9 signs that you are ready to study abroad

Written by admin on August 17, 2021

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“Dreaming in another language is one of them”

Studying abroad is an essential part of learning a new language (properly), but how do you know that you are ready to jump on a plane and start an adventure that is likely to transform your life completely?

To help you make that decision, we have put together a profile of what makes a person ready to face life abroad.

Are you ready to study abroad if …

# 1 You are obsessed with a country’s TV shows / music / movies

Watching and listening to programs and music in the language you are studying (or want to study) is a great way to improve your fluency. But when it becomes an obsession, then it’s safe to assume that you need to pack your bags and experience that country you dream of in person.

# 2 You are addicted to learning more

No bus, car, or train trip is complete without advancing a level or two in your favorite language learning app or reading a page or two of a book in that language. You are on a mission to improve every day and spend all of your time honing your skills and accent.

# 3 You dream in another language

Usually, this is a privilege reserved for those who speak a language fluently, but when you are so ready to study abroad, the language finds a way to jump into your dreams.

# 4 You’re upset for just speaking one language

A wise man once said that the limit of someone’s language is the limit of their world, and you couldn’t agree more. You are done with your world in one language and the limits it imposes on your communication. There is a world out there and you want to talk to it.

# 5 You know everything about the food of a particular country

Few things allow you to immerse yourself in a new culture as much as food. Your taste buds are bilingual enough by now – you’ve found every Japanese restaurant, Italian pizzeria, or American burger joint within 100 miles. And when the staff knows your order, it’s time to experience the real deal.

# 6 Being curious and open-minded is your default setting

You’re fascinated by the world, intrigued by other cultures, and full of questions about sights, sounds, and tastes from around the world. Getting lost in a new city sounds exciting and you can’t wait to be in a city where no one knows you. You are ready to explore every corner of the world, and learning a language is the first step in becoming an extraordinary globetrotter.

# 7 You already know what excursions and activities to do

Google is your best friend: you have discovered subway maps, city tours, and the best angles to take a selfie in front of famous monuments. You basically have an itinerary for the first week at your dream destination and it’s time to put that research to good use.

# 8 Everyone knows your plans to study abroad

You are so excited about your plan that you share it with the world. The bus driver, the postman, your great-aunt, and the entire internet. There is nothing wrong with that: sharing is caring, after all.

# 9 You want to experience life in another country

Language classes, apps, movies, podcasts, and culinary adventures are interesting and fun. But you know that immersion is where the fastest way to learn a language and be fluent is, is to live it 24/7 practicing with the locals. Worrying about making the most progress in the shortest amount of time only shows how mature and ready you are.

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