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Studying in Trinidad and Tobago can give students a great chance to experience life in a whole new country.  Yemen has been known to inspire international students to continue further with their college career to achieve Ph.D. status. We will provide the number of universities in Trinidad and Tobago, along with what language would be best to learn before arriving in the country.

We will also provide valued information on annual tuition costs and in Trinidad and Tobago costs are broken down into semester programs. Another provided cost breakdown will involve cost of living situations that are a month-to-month budget investment.

Universities in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • University of the West Indies at St. Augustine
  • The University of Trinidad and Tobago
  • University of Trinidad and Tobago, San Fernando
  • University of the Southern Caribbean
  • Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies
  • Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute
  • University of Trinidad and Tobago, John Donaldson
  • Hugh Wooding Law School
  • School of Business and Computer Science
  • Presentation College, Chaguanas
  • University of Trinidad and Tobago, Chaguaramas
  • Presentation College San Fernando
  • North Eastern College
  • Saint Benedict’s College
  • School of Business and Computer Science, San Fernando
  • University of Trinidad and Tobago, Barataria

This is not a complete list of all of the colleges and higher education vocational institutions that are available in Trinidad and Tobago.

Top Degrees in Trinidad and Tobago include:

  • Security administration and management
  • Labor studies and industrial relations
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Tourism and hospitality management

Top Careers:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Chief financial officer
  • Judge
  • Cyber security specialists
  • Project manager
  • Health and safety officers
  • Nurses and healthcare associates
  • Online marketers
  • Content creators
  • Education specialists
  • Administrative assistants

Cost of Living in Trinidad and Tobago

When it comes to budgeting in Trinidad and Tobago, it can be difficult to figure out what the estimated rent combined with necessity options are available. Without rent students can expect that a general amount of $800 is needed for transportation, food, electricity, phone bill, water bill, etc.

Annual Tuition Estimate

For domestic students in Trinidad and Tobago, students pay only 50% of the annual tuition per year. Annual tuition does change from subject field to subject field and we will provide a few annual tuition costs for certain subject fields.

For example, in Trinidad and Tobago, the subject field of education and teaching costs around $3,700 USD. Applied Sciences will cost around an annual amount of $3,900 USD. Tourism fields will cost around $2,900 to $4,000 USD. These subject fields do depend on the resources available for every student that chooses to apply for these subject programs.

Main Languages Spoken in Trinidad and Tobago

What is the main language in Trinidad and Tobago? The main language is English.  English is the main common language but there are more languages spoken throughout the country such as Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Yoruba, Ibo, Koongo, Arabic, Chinese, Tamil, Mandingo, Fon, Hausa, Gujarati, Nepali, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Hindi-Urdu, and Telugu.

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