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Students who are interested in studying in Russia will find reasonable information that will help them to navigate this country. From the official language to other languages routinely spoken throughout the country, to what to expect for a month-to-month rent living situation.

We will even cover what universities are currently open to the public and private institutions that are still open. There are a few universities that some students will find within their internet search that have closed in Russia. But we have the currently open universities list below.

Along with living costs, we have provided an annual tuition cost section that will detail a bit about what a student can expect to spend in tuition per academic year. There is an average cost along with a maximum amount that can be expected with more needed resources topics such as medical.

We always suggest that within the student’s study search, or where to study and at what university to look through each university website and utilize the contact information to gain more insight.

Universities in Russia:

  • Moscow State University
  • Saint Petersburg State University
  • Tomsk State University
  • National Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  • ITMO University
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Ural Federal University
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations

This is not a complete list of all the available universities.

Cost of Tuition

The cost of college tuition in Russia can vary depending on the institution, program of study, and the level of education. Public universities in Russia offer tuition-free education to Russian citizens and citizens of some former Soviet republics, as well as to international students who are granted a government scholarship. However, some universities may charge tuition fees for certain programs taught in English or for students who do not meet the scholarship requirements.

For international students who do not receive a government scholarship, the cost of tuition can range from approximately 80,000 to 400,000 rubles per year (approximately $1,100 to $5,500 USD) for undergraduate programs, and from approximately 120,000 to 600,000 rubles per year (approximately $1,600 to $8,300 USD) for graduate programs.

Cost of Living in Russia

The cost of renting an apartment in Moscow or St. Petersburg can range from around 40,000 to 100,000 rubles per month (approximately $550 to $1,400 USD). Rent is generally cheaper in smaller cities.

The cost of utilities such as electricity, water, and gas can vary depending on the region and the size of the apartment. On average, utilities cost around 5,000 to 7,000 rubles per month (approximately $70 to $100 USD).

Overall, the cost of living in Russia is generally lower than in many other European countries, but it can be more expensive in major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Main Languages Spoken in Russia

Russia is a multilingual country, with Russian being the most widely spoken language. Russian is the official language of the country and is spoken by most of the population. It is also used as the primary language of government, education, and media.

In addition to Russian, there are many other languages spoken in Russia due to its vast territory and diverse population. Some of the other major languages spoken in Russia include:

  • Tatar: spoken by about 5% of the population, mainly in the Republic of Tatarstan and other regions of the Volga Federal District.
  • Bashkir: spoken by about 1% of the population, mainly in the Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions of the Ural Federal District.
  • Chuvash: spoken by about 1% of the population, mainly in the Chuvash Republic and other regions of the Volga Federal District.
  • Ukrainian: spoken by a significant minority, especially in the regions bordering Ukraine.
  • Armenian: spoken by a significant minority, mainly in Moscow and other large cities.
  • Uzbek: spoken by a significant minority, mainly in the major cities of Russia.
  • Chechen: spoken by the Chechen population in the North Caucasus region, as well as by diaspora communities in other regions.

Overall, Russia is a linguistically diverse country with a rich cultural heritage and many different languages spoken throughout its vast territory.

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