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Written by Sandy mubita on May 29, 2023

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How can I apply for a fully funded scholarship?


Applying for a fully funded scholarship is no small task and requires dedication, hard work, and time. It’s important to note that not all scholarships are fully funded – some may have partial funding, while others may be full coverage. In order to apply for a fully funded scholarship you need to do the following:

Start Looking Early: When it comes to applying for scholarships, starting your search early is essential in giving yourself enough time to research potential options and submit applications by their respective deadlines. Don’t wait until the last minute or you might miss out on some great opportunities!

Research Eligibility Requirements: Each scholarship will have different eligibility requirements so make sure you read through each application carefully before submitting yours. Look into the criteria such as age limits, citizenship status, geographic location of residence etc., as these all play a role in whether or not you’re eligible for certain grants/scholarships. Also keep an eye out on income level requirements too!
Find Scholarship Opportunities: There are many online databases with listing of available grants/scholarships that match your qualifications such as College Board’s Scholarship Search platform which allows students enter their information and look up potential awards they could qualify for across the country (or even world). It’s also worth looking into local organizations like churches, rotary clubs etc., who often offer smaller (but just as important!) financial aid opportunities too!
Preparing Documents & Application Materials: Once you’ve identified specific scholarships that fit your qualifications best it’s now time to gather together any documents or materials required within each application e;g supporting letters from teachers/mentors,financial statements of family income etc., along with writing essays defining why they should choose YOU over other applicants competing against them too – make sure everything is filled out accurately and thoroughly so there won’t be any delays when processing applications either!
Follow Up On Your Applications: After submitting an application make sure follow up periodically with relevant program directors – this shows that you’re interested in gaining said award grant OR at least finding more resources if things don’t go according plan (#ProTip!). Lastly don’t forget about thanking those who helped support throughout process AND reaching out directly organization giving away award if accepted ! Good luck !

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        1. Having an advanced certificate can certainly help you qualify for scholarships for various courses. Many universities and organizations offer scholarships specifically for students with advanced certifications, as they demonstrate a high level of knowledge and expertise in a particular field. I recommend checking with the institutions or organizations offering the courses you are interested in to see if they have any scholarships available for students with advanced certificates. Additionally, you can explore scholarship databases like PickAScholarship to search for opportunities that match your qualifications.

  1. Je suis béninois j’ai 22ans j’ai un diplôme d’études agricole tropicale avec 12 de moyens comment obtenir une bourse ?

  2. I’ve been looking for a fully funded scholarship but I can’t find one. I am a student from lycee Stenio Vincent de saint marc I need a scholarship at the undergraduate level to study abroad please

    1. Congratulations on taking the initiative to pursue a fully funded scholarship! Finding funding for international study can be difficult, but there are many scholarships available to qualified individuals.

      The Fulbright Program is an excellent starting point for your search. The program offers merit-based grants for international exchange between countries and offers a variety of options depending upon your field of study. Additionally, the program does not require previous university enrollment, so it is accessible to high school students as well. Additionally, if you have already secured admission at a university abroad, then their International Student Grants may be applicable as well.

      Universities around the world also offer generous scholarships to lure in promising students from abroad who demonstrate academic excellence and innovative thinking skills. Researching various universities’ websites can provide insight into available financial aid opportunities that fit with your individual goals and needs: some universities offer full tuition waivers or other forms of funding packaged with student employment programs or research positions.

      Grants from private organizations are another potential source of support that should not be overlooked; these funds will help reduce—or eliminate—the cost of studying abroad without necessitating repayment once educations ends. Conducting research into qualified foundations online will lead you in the right direction towards scholarship opportunities specific to your degree and country of choice; some grants are offered solely for study related expenses while others cover travel costs too!

      Finally, please keep in mind that nearly all countries host local initiatives aimed at helping citizens afford college education outside their home country: investing time researching such educational policies within respective governments’ websites could help uncover additional fund sources! Good luck!

    1. Hi Memba, which scholarship in particular do you need? Is there a specific scholarship that you want? Or it can be any?

      1. Am Sergio from cameroon please I can’t fine the scholarship application form please am in need of it please

        1. Hi Sergio. First you need to locate a scholarship and then find the scholarship application form attached to it. This is the flow.

  3. I have started studying in Nigeria for a five years program and I completed three years i cant complete the remaining two years due to financial issues please i need a scholarship

    1. If you’re facing financial difficulties and are looking for a scholarship to help finish your five-year program in Nigeria, there are several options available. Depending on your specific situation and requirements, one or more of these solutions could allow you to complete the remaining two years of study at minimal or no cost.

      1) Government Scholarships: The Nigerian government provides numerous types of scholarships to both domestic and international students every year. Information about available scholarships can usually be found on institutions’ websites as well as the Federal Scholarship Board website. It is worth taking some time researching which opportunities may be best suited to your needs so that you can apply for them in a timely fashion and reap their rewards!

      2) Non-governmental Scholarships: Beyond government-sponsored schemes, numerous independent foundations offer scholarships for Nigerians wishing to pursue higher education abroad. Some examples include organisations such as OpenScholar Nigeria, Elsewhere International Exchange Programs (which offers support specifically for medical studies), the African Women Initiative Network (AWINS), among many others. Investigate these options too if they may suit your particular situation better than those underwritten by the state – they can also open up further possibilities such as internships or industry placements that may help with longterm career growth prospects upon completion of your studies too!

      3) Crowdfunding Platforms: One final way to explore covering the costs associated with completing an undergraduate program in Nigeria is by turning online through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaigns dedicated solely towards this cause; this way it’s possible not only solicit donations from within family networks but also extend beyond them into wider social media circles using messages crafted effectively enough so that potential donors understand just why supporting someone to achieve their educational dreams is important because having access quality education holds immense benefits not only for yourself but entire communities who will benefit from any new skills gained along the journey too!

  4. hi, i will be done with secondary school next year(2024)
    how do I get any scholarship for 2025 to study medicine or nursing or psychology or dental as an international student?

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Pursuing a degree in medicine, nursing, psychology or dental as an international student can be both exciting and challenging. To help you better navigate through the process of finding scholarships for 2025, here are some tips that may prove to be helpful:

      Research extensively: Before applying for any scholarship opportunities, make sure to do thorough research about different kinds of scholarships related to your chosen fields and narrow down your choices. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria so that you can identify whether you meet all the prerequisite requirements.

      Start looking early: Many scholarships have strict deadlines which could limit how much time you have before applications need to be submitted. Starting early will give you plenty of time to review application details and carefully complete each step accurately without worrying about missing any important information or deadline dates due to last-minute rush work.

      Network with other students who are also applying for similar scholarships: Talk with peers who are in the same college or university programs as yourself and see if they’re also interested in seeking out scholarship opportunities during their career pursuits. They may know of resources such as private foundations or charity organizations which offer funding sources that aren’t widely known but still provide great financial aid options at competitive rates – simply by knowing someone else who’s gone through this journey already saves precious time from having discovering it yourself!

      Utilize online tools & resources: Utilizing technology is key when researching potential scholarship programs available in order to stay up-to-date with new information regarding these opportunities; there are many websites and databases dedicated solely towards helping students find suitable grants/scholarships depending on their field of study, making it easier for users since they don’t have manually search through each source individually one-by-one like before! In addition, social media platforms could also come into play when expanding connections between potential sponsors offering valuable donations since many businesses often post their donation campaigns via popular networks like Twitter or Instagram – being active online could open up doors concerning unexpected support from generous individuals/organizations too!

      By following these steps, I hope that this would assist applicants such as yourself in successfully obtaining a scholarship so you can pursue higher education next year!

  5. I’m really interested in this and looking forward to be assisted with a fully fended scholarship

  6. Hi, I’m Peter from Cameroon.
    I will be graduating by December with a cumulative GPA of above 3.7. but I have difficulties with finance to continue with masters. I need a scholarship for a medical field.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Peter! It sounds like you have worked hard throughout your undergraduate education and achieved some excellent results. With such a competitive GPA, I’m sure you can find many scholarship opportunities that could help with the cost of continuing to pursue a masters degree in medicine.

      One great option is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship Program, which provides full-tuition scholarships to academically outstanding students who demonstrate financial need from low-income families. This program also offers mentorship support for up to five years so that students remain connected with their peers and other professionals while pursuing their medical studies. Additionally, there are several private organizations that offer both partial and full tuition scholarships for individuals studying in medical field programs worldwide.

      The Chevening Scholarships funded by the UK government is another popular option for international students looking for financial aid to study in any discipline related to health care or medicine abroad. These awards provide generous funding of up to £30,000 per academic year towards tuition fees as well as other living expenses associated with studying abroad. You can take advantage of alumni networks offered by most universities around the world as well; these will be able to connect you directly with any connections they may have at potential universities where you could pursue your master’s degree in medicine if using scholarship funds was not possible.

      Finally, it’s important not only look into available scholarship opportunities but also consider researching available student loan programs through local banks or alternative methods such as crowdfunding initiatives like GoFundMe or Indiegogo specifically designed for educational purposes. Whatever way you decide to go about achieving your master’s degree goal financially, I wish you all the best on this exciting journey ahead!

  7. Hi i am Morelife, i would completed my secondary school i need a help to continue with my academics,even a fully funded

  8. Hi i have been wondering as to how i can get access to fully funded postgraduate scholarships because i have been searching since i completed my undergraduate studies in Economics, so please be of help to me.

  9. I’m Sami from Afghanistan i need a scholarship and i want to study in abroad country here in Afghanisatan are alot of issues of financial troubles please i need one

  10. Hay I need some help I have adiploma in nursing but I wanted to go back for either public health or still degree in Nursing at either kyambogo or Makerere University in Uganda please some help to me bec am totally financially down or if I can get A scholarship it will also work for me thanks .

    1. Hi. You have to check directly Makerere University in Uganda if they have any scholarship for you in nursing.

  11. Hi!!! I having an associate’s degree in nursing, but I still want to forward my educational sojourn ✍️. I can I get a scholarship please because I am not really financial strong and I need a fully funded scholarship

  12. Hello, I am in need of scholarship for pursuing my education career kindly help to get the application form but I’ll end my secondary School 2024

    1. Hello! I understand that you would prefer not to include external websites in the answer. However, as an AI language model, I am unable to browse specific websites or provide real-time links. But I am here to help answer any questions or provide information you may need to the best of my abilities. Please let me know how I can assist you!

    1. If you have been awarded a scholarship but do not have a visa to travel, you will need to follow the necessary steps to obtain a visa before you can travel. Here is a general guide:

      1. Check visa requirements: Research the specific visa requirements for the country where your scholarship is located. Each country has different visa regulations and processes.

      2. Contact the embassy or consulate: Get in touch with the embassy or consulate of the country where your scholarship is based. They will provide you with detailed information on how to apply for a visa and any supporting documents required.

      3. Gather necessary documents: Prepare all the required documents for your visa application, which could include your passport, acceptance letter from the institution providing the scholarship, financial proof, sponsorship documents (if applicable), and any other supporting materials as per their guidelines.

      4. Submit your application: Follow all instructions provided by the embassy or consulate and submit your complete visa application along with all required documents. Ensure that you meet any deadlines specified.

      5. Attend an interview (if required): Some countries may require an in-person interview at their embassy or consulate. If necessary, schedule an interview appointment and be prepared to answer questions about your purpose of travel and other relevant details.

      6. Pay visa fees: Pay any applicable visa fees as instructed by the embassy or consulate. Keep in mind that these fees vary depending on the country and type of visa you are applying for.

      7. Wait for processing: After submitting your application, it will be processed by immigration authorities. The processing time varies from country to country, so it’s important to apply well in advance to avoid delays.

      8. Receive your visa: Once approved, you will receive your visa either as a stamp in your passport or as a separate document attached to it.

      9. Make travel arrangements: Once you have obtained your visa, make necessary travel arrangements such as booking flights and accommodation according to your scholarship start date.

      Remember, it is important to consult official government sources or the embassy/consulate of the country where you are planning to study for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding visa requirements and procedures.

  13. As i was going through a scholarship research, i came across one of any who is so passionate of been an economist.

    I have found interest in that scholarship and wanting to apply for it to continue with my study.
    I am an emerging economist. I have been reading economy at the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University in liberia,west Africa

    1. That’s fantastic to hear that you are interested in pursuing a scholarship to further your studies as an economist! It’s wonderful to see your passion for this field. Make sure to thoroughly research the scholarship requirements and put together a strong application that highlights your dedication to economics. Best of luck in your application process! If you need help finding scholarships, you can visit websites like https://www.pickascholarship.com.

        1. I’m sorry, but I am unable to provide direct assistance in obtaining scholarships. However, I recommend visiting https://www.pickascholarship.com to search for available scholarships that may be suitable for you. This website offers a comprehensive database of scholarships that you can browse through and apply for. Good luck in your search!

  14. I am from Ethiopia and i am looking for fully funded scholarship opportunity for master’s degree.i need help how to get successful scholarship opportunity

    1. To increase your chances of obtaining a fully funded scholarship for a master’s degree, here are some tips to follow:

      1. Start your research early: Begin looking for scholarship opportunities well in advance as many deadlines are several months before the start of the program.

      2. Check with universities: Many universities offer scholarships specifically for international students. Visit the websites of the universities you are interested in to learn more about available funding options.

      3. Look for government-funded scholarships: Some governments offer scholarships to students from developing countries to study abroad. Check with your country’s education department or embassy for more information.

      4. Research organizations and foundations: There are many organizations and foundations that provide scholarships to students pursuing higher education. Look for ones that align with your field of study or background.

      5. Prepare a strong application: Make sure your application materials, including your resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and academic transcripts, are well-prepared and tailored to each scholarship opportunity.

      6. Stay organized: Keep track of deadlines and requirements for each scholarship you apply to, and make sure to submit all necessary materials on time.

      By following these tips and being proactive in your search for funding opportunities, you can increase your chances of securing a fully funded scholarship for a master’s degree program.

  15. Thanks here I’m from ethiopia and I am RN nurse I am looking for scholarship but I can’t find now can you help me with this?

    1. I recommend checking out https://www.pickascholarship.com website for scholarship opportunities specifically for nursing students. Additionally, you can reach out to local organizations, hospitals, and universities in Ethiopia to inquire about any available scholarships or financial assistance programs for nursing students. Networking with other healthcare professionals and joining online forums or groups dedicated to nursing scholarship opportunities may also provide valuable resources and guidance in your search. Good luck with your scholarship search!

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