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Students will be able to find and locate what type of scholarship works for them by searching through the scholarship feed that we have created which allows anyone to narrow down their search. Luckily, students will be able to identify if they are deemed eligible to even apply for the scholarship before just blindly sending in a scholarship application.

Below there will be a list of scholarships that is available for students to study in Tonga and for citizens of Tonga to either study abroad or at a university nearby. Also, we have placed in what top degrees are receiving praise and are deemed the ‘top degrees’ that are being pursued by students in Tonga.

Most notably Tonga residents will find that New Zealand offers many scholarships to them based on their academic, heritage, and their financial need basis.

Scholarships in Tonga:

  • Atenisi Institute Scholarship Program
  • Hango Agricultural College Scholarships
  • Tonga Institute of Science and Technology Scholarships
  • Tupou College Scholarships
  • University of the South Pacific, Tonga Center Scholarships
  • AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women
  • Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia
  • Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS)
  • University of Sydney International Scholarship for Tonga Citizens
  • Destination Australia Scholarships
  • New Zealand and Fiji Scholarship Awards
  • Royal Highness Princess Royal Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuita Scholarship

There are many scholarships available for Tongan students more so than for international students to study in Tonga.

Since Tonga is working on adding more distance learning options for Tongan students to study online, this is a huge step forward for Tonga when it comes to advancing the countries technology sources. With that being said, there is going to be a huge influx of science and tech work-study/internship programs that will rapidly become available for both Tongan and international students. As of right now, these work-study programs are reserved for Tongan students only.

Work-Study/Internships in Tonga:

  • Learn Tongan for Free Workshop – Manukau Institute of Technology
  • The international work-study program for Tongan Residents to Study in Canada at the University of Waterloo

Top Degrees Earned in Tonga:

  • Tourism & Hospitality – undergraduate program
  • Agriculture – undergraduate program
  • Arts – undergraduate program
  • Commerce – Ph.D. program
  • Education – undergraduate program
  • Engineering Technology – Ph.D. program
  • Law – master’s program
  • Science (Advanced Science) – master’s program
  • Hotel Management – undergraduate program
  • Professional Accounting – master’s program
  • Business Studies – undergraduate program
  • Public Sector Management – undergraduate program
  • Marine Science and Species Studies – undergraduate program

We want to provide a short list of what careers are considered the top paying at the moment in Tonga, since this can help students to narrow down further what type of scholarships they will need to successfully to pay off fees and tuition bills, which depends on the subject field.

Top Careers Available in Tonga include:

  • Surgeon
  • Lawyers
  • Bank Account Management
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Orthodontists
  • Chief Financial Officers for Technology Firms
  • College Professors
  • Teachers
  • Scientists
  • Maritime Biologists
  • Botanists

Latest Active Scholarships from Tonga

tonga scholarships

Scholarship Name: 50% Tuition Coverage - Developing Nation Tuition Scholarship - Tonga 2024

4 min read

Country: Tonga

Description: The University Of The Nations Has Created This Developing Nation Tuition Scholarship/Discount To Help Students Finance Their Higher Education Needs. This Is Solely A Finance-based Scholarship Where Students Will Need Extra Help In Fully Paying Off Their University Courses. The Application Form Is Provided As...

Date Published: 26 December 2022

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Scholarship Name: Royal Highness Princess Royal Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu Tuita Scholarship

1 min read

Country: Tonga

Description: King's International University Is Created By The Local Government Of Kingdom Of Tonga As Private University To Create Educational Development And And Empowerment Of The Nation. Global Educational Initiatives Corporation Limited Is An Institution Which Sponsors King's International University. The University Was Approved By The...

Date Published: 11 September 2017

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