$1,600 International Scholarships offered by the Technical University of Germany, 2023/24

Written by Michael Nz. on July 3, 2023

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    Technical University Of Munich Arcisstraße 21 80333 München Phone: +49 (0)89-289-01 Fax: +49 (0)89-289-22000

Attention aspiring students in search of financial support for their college education! It’s disheartening to witness talented individuals unable to pursue their dreams due to financial constraints. Fortunately, a solution exists – the Technical University of Germany offers international student awards specifically designed to alleviate this burden.

The university library of TUM, Germany

Image Source: Technical University of Munich

Imagine yourself studying in Germany, a country renowned for its quality education and vibrant culture. The Technical University of Germany recognizes the importance of providing equal opportunities to deserving students from around the world. These prestigious awards are meant to empower ambitious individuals like you to embark on a remarkable academic journey without worrying about the cost.

This opportunity allows you to fulfill your aspirations and obtain a world-class education at one of Germany’s top universities. These international student awards serve as a stepping stone, ensuring that financial limitations do not hinder your path to success.

Envision the possibilities: engaging in stimulating coursework, collaborating with brilliant minds, and immersing yourself in a vibrant international community. The Technical University of Germany is committed to fostering an environment where intellectual growth and innovation thrive.

Don’t let financial constraints dampen your ambitions. Instead, take advantage of this invaluable chance to secure the funding you need for your college education. The Technical University of Germany stands ready to support and empower talented individuals like you, ensuring that financial obstacles never obstruct the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

We encourage you to apply for these international student awards today and open the doors to a future brimming with endless possibilities. Embrace the opportunity that awaits you at the Technical University of Germany, where academic excellence and transformative experiences come together to shape extraordinary futures. Read on to learn more about how to apply and possibly win this scholarship.

About the International Scholarship Awards at the Technical University of Germany

International Scholarship by Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Image Source: Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is offering scholarships funded by the German government’s budget resources. These scholarships provide a one-time grant ranging from €500 to €1,500 per semester, and the best part is that you can reapply for them every semester.

TUM holds a well-deserved reputation as one of Europe’s finest universities. Its core values revolve around achieving excellence in both research and teaching, fostering interdisciplinary education, and actively supporting talented young scientists. By studying at TUM, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich academic environment dedicated to advancing knowledge and nurturing the brightest minds.

But that’s not all—TUM is also ranked among the world’s top universities. This esteemed institution provides an ideal setting for the education and research endeavors of its 42,705 students. What’s even more impressive is that TUM is committed to promoting diversity, with 36% of its student population being women. This inclusive environment fosters collaboration, innovation, and a vibrant exchange of ideas.

Imagine being part of this dynamic community, where you can pursue your academic passions, engage in cutting-edge research, and connect with students and faculty from all corners of the globe. TUM offers a nurturing space where you can thrive, grow, and make lifelong connections far beyond your university time.

The scholarships offered by TUM are a testament to their dedication to supporting international students like you. These grants will help alleviate the financial burden of your studies and signify TUM’s commitment to empowering students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their educational goals.

So, don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Apply for the TUM scholarships and join the ranks of successful students who have flourished in this exceptional educational environment. Let TUM be the launchpad for your academic and professional success, where your talents can flourish, and your dreams can become reality.

Eligibility Criteria

The TMU awards in Germany are available to a specific group of students. Here’s who is eligible:

1. Students who cannot apply for BAföG due to their nationality (as outlined in §8 BAföG).
2. International students who are currently in their third semester of undergraduate studies.
3. Students in their second semester of master’s studies (or starting from the first semester of their master’s program).
4. Students who have already obtained their bachelor’s degree from TUM.
5. Additionally, students must submit their bachelor’s or master’s thesis no earlier than June 30 for the summer term or December 31 for the winter term.

It’s important to note that applicants must have a strong academic track record to be considered for this funded education opportunity. International applicants should also fulfill specific English or other language requirements in order to pursue their studies at TMU.

These eligibility criteria ensure that the TMU awards are granted to deserving students who have made significant progress in their studies and demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence. By meeting these requirements, students increase their chances of securing the financial support they need to pursue their education at TMU, a renowned institution with a stellar reputation.

So, if you meet these criteria and are ready to take your academic journey to the next level, consider applying for the TMU awards. This opportunity can provide the financial boost you need to excel in your studies and unlock a world of possibilities for your future. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your educational dreams a reality at TMU.

The Level/field of study

This award is available to students who wish to acquire any degree at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Eligible Nationality

The TMU international award in Germany is actually open to national and international students.

Host nationality

The international award will take place at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

What documents do I need for the application?

To complete the application process, applicants need to gather and upload several important documents. Here’s a list of the required items:

1. Motivational letter: In this letter, applicants should express their reasons for seeking financial assistance and provide information about their current financial situation. The letter should be around 100-200 words and can be written in English or German.

2. CV / Resume: Applicants should prepare a document that outlines their educational background, work experience, skills, and any relevant achievements.

3. TUM qualification report: This report provides an overview of the applicant’s academic performance and progress at the Technical University of Munich. It showcases their achievements and verifies their eligibility for the awards.

4. Two recommendations: Applicants must include two recommendations from individuals who can speak to their academic abilities and potential. These recommendations should be obtained no earlier than one semester ago, and recommendations from the previous semester will be considered valid for this application.

5. Proof of applicant’s income: Applicants need to provide bank statements for the past three months from all their German bank accounts. If applicable, they should include any relevant documents such as employment contracts, internship contracts, scholarship notifications, loan contracts, or BAföG notifications.

6. Proof of parents’ income or proof of spouse’s income: If applicable, applicants should submit documentation demonstrating their parent’s or spouse’s income. If these documents are not in German or English, a certified German translation by a sworn translator with an official stamp is required. The translation should not be older than one year.

By ensuring that these documents are ready for upload, applicants can demonstrate their eligibility and provide the necessary evidence to support their application for the TMU awards. These documents play a crucial role in evaluating the applicant’s financial situation and making informed decisions regarding the allocation of funds.

So, gather your documents, double-check everything, and prepare to showcase your qualifications and financial circumstances. By submitting a comprehensive and well-prepared application, you increase your chances of securing the financial support you need to pursue your studies at TMU.

You can also apply for other scholarships in Germany. Here also, we wrote a full guide on how to apply for and win scholarships. Do well to check it out.

What is the benefit of TMU awards for international students in Germany?

Once selected, you will receive valuable financial aid ranging from 500 to 1,500 euros per semester. It’s important to note that this support is not limited to a one-time grant. You have the opportunity to reapply for financial aid each semester, ensuring that your financial needs are consistently met throughout your studies.

This recurring financial assistance demonstrates the Technical University of Germany’s commitment to supporting students and enabling them to focus on their education without worrying about the financial burden. By providing this ongoing aid, the university aims to create an environment where students can thrive academically and pursue their goals without undue financial stress.

Whether it’s covering tuition fees, living expenses, or other educational costs, this financial aid provides a valuable resource to ensure a smooth and successful academic journey. It’s a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive community for its students.

So, as a successful applicant, you can rest assured that the financial support you receive will continue throughout your time at the university. Take advantage of this opportunity to focus on your studies, pursue your passions, and make the most of your educational experience at the Technical University of Germany.

How can I apply for the TMU International awards in Germany?

Applying for these international awards in Germany is a straightforward process conducted online. To begin, you will need to visit the university’s website and access the application portal. Once there, you can submit your application for consideration.

The good news is that all eligible applicants who are admitted as freshmen will automatically be evaluated for merit-based scholarships. This means you don’t need to complete any additional application forms or undergo separate interviews for this scholarship. You will be considered for the scholarship opportunity by simply submitting your application for admission.

This streamlined approach simplifies the process and ensures that all deserving applicants have an equal chance of being awarded a merit-based scholarship. It also saves you the extra time and effort typically associated with preparing separate application materials or attending additional interviews.

So, as you prepare your application for admission to the university, rest assured that you will automatically be considered for these valuable scholarships. Focus on presenting your qualifications and showcasing your achievements through the application process. The university will then assess your application and determine if you meet the criteria for the merit-based scholarships.

Scholarship Application Link

Here is the application link. It is an annual scholarship. The next deadline is April 2024.

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