit Their Admissions Online

The University of Andorra does have a student online portal to let students apply for admissions via the internet. Depending on where the student is from, they should keep in mind that their documents need to be translated to Catalan, if those documents are not in French, Spanish, English or Portuguese.

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