SAT test! What is?

Do you know about the SAT tests?

Looking for a scholarship to study abroad? So, you need to know the SAT exams and certificates. A large percentage of North American universities require SAT test results from their future students; The Fulbright program that offers scholarships to study in the USA does not escape this requirement. A good score will make the difference to be an outstanding candidate and that you stand out within the group that aspires to obtain the award. In this article, we recommend important tips to achieve an excellent grade that is so important for your university career.

Mathematics (without calculator)3twenty25
Mathematics (calculator)438fifty
Essay (optional)5155
Total1543 hours (3 hours 50 minutes with rehearsal)

Inquiring about the SAT tests

SAT registration:

Visit the College Board website, where you will need to create an account, there you will find information on dates and locations to take the SAT tests. At the time of applying to present the exam, you must have completed a preparation 4 months in advance, it is very important that you achieve a mastery of the topics through study and constant practice to achieve excellent results.

What is the SAT assessment: 

The exam comprises a cumulative 1600 points that the student can obtain in the following ways: 800 points in mathematics subjects and 800 points in writing and reading.

The minimum scores must exceed 400 points, the exam questions are based on multiple-choice choices, each question has 4 possible answers from which you must choose only the correct one. In the case of multiple selections that are presented in the mathematics section, the student must corroborate the answer and then fill in the grid that represents the result.

SAT Essay (optional):

The rest of the test is scored independently using three different domains as evaluation criteria with a score of 8 points for each one, therefore the maximum score that can be achieved is 24.

Tips for preparation:

It is very important that each student analyze which are the issues where they present problems, in order to improve in the area where they do not have so much knowledge. On the College Board site there are completely free test models, take one of them being in a comfortable place with all the tools you need, it is also recommended that you use a stopwatch to take a test as if you were actually taking the official exam.

After completing the exam and checking the time allotted for each question, check the grading guidelines and determine the areas where you need more practice.

Realistic scoring goals:

Each student planning to take the tests should set the goals they want to achieve in the final score. Present various tests (tests) per month in order to verify their progress and reinforce the knowledge acquired.


Create curricula according to your abilities and time to invest in the learning plan, analyze your fee schedules to determine the spaces where you will study to reinforce the areas where you have deficiencies. In such a way that it does not clash with other activities related to study time.

Help material:

Visit websites, practice reading for strategies that include time management, steps to determine the complexity of a question, and how quickly you get your answer. The student is recommended to analyze the questions of the topics where he presents more mastery, thus saving time and solving the unknowns without wasting time.

To conclude, the preparation for the SAT exams is usually very long and rigorous, before requesting dates for the final presentation make sure you have completed a successful study plan that has allowed you to reinforce topics and areas.

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