Study Master’s or Ph.D. in South Korea for Free 2022

Written by admin on September 28, 2021

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Do you want to study master’s degree in South Korea for free? The KDI School scholarship is a fully-funded program for national and international students. KDI School has a global community made up of alumni from 137 countries. These scholars form a burgeoning global network of leaders reaching all corners of the globe.

The KDI School of Public Policy and Management was formed in 1997 in order to educate and develop the qualities and knowledge of the future leaders of tomorrow. 

The institution offers high-level educational programs, innovating the type of learning received by professionals who wish to train in various areas in master’s and Ph.D.

The aforementioned KDI School is officially recognized by NASPAA as the first institution in the field of international development, followed by American universities.

This fully-funded international award will be for one (1) year of education, the next will complete a research project in the field you select. 

This full-time program covers preparation of three (3) years or less depending on the capacity of each fellow.

Study a master’s or PhD for free

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:

The KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea.

Levels and areas of studies:

Full-time Masters and Ph.D. in any of the available subjects.

Who can participate ?:

International students of high academic level.

Endowment of the scholarship:

The scholarship is characterized by being of full benefit including:

  • Full university tuition for master’s and PhD.
  • Roundtrip airfare to your home nation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Health insurance.

Conditions that participants must meet:

  • Have completed 16 years of elementary, high school, and college education.
  • Foreign students with an undergraduate degree equivalent to one obtained in South Korea. It must be issued by a university of high academic level.
  • To apply for the PhD you must have a bachelor’s and master’s degree.
  • Submit your formal enrollment to the master and PhD course through the KDI School of Public Policy and Management entry system.
  • Mastering the English language at the highest levels required by the evaluation committee.

Instructions to apply:

Supporting data: Transcripts and academic records, copies of passport, personal statement, curriculum, application for admission, among others. Visit the official website of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management to learn more about each step and requirement that you will need to meet in order to be considered a winning student of a full scholarship in South Korea 2022.


Until September 27, 2021.

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KDI School Admission

KDI School of Public Policy and Management

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