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Students who are interested in studying in Cote d’Ivoire will find reason information that will help them to navigate this country. From the official language to others languages routinely spoken throughout the country, to what to expect for a month-to-month rent living situation.

We will even cover what universities are currently open to the public and private institutions that are still open. There are a few universities that some students will find within their internet search that have closed down in Cote d’Ivoire. But we have the currently open universities list below.

Along with living costs, we have provided an annual tuition cost section that will detail a bit about what a student can expect to spend in tuition per academic year. There is an average cost along with a maximum amount that can be expected with more needed resources topics such as medical.

We always suggest that within the student’s study search, or where to study and at what university to look through each university website and utilize the contact information to gain more insight.

Universities in Cote d’Ivoire:

  • Felix Houphouët-Boigny University
  • Félix Houphouët-Boigny National Polytechnic Institute
  • Alassane Ouattara University
  • University of Abobo-Adjame
  • Jean Lorougnon Guédé University
  • University of Science and Technology of Ivory Coast
  • Higher Institute of Technology of Ivory Coast
  • International Center for Distance Learning – West Africa
  • International University of Grand Bassam

This is not a complete list of all of the available universities and higher education institutions that are available in Cote d’Ivoire.

Cost of Living

What can a single student expect with the cost-of-living situation in Cote d’Ivoire? We will break down a few expenses that students can automatically expect while living and studying in the country.  Typically, without rent included students will spend around $600 USD per month for transportation, groceries, clothes, excess daily needs, and entertainment. Because many items are imported to Cote d’Ivoire students will see some regular items that may be priced higher because of the import tax attached.

The currency is in Franc in the country, so students will need to do some currency translation. For example, rent will go for about 293,750 Franc for a 480 square foot room. Which in USD comes to around $300 USD.

Annual Estimate Academic Cost

Annual tuition cost does vary from year to year in Cote d’Ivoire. However, students can expect an average of $500 USD will be asked per academic year. For example, the program ‘Law and Justice’ runs for about $600 USD per academic year. While ‘Education and Training’ will come to about $479 USD per semester.

Main Languages Spoken in Cote d’Ivoire

What are the main languages or official languages spoken throughout Cote d’Ivoire? The main languages spoken in the country is Dyula-Taboussi. This language is akin to the Mande Bambara language. Other languages spoken throughout the country include French which is the second official language. There are total of 70 plus languages spoken throughout such as Baoulé, Sénoufo, Yacouba, Agni, Attié (or Akyé), Guéré, Bété, Dioula, Abé, Mahou, Wobé, Lobi, Guro, Arabic, and English to name a few.

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