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Maldives has many universities available for both domestic and international students who wish to pursue a higher education in their desired study field. We will cover tuition costs that happen on an academic annual scale, along with the understanding on what a comfortable living budget would consist of. Luckily, international and domestic students will come to find that Maldives has one of the most affordable higher end education universities in the world.

Students should do further research to see what they need to do to acquire a student visa to study in Maldives. Along with health insurance and any other insurance that is needed so that all aspects of insurance are covered for each student.

There are a number of ways for international students to secure a scholarship or even an admissions acceptance, but it will involve being aligned with the way the universities have the right programs available to certain eligible students.

Universities in Maldives:

  • Maldives National University
  • Mandhu College
  • Cyryx College
  • Villa College
  • Maldives Polytechnic

At Maldives Polytechnic there are many available programs for students to choose from to help them excel throughout their college career. Here is a small list of those available programs and courses:

  • Technology and Design – Full year duration
  • Civil Engineering – Full year duration
  • Automotive Engineering – 18-month duration
  • Networking – 1 year duration
  • Programming – 1 year duration
  • Wood Carving – 1 month duration
  • Hair and Beauty Therapy – 6 month duration
  • Renewable Energy Maintenace – 6 month duration
  • Airport Representative – 6 month duration

Cost of Living in the Maldives

Many study reports have shown that living in the Maldives is at least 22% cheaper than living in the United States. An estimated cost for renting a 1-bedroom apartment or studio will come to around $740. That does not include utilities or any other necessary items like transportation passes, groceries, and more.

International student will find that living in the Maldives will allow them to save money for future things.

Cost of Annual College Tuition

For certain programs the tuition cost will vary for example:

  • Media and Technology for a full year duration will cost around $1,800 USD
  • Humanities for a full year duration will cost around $1,600 USD
  • Information Technology or Computer Information for a full year duration will cost around $2,000 USD

To say that the college tuition for an academic year is purely based on the subject being pursued and study is completely true in the Maldives. Students may find certain programs are easier to access by paying off the full tuition cost than other studies. For example, any biotech, medical, or biology courses will always be registered as a higher tuition cost than say literature or liberal art degrees.

This is solely based on the amount of equipment or resources that are needed for that subject.

Languages Spoken in the Maldives

Dhivehi is the main language spoken in the Maldives as well as being the Maldives official language. While English is routinely spoken in the country as well, so are French, German, Mandarin, and many other dialects are often used throughout the Maldives.

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