€3,000 Talent Attraction Scholarship for Master’s studies at the University of Huelva, 2021-2022

General information about the scholarship program

The Talent Attraction Scholarship for Master’s studies at the University of Huelva, 2021-2022 is aimed at international students of excellence who wish to pursue master’s studies at the University of Huelva, with the aim of promoting the attraction of talent at the university.

The recipients of this aid will be 20 students from non-Spanish universities who meet the requirements of this call.
Banco Santander provides the necessary funds to finance the payment of the scholarships of this call.

The recipients of this aid are students with a foreign degree (with or without homologation by the Spanish Ministry of Education) who also meet the specific requirements.

Study areas

  • Agronomy and Veterinary
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Natural, Exact, and Computer
  • Sciences Social Sciences, Administration and Law
  • Education
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction
  • Health

Levels of study


Who awards the scholarship?

Banco Santander and the University of Huelva.

What does the scholarship cover?

1. Coverage of tuition fees (60 ECTS). If the student wants to enroll in more annual credits, the additional cost must be borne by the interested party. In general, enrollments of less than 60 ECTS per year will not be accepted.
1.1. The beneficiaries must pay the costs corresponding to secretarial fees and student insurance.
1.2. The costs derived from the issuance of certificates and, where appropriate, the title will be borne by the beneficiaries.
2. An economic amount of € 3,000 per year per beneficiary, as aid for accommodation and living expenses.
3. Free Spanish courses from the Modern Languages ​​Service for non-Spanish-speaking students.

Banco Santander provides the necessary funds to finance the payment of the scholarships for this call, charged to the budget application 481.99. The International Relations Service will carry out an exhaustive system of control of the application of the expense and, where appropriate, the performance of the activity, as well as its use.

a. These grants are compatible with other grants or forms of financing that the beneficiary student may obtain or receive.
b. However, they will not be compatible with other grants convened by the International Relations Service of the University of Huelva that are granted through the competitive competition system and involve occupying a place for the same period of studies.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship

1. Be a national of any country except Spain.
2. Have an academic qualification that in your country allows access to Master’s studies. In addition, this qualification must allow access to the UHU master’s degree for which the scholarship is requested.
3. Applicants must demonstrate the excellence of their academic career, which will be assessed based on their academic record. To do this, they must prove a minimum average score of 7 on a scale of 10 in their undergraduate studies. In the calculation of this qualification, postgraduate studies will be excluded (if they have been completed).
4. Applicants who are not nationals of a country in which Spanish is the official language, must have a minimum B2 level of Spanish accredited, which will be requested if they are beneficiaries of the scholarship when they enroll for the chosen master’s degree.
5. The beneficiaries of previous years, and those who were awarded the scholarship in previous years and renounced it, are excluded from this call.

La Universidad de Huelva.

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