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Paraguay has many universities available for both domestic and international students who wish to pursue a higher education in their desired study field. We will cover tuition costs that happen on an academic annual scale, along with the understanding on what a comfortable living budget would consist of. Luckily, international and domestic students will come to find that Paraguay has one of the most affordable higher end education universities in the world.

Students should do further research to see what they need to do to acquire a student visa to study in Paraguay. Along with health insurance and any other insurance that is needed so that all aspects of insurance are covered for each student.

There are a number of ways for international students to secure a scholarship or even an admissions acceptance, but it will involve being aligned with the way the universities have the right programs available to certain eligible students.

Universities in Paraguay:

  • National University of Asuncion
  • Columbia University of Paraguay
  • Catholic University of Asunción
  • Autonomous University of Asuncion
  • American University
  • University of the Southern Cone of the Americas
  • Eastern Private University
  • National University of Itapua
  • Rectorado National University of Pilar
  • National Eastern University
  • Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of Asuncion
  • Higher Institute of Languages – UNA
  • Intercontinental Technological University

Cost of Living in Paraguay for Students

Without rent a student can expect to pay for daily needs, groceries, transportation passes, and other items like clothing would equal to about $480 per month. With rent included that amount would be around depending on which populated and expensive area a student chooses to live in, they can expect to need $1,500 USD in the more expensive places. While other places that are outside of the expensive limits can average out to around $650 USD per month, with rent included.

Students will need to look around the areas where they believe they would like to live is they are not living on campus. However, most of the time accommodation will be provided by the university or a scholarship.

Cost of Annual College Tuition

The typical and average college tuition students can expect from Paraguay is between $1,000 USD to $3,000 USD per academic year.  Now fees for international students may be increased or added simply because they are an international student. This usually involves student visa, health insurance coverage, potential accommodation fees and resource fees (such as equipment, textbooks, and anything that a student would need as a resource.)

The $1,000 USD would be the average for the National University of Canindeyú. Where the traditional $3,000 USD per annual tuition can be expected at Polytechnic and Artistic University of Paraguay.

Main Languages Spoken in Paraguay

The main languages that are spoken in Paraguay are Paraguayan Guaraní and Spanish. There are more languages spoken throughout Paraguay which include Portuguese, Plautdietsch, Standard German, Italian, Lengua, Guana, and many more other dialects. International students would far better if they were to learn Spanish or Paraguayan Guarani. This way they will be able to better navigate the country.

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