50% Of Tuition For Large Families Scholarship – Andorra 2023

Written by K Fisher on May 22, 2022

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Andorra scholarships

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    Business and Management
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  • Scholarship Valid Until (Year)

  • Type of scholarship

    Bachelor's scholarship
  • Scholarship amount given

    $1000 - $3000
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    E-Mail: [email protected]

The University of Andorra is the only public research institution in Andorra. However, this university does have a several ties to it’s neighboring countries. Such as the fact that Andorra’s university provides college classes taught in Catalan, French, and Spanish which was installed to help ease international students into Andorra’s culture.

Students will be able to chose their destined career path with the available programs and courses that are present at the University of Andorra. Here is a list of the academics available to pursue towards a higher education:

  • Business Administration
  • Law studies
  • Communication studies
  • Advanced Professional Diploma in Administration and Finance
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities
  • Catalan Language studies
  • Bachelor of Specialty in Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing
  • Thesis Doctoral Program

There are many reasons why international students would benefit from studying at the University of Andorra. With the low cost of living compared with the low cost of tuition (no student will spend over 1,500 euros per semester) attending this institution.

The college also has engineered an excellent teaching system which involves personalized teaching and learning. The university has even created smaller on-campus class sizes to ensure that their are only 35 students to 1 teacher.

The graduates from this university has one of the highest employment levels in the world. The current student employment level after graduation is 96%. While this is a  relatively small university it goes to show that a smaller university does pack an incredible advantage for higher education seeking individuals.

For international students, the University of Andorra has the Buddy Program which helps international citizens to acclimate to the country of Andorra and find sustainable part-time work and housing.

Students here will have the ability to use the many sports facilities located on campus, ski passes, free entry to museums, and to become part of any research project that the student is interested in pursuing.



  • Must be a student attending the University of Andorra.
  • Applicants must come from a large family, a large family consists of 4 or more siblings.
  • Applying applicants can be either female or male.
  • This discount is for all enrollment or registration fees (this is tied in with tuition).
  • For domestic students, they should submit their One-stop Government Service Card to demonstrate that they do come from a large family.
  • For international or non-resident students, provide a document from their own native country showing that they have a large family (official and government approved family tree) that will be accepted by the  Andorran Government.



The requirements involved is the main priority which is that the student must show they are from a large family of 4 or more siblings. In a regard, this means that this grant/scholarship is being provided to individuals who suffer from financial restraint because they do come from such large families.


How to Apply

First the student will need to apply for admissions to the University of Andorra, before filling out and sending in excess documents to the Andorran Government.

Domestic students will be able to immediately enroll because they are native to the country. However, international students should instead follow a different set of rules. Such as sending in a request to study in Andorra by mailing to the Ministry of Higher Education of the Government of Andorra for a certificate to access the higher education via a foreign qualification.


Reward – Extra Benefits

Students will enjoy a total of 50% off of all registration, enrollment (includes tuition) fees.

If a student decides to defer or take a gap a year while working under this scholarship. There is a probable outcome that the student may have to pay back a percentage if they do not follow the rules that the scholarship states.


Deadline Time Line

The deadline time follows the admissions deadline time frames. This means students should have everything sorted out before their time comes up to attend the University of Andorra in person.

The University of Andorra is split into two semesters, the Autumn (September to January), and Spring (February to June). Students will need to send in their admissions before the Autumn or Spring semester begin and at least 4 months in advance.

Here at Pick a Scholarship we offer a full range scholarship database for all students looking for varying degree levels. While we provide exact information for each scholarship application and when the deadlines/open submission windows are held. We offer a contact section on each post where the admissions of the university or the director of a private sponsor can be reached to give more information or details.

All applicants should consult the e-mail address if a question has not been answered. Beforehand to check the university ‘FAQs’ page to see if anything can be answered right away.


Open Submission Window Time Frame

The open submission window time frame is split into two parts of the year. The Summer and Winter breaks, however, student should send in their admission at least 4 months prior to the Spring and Autumn semesters begin classes.

All students should check with the university website about any delays or changes to the open submission window or deadline time frame. This is the best way to see if anything needs to reviewed or changed before submitting their application.

Anyone can sign up to receive a university website newsletters to stay updated on the latest information.

Annual or Renewable Scholarship Options

This is a twice annual scholarship/grant that picks multiple eligible students per year. However, this is not a renewable scholarship since it is only for new incoming students that have been accepted as a freshman to this university.

There are other scholarships available at the University of Andorra that both international and domestic students will be able to apply for and receive notification that they have been granted their awards.

International students will benefit for the University of Andorra is they are pursuing different language degrees, since the institution does focus on international students who come from Spanish or French speaking countries.
Luckily students will be able to check out the many scholarship, grants, and discounts that studying in Andorra has to offer.

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