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What would it be like to study in sunny and serene Jamaica? We will go through what universities are available for students to subject admissions to, and what the monthly living cost consists of per budgeting reasons. We will also include what languages are spoken in Jamaica and what students can do to better integrate into daily live in this country.

Universities in Jamaica:

  • University of the West Indies
  • University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Northern Caribbean University
  • University of the Commonwealth Caribbean
  • Mico University College
  • Caribbean Maritime University
  • University of the West Indies Open Campus
  • Church Teachers’ College
  • Shortwood Teacher College
  • Moneague College
  • Saint Joseph’s Teachers’ College
  • Norman Manley Law School
  • College of Agriculture Science and Education
  • Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts
  • Bethlehem Moravian College
  • International University of the Caribbean
  • Brown’s Town Community College
  • United Theological College of the West Indies
  • Hyacinth Chen Nursing School

Academic programs available at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean:

There are many academic programs available through this university, a few include Business Administration, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Paralegal Studies, Humanities and Law, Social Work, Criminology, Math, Technology, Marketing, Information Systems, Healthcare Management, Tourism, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and more.

Student Cost of Living

To be able to live comfortably in Jamaica, students must understand that this is a country that imports foods more than they export. Which means daily costs will be much more than they expect, especially for one person. However, if a person learns to adapt to their environment, they could budget for below $600 USD. But normally, students have to budget from month to month for about $650 – $850 USD.

However, consumer prices are lower in Jamaica than the United States, which makes Jamaica a prime place for individuals to retire to later in life.

Students can find cheaper accommodation if they intend to just find a dorm at the college campus, that accommodation amount will just be added to the tuition price. However, if a student decides to earn their higher education in tourism while studying in Jamaica, they could end up being sponsored by a hotel agency that wants to eventually bring on that student as an employee.

There are many academics that have advantages and can help waive fees for any excess taxes that may apply.

Cost of Tuition

What can students expect when it comes to tuition cost in Jamaica? Students should be able to pay per year around $6,700 to a higher amount of just under $30,000 USD. However, that amount is for Master’s degrees and up, while all undergraduate degrees stay well below $12,000 USD.

Languages Spoken in Jamaica

What languages are spoken in Jamaica? The languages spoken consist of Jamaican Patois and English. Students will be able to learn more about the one native language that still survives in Jamaica, called Arawakan language. This beautiful language has a stirring yet enriching history that has survived many years. If a student learns part of the Arawakan language they can enter into work-programs that work towards uncovering more of the history of Jamaica.

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