85% Discount Scholarships to Learn English at ICE SCHOOL

Written by admin on June 14, 2021

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Would you like to study English in 12 months? Keep reading as we explain to you about the benefit that ICE SCHOOL is granting so that you can become internationally certified as bilingual in a short time.

Today the English language is a requirement in different settings, for example, in the workplace and student. Which makes the English language a fundamental aspect for both personal and professional development of a person.

Therefore, thanks to globalization, connection and the advancement of technology, the program offered by ICE SCHOOL is at an international level, it is aimed at people from any sector of the world. That is why ICE SCHOOL has students from Latin America such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, among others. In addition, they have students from the European continent who have opted for this institute, such as, for example, people from Spain, Germany, Sweden, among other countries. The quality of the teaching level, the methodology, the short duration and the benefits that the ICE SCHOOL program has, has allowed the institute to position itself correctly and have a presence in several countries around the world.

International Company Education is offering a partial scholarship in which you can enroll in a high quality program with up to an 85% discount .

Next, we detail the characteristics and the benefit that this partial scholarship grants thanks to ICE SCHOOL .

ICE SCHOOL Benefit Details

English program:

International Company Education owns the exclusive rights to an innovative methodology called BEYOND THE ROAD , which is designed for a person to learn to speak perfect English in 12 months or in less time depending on the level of the student.

  • Basic (3 months)
  • Intermediate (3 months)
  • Advanced (3 months)
  • Expert (3 months)
  • Additional: Preparation for international exams (2 months). TOEFL, MET, TOEIC, IELTS.


  • APTIS Certification (Valid in more than 70 countries in the world)
  • Live classes
  • Didactic materials
  • Flexible schedules
  • Small groups (Maximum 5 people)
  • Conversational emphasis
  • Bilingual teachers and native speakers from abroad
  • Access to 16 workshops
  • Lifetime membership

Endowment of scholarships to learn English from ICE School:

After a profile evaluation, if the partial scholarship benefit of up to 85% is approved , the monthly cost would be in the range of $ 90 to $ 93 or .300 to S / .350 soles (amount in soles only for PERU)

Conditions and requirements for ICE School scholarships:

  • The program is aimed at people between the ages of 15 and 65.
  • If you are a minor, a representative or owner is required.


  • Limited benefits and spaces

Instructions to apply for scholarships to learn English from ICE School:

To request information and obtain the benefit, only the requests sent through this form will be considered: Click here

The area in charge of Ice School will contact the person.

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Scholarships to learn English at ICE School

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